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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (April 18)

[ ["You are racing on the blood of martyrs." Image from]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

"Bahrain: Reforms risk appearing hollow as violations continue," the latest report on Bahrain by Amnesty International, entitled "Flawed Reforms: Bahrain fails to achieve justice for protesters."

"As Protests Continue to Flare, Should Formula One Be Returning to Bahrain?" An article on politics ad Formula One, by Justin Bergman on Keepingscore.

"Kuwait’s Parliament must halt plans to introduce death penalty for blasphemy," an Amnesty International report on a proposed legal amendment to criminalize blasphemy in Kuwait.

"Guggenheim delay raises big question: is Abu Dhabi ready for modern art?" analysis of the faltering plans to open three museums in Abu Dhabi due to financial fears, reports of mistreatment of workers, and anxiety over censorship, by David Batty in The Guardian.

"The exciting and alarming world of UAE Twitter," an article on the increasing use of Twitter among citizens in the UAE, by Abdullkhaleq Abdulla on Gulf News.

"Major academic projects approved," a news story on Saudi King Abdullah's approval of decisions taken by the Higher Education Council, on Arab News.

"The rise of the Gulf art scene," an informed article on the increasing interest in contemporary international art and censorship in the Gulf countries, by David Batty in The Guardian.

"Saudi Arabia bans 'gays, tom-boys' from schools," a news story on the latest measures by The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, on Emirates 24/7 News.

"Bidoun: Stateless march for a better life," an article on the efforts of the Bidoun to be recognized as citizens in Kuwait, by Camilla Hall in The Financial Times.

"Qatar struggles to lure private sector recruits," analysis of the efforts by the private sector in Qatar to lure Qataris who favor the public sector, by Jenifer Fenton in The Financial Times.

"Alert: Bahrain," a news alert on the recent developments in Bahrain, on International Crisis Group.

"Saudi filmmakers making waves at GFF," an article on the positive reception of films from Saudi Arabia at the Gulf Film Festival, by K.T. Abdurabb on Arab News.

"Yemeni children bear brunt of food crisis," a report on the impact of political turmoil on food crisis in Yemen, on Al-Jazeera English.

"Ali Khousrof: 'I had to be with Yemen's youth,'" an article on the Judo fighter who joined the protests in Yemen, by Joe Sheffer in The Guardian.

"For Saudi Arabia, Israel is turning from foe to friend," analysis of an article published by Naef Bin Ahmed al-Saud in an American military magazine on the possibility of peace between Saudi Arabia and Israel, by Amir Oren in Haaretz.

"The Evolution of Saudi Security and Enforcement Policies on Communication," a commentary by Naef Bin Ahmed al-Saud in Joint Force Quarterly (2nd Quarter, April 2012) published by The National Defense University Press.

"UK defence firms fear austerity drive will shoot down export revival," an article on the relations between arms companies in the UK and foreign buyers (such as Oman and Saudi Arabia) amid austerity plans, by Dan Milmo in The Observer.

"Hajj show at British Museum surprise hit," a review of the Hajj Exhibition at The British Museum, by Alex Needham in The Guardian.

"Yemen violence kills eight militants," a news story on the strikes by Yemeni warplanes on areas under the control of Ansar al-Sharia, in Al-Akhbar English.

"The Geopolitics of Speculation: Oil-price makers and takers," an article on the oil market, by Ali Kadri on TripleCrisis.

"Saudi Arabia denies activist on hunger strike," a BBC news story on Mohammed al-Bajadi who was arrested more than a year ago.

"Saudi Crown Prince Returns Home after Medical Tests," a news story on the Saudi Crown Prince's return to Saudi Arabia after a month-long medical trip in the US, on Kipreport.

"Nobel laureate Tawakkol Karman wants to follow Mahatma Gandhi's footsteps," an interview with Tawakul Karaman, Nobel Prize Laureate, on Women Press.

"No Justice in Bahrain," a report on unfair trials of Bahraini activists in military and civilian courts since 2010, on Human Rights Watch.

In Arabic:

‫"أحمد محسن: الإمارات "تستأنف" حملة طرد اللبنانيين"‬
‫Ahmed Muhsin reflects on the latest campaign to expel Lebanese citizens from the United Arab Emirates in the last two weeks‬

‫"'مجموعة الأزمات الدولية' عن المأزق في البحرين: التوترات الطائفية تنذر بثوران خطير.. والحل بالتفاوض"‬
‫An update on developments in Bahrain in As-Safir, reported in The International Crisis Group‬

‫"حوارات: جليلة السلمان: هكذا أخذوني لتصوير اعترافاتي ٢-٣"‬
‫An interview with the Bahraini activist Jalila al-Salman on her arrest (Part II), in Bahrain Mirror‬

‫"ترجمات: كيف تنفق البحرين الملايين لتلفيق الأكاذيب في الصحافة؟"‬
‫A translated report on the Bahraini Authorities' monetary expenditure to influence media reports on Bahrain‬

‫"فؤاد ابراهيم: ربيع الأفكار الثورية في السعودية"‬
‫Fouad Ibrahim analyzes revolutionary ideas in Saudi Arabia .‬

‫"عبد الحليم المحجوب: مصر-السعودية: علاقة العرش بالثورة (٢)"‬
‫Abdul Halim al-Mahjoub analyzes Egypt-Saudi Arabia relations since the 1920s until the present Part II‬

‫"تقارير: مدرسة جليلة: ليلة القبض على جليلة السلمان ١-٣"‬
‫An interview with the Bahraini activist Jalila al-Salman on her arrest (Part I), in Bahrain Mirror‬

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