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Egypt Media Roundup (April 9)

[Khairat el-Shater, the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate, in Tahrir Square, March 2011. Image by Mahmoud Khaled/Demotix.] [Khairat el-Shater, the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate, in Tahrir Square, March 2011. Image by Mahmoud Khaled/Demotix.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]

“Activists irate over Suleiman's last-minute bid for highest office”
Activists criticize former intelligence chief’s decision to run in the presidential elections. 

“Sinai: The paradox of security”
Lina Attalah looks into the complex problems in Sinai which provoke Bedouin dissent. 

“HRW condemns acquittal of military doctor in Egypt 'virginity tests' trial: Full Report”
Human Rights Watch says hopes for accountability for abuses against women have been blown.

“The Five Individuals Who Will Decide Egypt’s Presidential Election”
An overview of the wide-ranging powers of the Higher Presidential Elections Commission.

“Qatar and Saudi Arabia at odds over Shater’s nomination”
Sultan al-Qassemi  comments on how Qatar and Saudi Arabia might face off over the Egyptian presidential elections.

“El Shater and the Salafists : The tango the MB does not want the West to See”
Zenobia looks into presidential hopeful Khairat Al-Shater’s relations with the Salafis. 

"We are not women, we are Egyptians": spaces of protest and representation”
Nadia Taher reflects on the gains and the losses of the Egyptian women’s movement. 

“At 11th hour, Egypt presidential hopefuls register candidacies”
Omar Suleiman officially hands in papers; the Muslim Brotherhood submits documents on behalf of FJP leader Mohamed Morsi as a back-up candidate to Khairat Al-Shater.

“Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Reassures Washington”
Bisan Kassab sees the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts for rapprochement with the West since 2005 bearing fruit today.

“Brotherhood launches diplomatic push in Washington”
The Muslim Brotherhood sends a delegation to the US to present a positive image of its political role in Egypt.

“Egypt's Spring Break”
Marwan Bishara analyzes Khairat Al-Shater’s entry into the presidential race.

“The Egyptian Presidency and rediscovering the couch”
Sandmonkey’s take on the Muslim Brotherhood’s decision to put forward Khairat Al-Shatir’s candidacy.

“Constitution will likely be crafted behind closed doors”
The Constituent Assembly’s sessions will be closed to the press and the public, according to a set of bylaws to be voted on.

“Abu Ismail exclusion could bolster Shater, prompt Salafi rage”
Noha El-Hennawy discusses the consequences of Abu Ismail’s withdrawal from the presidential race.

“We mold the collective memory of sexual assault”
Sawasan Gad comments on the recent history of sexual harassment in Egypt and MP Azza El-Garf’s recent statements against the sexual harassment law.

“Party condemns imprisonment of 8 activists over church bombing protest”
Eight activists are condemned of attacking the police during a demonstration in reaction to the Jan 1 2011 church bombing in Alexandria.

“Three Brotherhood leaders resign in protest of Shater’s nomination”
The announcement of Shater’s bid for presidency causes new splits in the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Arabic:

“خاص الشروق: قوى سياسية تستعد لإعلان حزب الثورة.. والبرادعي وكيلاً للمؤسسين”
Mohamed ElBaradei, together with prominent Egyptian public figures, will form a new party

“يا عزيزي كلنا ديمقراطيون!
Tamer Wagih challenges the idea of the fairness of free elections

“سيادة اللواء سيقاتل الشعب”
Zeinab Abul-Magd comments on the involvement of the army in the Egyptian economy, comparing it to the Chinese case

“بيان السيدة بثينة كامل بشأن الانتخابات الرئاسية”
Buthaina Kamel’s statement on her withdrawal from the presidential race

“د. محمد محسوب يكتب: الإسلامية والليبرالية .. المواجهة المزعومة”
Mohamed Mahsoub criticizes the artificial liberal-Islamic divide in the Parliament and the majority’s approach to forming the Constituent Assembly

«أخبار اليوم»: أنباء عن تنازل «شفيق» لـ«عمر سليمان» في الانتخابات الرئاسية
Rumors start that Ahmed Shafiq will step down in favor of Omar Suleiman in the presidential race

“حملة الشاطر تكذب خبر الفضائية المصرية بانسحابه لصالح سليمان”
Khairat Al-Shatir’s campaign denies the claims that he is stepping down in favor of Omar Suleiman

 “دستور للمصريين.. لا معركة مع الإسلاميين”
Rabab al-Mahdy criticizes the direction the Constituent Assembly debate has taken in Egypt

“موعدنا اليوم”
Ayman Nour seeks to prove the legality of the pardon he was granted, which allows him to run for president

“مصادر إخوانية: الشاطر ناقش ترشحه مع جون ماكين”
Al-Shorouk newspaper alleges that Khairat Al-Shatir discussed his presidential bid with John McCain two months ago

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