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Syria Media Roundup (April 4)

[Image by Audrey Ann Lavallee-Belanger] [Image by Audrey Ann Lavallee-Belanger]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya.  You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week] 

“Hezbollah’s subtle shift on Syria” Nicholas Noe reflects on Nasrallah’s indirect condemnation of the Syrian regime.

“Tales from Cafe Tahrir: Syria’s Greater Revolution” Five Syrians exiled in Cairo discuss their experiences with the Syrian regime in the years under Hafez and Bashar.

“Syrian rebels form local command structure” Latest attempts by the FSA to organize the armed opposition into a cohesive group.

“The hunt for plan B-planning for the day after in Syria” CNN’s analysis, and commentary from players in the Syrian opposition about what could be next

“Mideast expert: Syria faces Iraq-style insurgency”  Michael Hughes gathers Joshua Landis’ thoughts on a possible intervention in Syria, succinctly summarized by his idea that “Syria needs a George Washington, but America cannot invent one for them.”

“The Burial Brigade of Homs: an executioner for the Syrian Rebels tells his story”  Disturbing confessions of an opposition fighter in charge of killing supporters of the regime through a makeshift system of justice

“On Lebanon`s border silent Syrians are flocking to an unknown future” Robert Fisk provides an insight into the uncertain fate of the Syrians venturing across the Lebanese border.

“Al-Jazeera in Syria: A Case of Tunnel Vision” The author revisits the change in management of the Qatari news channel and its effects on the Syria coverage.

The Arab spring has shaken Arab TV’s credibility” Ali Hashem commentary in The Guardian re his experience of trying to cover Syria for Al-Jazeera Arabic

«L’Islam dans la Revolution Syrienne: Trois questions à Thomas Pierret» Thomas Pierret distinguishes between the logistical and spiritual role of Islam in the uprising.

 “Kofi Annan and Syria -- the case for deliberate caution” Richard Gowan argues that Kofi Annan’s mediation for Syria is appropriate considering the complex configuration of stakeholders.

Syrian activists targeted with Facebook phishing attack” the Electronic Frontier Foundation documents the latest phishing attacks on Syrian activists

The Syrian school boys who sparked a revolution” Amal Hanano writing in the The National about the beginnings of the uprising in Deraa

Two freelance journalists killed at Syrian-Turkish border” Reporters without Borders records the latest media deaths in Syria and urges organizations to plan carefully and protect freelance journalists

Saudis seek to funnel arms to Syria rebels” Wall Street Journal speaks to Jordanian officials about Saudis request to arm the revolution through Jordan territory

عن سوريا وأزمتها والمخاطر: الأسد فرض لاءاته والعرب يجاملونه سراً وينتقدونه علناً
Sami Cleb offers his analysis of the Friends of Syria Conference in Istanbul and argues that Arab leaders are criticizing Al-Asad only publicly, while reassuring him secretly.

سياسات لضبط السلاح! 
Michel Kilo argues for the need of policies to regulate the use of weapons.

سمير العيطة :عام على الثورة في سوريا… النصّ الكامل 
Samir Al-Aitah offers his characterization of the Syrian revolution during the past year.

سوريون نازحون «مؤقّتاً» إلى لبنان: الفقراء في المجهول والأغنياء في «الترانزيت»
Madonna Samaan presents the case of Syrian emigrants in Lebanon. 

 هل سرقت الطائفية ثورة الفقراء؟
Ammar Dyoub tracks the history of sectarianism that the Syrian regime has manipulated and is still manipulating in order to consolidate its rule.

 دور العناصر الخارجيّة في الأزمة السوريّة
Dawud Kheir Allah: the role of foreign agents in the Syrian crisis. 

 كيف سيكون قانون الانتخابات لسورية الجديدة المقبلة؟ 
Anwar Al-Bunni offers his view of what the electoral law of the "new" Syria should be like.

 الأزمة السورية والطريق المسدود
by Ahmed Faiz El-Fawaz


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