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Maghreb Media Roundup (March 27)

[Tunisians take part in the annual [Tunisians take part in the annual "Let's Do It Tunisie!" environmental campaign. Image from Tunisia-Live.]

This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week. 


"Algerian officials favour unity with Morocco" Greater unity of the Maghreb region could provide added value of up to 10 billion dollars.

"News reports: At least 19 killed when Algerian bus crashes into ravine" A tragic accident leaves 19 dead and 30 injured outside the town of Tiaret.

Faut-il participer aux élections législatives ? Asserting political expression despite the seeming futility of Algerian elections and institutions.


"Abduction and Hotel attack spotlight Libya's disarray"Militiamen kidnap and briefly detain two members of the National Transition Council.

"Opinion: The Tripoli Effect"  Despite everything, Tripoli manages to maintain Libyan culture.

"Libya politician defends decentralisation" Interview with Dr Ali Tarhouni, telling Magharebia how he plans to help turn Libya into a prosperous democracy based on the country's historically moderate Islam.

"Are Libyans for or against women's rights?" The rights of women in Libya, and public opinion surrounding the issue.

"The Journey to Freedom in our new Libya" The construct of freedom and what it means to be free, and how this relates to the “New” Libya.

“Opinion: The Tripoli Effect” The historic and contemporary significance of Libya’s capitol.

Opinion: The Issue of Federalism Assessing the feasibility and fairness of Federalism.


"Libya: Mauritanian Agrees to Extradite Senussi, report"Mauritanian officials to extradite former Gaddafi spy chief.

"Mauritania launches youth jobs project" Officials in Mauritania are teaming up with the private sector to prepare the nation's young people for work.

"Mauritania enlists families in counter-terror fight" A recent seminar focused on how healthy family relations can steer Mauritanian youths away from dangerous paths.  

"اللافتات والشعارات المناوئة لعزيز تزعجه خلال زيارته لروصو" During an official visit, Mauritanian president Aziz is met with anti-government chants and posters.   


"بودكاست : الإقتصاد المغربي ، الإصلاح والآفاق – الجزء الأول” Episode 1 of a podcast discussing prospects of reform in Morocco regarding the economy and society.

"بودكاست : الإقتصاد المغربي ، الإصلاح والآفاق – الجزء الثاني Episode 2 of a podcast discussing prospects of reform in Morocco regarding the economy and society.

"Morocco's budget bolsters social programs" Increase in social programs hope to increase employment, bolster agriculture in face of ongoing drought.

"Moroccans flex muscles in Rabat march" Tens of thousands of Moroccans staged a pro-Palestinian march in Rabat.

"Morocco’s Rif: A History of Hidden Discontent" The protests in the northern Rif region are violently repressed by the regime’s forces while an ongoing media blackout has limited the spread of information.

PJD Hates Love - #RIPAmina #DebatBassima Digital graphic response to minister’s conference regarding Amina’s suicide and Moroccan law.


"Tunisia celebrates independence day" A series of articles in AllAfrica covering the 56th anniversary of Tunisia’s independence.

"Role of Islamic law in Tunisian constitution provokes debate" Process of drafting new constitution raises debate regarding inclusion of Islamic law.

New survey points to fluctuations in popularity of Tunisian political parties and leaders" Survey conducted by “I Watch” shows views regarding Tunisian political parties.

"Tunisians don gloves to change minds in annual clean up day" Hundreds of people participate in grass-roots environmental initiative call “Let’s Do It Tunisie” to clean up streets and beaches.

“Tunisia's women are at the heart of its revolution” Redefining images of the “Arab Woman” and her participationin society.  

“Tunisie : « Mon avenir est de l’autre côté de la mer… »” Two young men embody the struggles of unemployed Tunisians.

”Tunisia: Bloggers Help Draft the Constitution” Prominent Tunisian bloggers take part in the civil and legal process of drafting the new constitution.


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