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Maghreb Media Roundup (April 10)

[Mauritania ramps up border security measures to prevent the infiltration of armed groups. Image by Raby Ould Idoumou/Magharebia.] [Mauritania ramps up border security measures to prevent the infiltration of armed groups. Image by Raby Ould Idoumou/Magharebia.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  


"Mali: Une guerre, une declaration d'independence et des objectifs divergents" The impacts of Mali’s Toureg population declaring independence on Algeria, and other Sahel countries.

"Fraud fears overshadow Algeria Poll" Concerns over fraud threaten the legitimacy and authenticity of the upcoming Algerian elections.

"Stand-off emerges over Algeria ballot" Technical voting methods raise debate among government officials, candidates, and parties.

"تكريم الفيلم الأمازيغي في القبايل" Review of the 12th Amazigh Film Festival in Algeria and its wider implications for Maghreb unity and Amazigh recognition.

"RE: Algerian build up" Analysis of the Algerian and Mauritanian response to AQIM and Mali's coup.

"Changements politiques dans la région: Pourquoi les Algériens sont si indifférents ?" Large-scale political indifference reflects disillusionment cultivated by state corruption and repression. 


"Libya rules out ICC trial for Saif al-Islam" Libya’s justice minister rules that Saif al-Islam will be tried in northern Libya.

"Libya The Arab country is moving wildly towards disintegration" Post-Gaddafi Libya faces ongoing tension and social turbulence between various groups with allegiance to their respective tribes and ethnic groups.

"How Is the U.S. Dealing With the Arms Proliferation in Libya After the Revolution?" U.S. government finding it difficult to keep arms from Gaddafi –era off of the black market.

"Can the Hague Wrest Gaddafi's Son from Libya and a Powerful Militia?" ICC in The Hague having a difficult time getting Libya to release Saif Al-Islam for trial.

"السيد “عبد الجليل” يتراجع عن موقفه من الفيدرالية!؟Mustafa Abdul Jalil rescinds his statements on Federalism.

"Libyan Elections 2012: Underlying Challenges and Prospects" Analysis on the upcoming elections in Libya and the struggles constituents, parties, and candidates face.

"Opinion: The Libyan Power Struggle" Decades of corruption still color the psychology of post-revolutionary Libya. 


"Salafists seek legitimacy through politics" A generational divide is emerging among religious extremists in the Maghreb. For some Salafists, the time is ripe for entry onto the political stage.

"The Complex Problem of Slavery in Mauritania, a response" Erin Pettigrew, Ph.D candidate at Stanford University, responds to the recent CNN report of slavery in Mauritania.

"Steps towards ending female genital mutilation in Mauritania is in progress" Positive trends seen in as activists are gaining support of religious figures.

"Business, profits souterrains et stratégie de la terreur La recolonisation du Sahara" Counter narrative to the demonization of Tuaregs and the general Sahra-Sahel region in diplomatic media and rhetoric.

"السلفيون يسعون إلى كسب الشرعية من خلال السياسة" Mauritanian Association for Human Rights' Director of Communications provides his analysis of recent Salafist protests in the Mauritania and the wider Maghreb region.


"Morocco: When a man speaks out about rape and violence and its victims" Morocco’s government policy with regard to the Amina Falali case.

"Morocco to Regulate Print Media" New measures being led by the Moroccan government and Ministry of Communications to regulate and monitor media.

"Death of Rape Victim in Morocco Sparks call for Legal Reform" Suicide of rape victim has galvanized women’s rights activists in Morocco.

"Morocco to withhold pay from protestors" As state employees continue to stage protests, the Moroccan government decides to withhold pay from those who protest.

"Morocco activists target 'rape marriage law" Mock trial staged as part of campaign to get rid of the “oppressive” article following death of Amina Filali.

"Une Bureaucratie Syndicale compromise s'attaque aux militant du 20 fevrier #UMTgate" Investigation of corrupt practices of trade unions in Morocco.

"Quotable: Driss Chraïbi" Moroccan author Laila Lalami celebrates the legacy of novelist Driss Chraibi on the fifth anniversary of his passing.  

"الحكومة المغربية تقرر الاقتطاع من أجور الموظفين المضربينMoroccan governments penalizes union workers on strike, further fueling anger against low incomes and the increasingly high cost of living.

The Bipolarity of the Foreign Ministry Dual influence of the Palace and Islamist Justice and Development Party on foreign affairs.


"Tunisie : heurts violents entre policiers et manifestants" Hundreds of protestors defy orders banning protests in center of Tunis.

"Tunisia's aging population facing challenges" Care centers are few and far between for elderly, and not all costs are covered by the national social security system.

"Tunis: This spirited city has a spring in its step" A year after the revolution, the lively Tunisian capital is revitalised. Cathy Packe explores its sights and smells.

"Tunisia, Libya launch border security partnership" Tunisians and Libyans launch an effort to ensure security along the shared border. 

"Tunisia: Seven Years in Jail for Mocking Islam - Revise Laws That Set Prison Terms for 'Offending Public Morals'" Human Rights Watch report points to freedom of speech as key point that needs to be addressed in drafting a new constitution.

"في ذكرى الشهداء: لا خوف، لا رعب، الشارع ملك الشعب" Video from citizens protesting the right to demonstrate on Bourguiba Avenue.

"Zaballah au secours d'Ennahdha…" A political cartoonist's take on Ennahda in the aftermath of the seven-year sentence handed to two Tunisians accused of blasphemy.

"Khadija Chérif, S.G de la FIDH : “Les femmes tunisiennes doivent jouer pleinement leur rôle dans la construction de la démocratie” Interview with the Secretary General of FDIH regarding the inclusion of women Tunisia's political culture.

"Chacun son métier, les vaches seront bien gardées et Bourguiba pour tous" An examination of the relationship between the left and the RCD.

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