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Syria Media Roundup (March 29)

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[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editor or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]



Not supporting the opposition “within Syria” is supporting Assad,” WINEP now supports democracy in Syria!

Syria supporting PKK says intelligence report”  speculation in Hurriyet from unnamed ‘intelligence’ report

Syria’s capital is calm despite revolt, but life has changed” Alexandra Sandels writing in the LA Times about surprising changes in the capital

Let us talk about Syria” Angry Arab deplores the unprofessional coverage of Syria, especially by the Saudi-owned media

Patrick Cockburn: the attempt to topple president Asad has failed” writing in the Independent Cockburn is critical of international efforts at diplomacy but is ambiguous about what might be more effective.

Deadly Stalemate in Syria” The Atlantic has selected 39 photos focusing on the insurgency and the refugees leaving Syria

Syrian troops continue assault in northwest” Bassem Mroue writing in the Christian Science Monitor about clashes between Syrian army and rebels, drawing on Syrian observatory and LCC information

Fadwa Suleiman in Paris at a demonstration calling for Syrian unity

Syria: between revolution and imperialism” suggests a successful revolution will consist of Syrian workers not foreign intervention

Bashar’s pyrrhic triumphs” latest analysis on Syria from The Economist

UN Council Supports plan to end standoff in Syria” Wall Street Journal team report on the UN National Security plan for Syria

Arab media clash over Syria” Wall Street Journal interviews Marwan Kraidy and others about the increasing polarization and unprofessional coverage of Syria

Response to Human Rights Watch Open Letter to the Syrian Opposition” Syrian activists’ state that the actions of the Syrian regime cannot be equated to “isolated” human rights abuses by some in the opposition

Syria: a bulwark against imperialism?” Brian Whitaker outlines Miriyam Aouragh’s recent piece in the Socialist Review

Alawites trapped into supporting Assad regime” Roula Khalaf discusses the issues of sectarianism since the Syrian revolution, in the Financial Times

Diary – Jonathan Steele” this piece republished in the London Review of Books is still doing the rounds on Steele’s trip to Syria; hopefully he has improved his sourcing since he misreported the findings in the Doha survey on the extent to which Syrians support the regime

The Syrian uprising of 2011: Why Asad is likely to survive to 2013” Thoughtful analysis by Joshua Landis in this journal essay for the Middle East Policy Council

Syrian rebels running out of ammunition as government presses offensive” Liz Sly on the so-called Syrian Free Army

Upheaval in the Opposition: Defections, Terrorism and preparing for a Phase Two Insurgency,” In case you missed this analysis of Syria, based on Maoist prescriptions for insurgency and observations of demonstrations in foreign countries like Australia

“Stuck in the Middle: The Struggle for Syria’s Kurds”  Ernest Khoury, Tarek Abd al-Hayy and Tamam Abdallah explain how the Syrian Kurds allegiances are fragmented: the regime and the opposition fail to guarantee the Kurds’ rights

“Syria’s Activists: the Struggle for the Minorities On the minorities’ precarious position in the Syrian uprising. 

“How Assad Plays his mafia cards” Haroon Siddiqi’s assessment of Assad’s geostrategic ties with neighboring countries.

“Next Step in Syria: A Dutch View” Dutch Foreign Minister sees encouraging defections and accommodating telecommunications needs of the opposition as examples of legitimate foreign interference.

“Ali Farzat: Revolution Redefines Art in Syria” Syrian caricaturist now exiled in London reflects on the role of art in the uprising.

“Syria, Morality and Geopolitics” Rein Mullstrom’s sets out the geopolitical considerations and notes that “Those who fight bad guys are not necessarily good guys.”

عام على اندلاع الحراك الشعبي: الثورة السورية للمبتدئين
Salama Kela offers his explanation of the Syrian revolution.

حديث المجازر: ابحث عن رأس المال  
Ward Kasouha criticizes the media for their focus on evoking emotions rather than critical and logical responses when covering the Syrian revolution.

معارضة المعارضة السوريّة: المجلس الوطني
Asad Abu Khalil offers his criticism of the Syrian Nation Council.

هواجس اليسار في المتاهة السورية
Salam Al-Sa'di outlines the paranoia of the Syrian left about the Syrian revolution and establishes as the most important achievement of the revolution its restoration of the power to the people. 

الخيار الذي لم يجرب بعد!! الثورة السورية بين العسكرة والسلمية
Nawras Majeed presents a comprehensive argument supporting peaceful protests as opposed to militarized ones. 

المخاوف من سنة سوريا وإخوانها   
Abd al-Rahman al-Rashid: The Muslim Brotherhood and addressing the people’s fears

درس القذافية الصعب!
Michel Kilo: The lesson we should have learned from Gaddafi

مطلوب معارضة سورية مختلفة
Abd al-Bari Atwan: We need a different Syrian opposition

غوطة الإدلبي وانتفاضة الشام
Sobhi Hadidi: The Syrian revolution in literature

ياسين الحاج لـ"بوابة الأهرام": حياة السوريين تحت خط الفقر السياسي فجّرت الثورة.. وإيران تدعم الأسد
Interview with Yassin al-Haj Saleh on the state of the Syrian revolution

سوريا ومقامات التكبير
Nibras Shahid: The religious, and increasingly sectarian, aspect of the revolution

ما يمكن أن ينقذ سوريا
Mohamad Abd al-Muttalib al-Hawani: The solution to Syria’s crisis 

لماذا ترفض تركيا التدخل العسكري في سوريا؟
Huda al-Husseini: Turkey and intervention in Syria 

خلفيات الحرب السورية داخل الادارة الفرنسية
Hayat Attieh: French politics and Syria

The Real Me and the Hypothetical Syrian Revolution (Part 2) by Amal Hanano

The Syrian Regime's Business Backbone by Bassam Haddad

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