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Syria Media Roundup (March 7)

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The Doves of Damascus  spotlight on the people working for change from inside Syria

Syria Today: Daily News Brief” A locally produced news roundup on Syria

Syrians fleeing Homs accuse troops of atrocities and “Why BBC journalists are in besieged Homs” The BBC on why it feels undercover reporting from Syria is necessary

Syrian activist: its snowing and we’re shaking here Andy Carvin’s interview with a Homs-based activist

Syrians flee Homs for Lebanon

The UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay talks to Al-Jazeera about why it will not help to arm the Syrian opposition

UAE says Syrians expelled for breaking the law” 

“Avaaz faces questions over role at centre of Syrian protest movement” 

“Authorities scramble to avert clash over anti-Assad protest” 

Syria: the agonies of intervention

The Elders call for an immediate halt to violence in Syria

Syria notebooks” an earlier detailed reportage piece from Homs now posted on the London Review of Books website, accessible with a free subscription

The heroic myth and the uncomfortable truth of war reporting” 

How I understand the Syrian revolution” Malik Al-Abdeh’s sectarian, and somewhat confused, take on the revolution

ICRC statement about access to Baba Amr in Syria 

“Why don’t we care about Syria?” Slate on the Syrian uprising and social media

"3OpSyria S04E02 : The Iron Strike investigation, now open for fun and profit" how US and European ICT companies helped the Syrian regime

Humanitarian situation in Syria and the UN on Al-Jazeera’s behind the news


 In Arabic


"السعودية وقطرتصعّدان.. وواشنطن تورطهما أكثر …سورية نجحت في التحدي الديمقراطي"

كيف تدعو السعودية وقطر للديمقراطية؟!

"هــل صـعــدت قـطــر «بـالصـدفــة»؟"

السفير: قطر لم تألف يوماً تجارب ديمقراطية ولكن دورها الرئيسي أتى بغياب مصر والجزائر والسعودية والمغرب

"ميشيل كيلو: نجـاح الثـورة يتوقـف علـى تصحيـح مساراتهـا"

"تحليل: ماذا تقول الحركة المناهضة للثورة السورية؟" 

"أسعد أبو خليل: نعم هناك <مؤامرات> على سوريا"

من العربي الغاضب: المؤامرة ليست كما نعتقد 

"الانتفاضة السورية: مكتوفة في اليمّ.. ممنوعة من البلل! صبحي حديدي"

سوريا: حالة لعدم التدخل

A case against foreign military intervention.

الدستور ونهاية الإصلاح في سوريا

Why the referendum on a new draft constitution in Syria is too little, and too late.

المعرضة السورية و مطلب الاستعانة بالخارج

The history of the Syrian opposition's willingness to seek foreign assistance in order to push its agenda.

أهم أعمدة المرحلة الانتقالية في سورية

The author offers his account of the most important issues to keep in mind during the transitional period in Syria.


Recent Jadaliyya Articles on Syria: 

Hama: Post-Massacre

نجـاح الثـورة يتوقـف علـى تصحيـح مساراتهـا

The Left and the People: Extending Hamid Dabashi's Critique

أين المثقفون السوريون من الثورة؟

The End of Taking the Syrian Revolution at Face Value 

Finding Bayt Across Borders of Stone

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