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Those Who Lie on Behalf of the Military (video)

[Egyptian protesters against military abuses. Image from screenshot of video below.] [Egyptian protesters against military abuses. Image from screenshot of video below.]

The following video was released by Askar Kazeboon (“military liars”) campaign in commemoration of the forty-day anniversary of the Port Said massacre and the events that followed it. At least seventy-four individuals died in the clashes that ensued in Port Said stadium on 1 February 2012, and at least fifteen were killed in related country-wide protests between 2 and 6 February 2012. To date, no one was held responsible for these deaths. 

The video includes footage of Egyptian security forces attacking and shooting at protesters. It also shows various members of parliament sidelining allegations that security forces employed deadly force against unarmed protesters, and in some instances claiming that the protesters were hired mercenaries. Below is the text that accompanied the video (translated from Arabic).

“Forty days have passed since the Port Said massacre, which occurred under the rule of the military and supervision of the ministry of interior. Yet thus far no one has been held responsible and no word has come from the fact-finding commission, which seems to have disappeared, perhaps until it finishes “fabricating” the facts! Worst still, they [the military] humiliated the martyrs and have shown no mercy in dealing with those who have demanded justice on behalf of the martyrs and their families. The voice of freedom they heard from the ultras fans scared them and thus they tried to silence it using all possible repressive and thuggish tactics, and using, as usual, lies—except this time through the People’s Assembly! [Members of Parliament said,] “There are no birdshot bullets, no teargas, no martyrs, no revolutionaries, and, while we’re at it, no revolution..” He who is silent about the truth is a deaf devil. And these gentlemen are denying and concealing the truth. Down with the rule of the lying military and those who follow it…The will of the people will prevail.”

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