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Syria Media Roundup (March 15)

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The film festival in exile: Dox Box Global Day celebrates  Omar Amiralay in memorial and protest events held globally outside Syria

Thorn in the side of the Assad regime Suhair Atassi is profiled in the Financial Times

 “The Bloody Road to Damascus: the triple alliances war on a sovereign state In search of a much needed sober critique of the Syrian revolution and western narratives?  Not sure this simplistic analysis does anymore than illustrate the default polarization and the intellectual poverty of the debates on Syria 

Syria: when cannibals preach vegetarianisma more considered critique of Syria is offered by Ahmad Barqawi in criticizing NATO, the West, the SNC and the Syrian regime; but is he right that about the temporary nature of Syria’s uprising?

Political discourse and the culture of monologues Syrian students and polarized discourses; commentary in Syria Today

Kurdish protests of 2004 are honoured in Syria in 2012the Alliance for Kurdish Rights looks back to Qamishlo demonstrations on March 12th in 2004

Syria’s non-violent activists were the first to be targetedsome historical context to Syrian activism and a call for Syrian self examination and an end to takhween

Syria: Annan’s Mission Impossible Inside Syria with Al-Jazeera English and useful roundup of various diplomatic attempts to resolve the conflict

 “Syria warns journalists against sneaking in

Syrian pound at 90 per dollar as government intervenes analysis on the Syrian currency and government policy in Syria Comment

Syria: UN relief chief ‘horrified’ by violence, urges access for aid agencies

Syria and the cost of failure Open Democracy piece lamenting the futility of the ICC



In Arabic

 ماذا يعرف الإعلام عن سوريا؟ الحياة اليومية خلف خطوط النار
An account of what the Syrian revolutionaries really go through in Syria, and a criticism of portrayal in Western and Arabic media sources. 

سوريا بين نارين: هل من عودة إلى الوراء؟

Ammar Dyoub argues that there is no turning back for the Syrian revolution. The revolutionaries need to focus on maintaining the revolution’s popularity, straying away from sectarian rhetoric, and coming up with a local unified national agenda. 


سعيكم غير مشكور.. مجدداً! 

Sobhi Hadidi criticizes the “friends of Syria.”


!الريح والأشرعة... وبحور الدم

Rajeh Al-Khoury presents five indications that the international community is leaning towards implementing a “Yemeni solution” in Syria.


مجزرتا حمص

In light of the massacres in Karm Al-Zaytoun and Adawiya in Homs, actions need to be taken in order to stop the violence in Syria. 


                             أنان يزور سوريا دون مقاربة المبادرات بل بحثا عن حلول مفترضة

Antoine AlHayek presents a political analysis of Kofi Anan’s visit to Syria. 


ضد التسليح: كلام حق يراد به باطل

Fayza Sara argues against the militarization of the revolution. 


الأسد كان على حق

Elias Harfoush says Al-Assad was right to say, a few months before the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, that if one did not see the need to reform before the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions, then reforms implemented afterwards would be too late, reactionary, and not substantial.  


عام على الثورة السورية الأكثر صعوبةً وإدهاشاً

Majed Kayali lays out the difficulties that the Syrian Revolution has been facing for the past year.


«كي لا يدخل «البعث» مرحلة «الموت السريري

Nidal Abboud presents his view about the failures and shortcomings of the Baath party and what it needs to do to revive itself as a representative political party. 


أنان ينتظر تقارباً روسياً ـ أميركياً للنجاح في سوريا

Samy Cleb’s analysis of Kofi Annan’s meeting with the Assad Regime. 


خطوة إسلامية مطلوبة في سوريا

Michel Kilo: Syria and the Islamists


عام من الثورة المستحيلة

Yassin Haj Saleh: the impossible revolution that somehow still happened


روعة الثورة وضعف المعارضة

The Syrian regime will fall; the question is, how?


بن حلي: مقترح القوات العربية الأممية لم يحظ بتوافق عربي

The Security Council’s draft resolution on Syria


جديّة النظام السوري في الإصلاح...تحت المجهر (1-3)

Does the Syrian regime really want to change anything?


سورية بين حسابات السياسة ومنطق الثورة

The logic of the revolution


عام على الأزمة السورية

Why is Syria different? A year since the revolution began


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