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Maghreb Media Roundup (April 19)

[Libyan police stand ready to take over security at Tripoli International Airport. Image by Essam Mohamed/Magharebia.] [Libyan police stand ready to take over security at Tripoli International Airport. Image by Essam Mohamed/Magharebia.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  


"The path to peaceful democracy is rarely smooth – just look at Algeria" Ahmed Ben Bella’s struggle to free Algeria from France can provide parallels to the current struggles of the Arab Uprisings and the transition to democracy.

"EU in Algeria to monitor elections" Algeria’s elections in early May to be observed by a group of five hundred foreign observers.

"Algeria pays tribute to Ben Bella" Algeria’s first president and symbol of activism dies at the age of ninety-six.

"Algeria works to stem extremism" Experts in Algeria research the subject of extremism, and a conference promotes the fight against radical thinking.

A Tinzaouatine et Timiaouine, aux portes de l’Azawad Review of the refugee situation on the Algeria-Mali border both before and during the current conflict.

الجزائر تودع بن بلة في جنازة مهيبة” Coverage of Ahmed Ben Bella’s funeral.



"Libya: Citizens Now Battle over Housing" Property taken by the Gaddafi regime and given to those in favor of the government now face potential of being kicked out by former property owners.

"Libya struggles to control militias" Proliferation of armed groups has led to an increase in violence and threat undermining democracy.

"Libyans return to Tunisia amid tribal conflict" Arab and Amazigh tribes in western Libya are clashing, causing many Libyans to flee the country to neighboring Tunisia.

"Opinion: The Battle to Recover Libya's Looted Wealth" Corruption in Libya has been rampant, and the author gives policy suggestions to curtail rampant corruption.

"Opinion: Do Libyan People Deserve this Treatment from NTC and Government?" The new Libyan government lacks quality leadership, and this will impact the future of Libya due to decisions currently being made.

"Leaked Gaddafi-era documents expose the need for urgent oil reformsDocuments leaked show Libya’s National Oil Company had a number of corrupt practices, and transparency should be paramount in reforming future dealings and contracts.

“جهود ليبية للسيطرة على الميليشيات” Former militias and the NTC clash over services and sovereignty.



"Mauritanian army boosts border presence" As terrorists have infiltrated and joined Tuareg rebels, Mauritania has boosted its presence of forces on the border.

"Malian envoy, rebels meet in Nouakchott " Mali has turned to Mauritania in order to help broker peace between the Malian government and Tuareg rebels.

"Mauritania Slavery: The torment of Selama and Maimouna" The story of two former slaves, who escaped from their master, and the ongoing struggle of slavery in Mauritania.  

Mauritania Water Uprising?” Demands for the government to address the lack of drinking water reflect the increasingly weak posture of the government.  



"Morocco Aids Drought Stricken Farmers" Government agrees to 1.53 billion dirhams in subsidies to assist farmers in one of the driest seasons in many years.

"A cause de leur hijab deux étudiantes Marocaines interdites de concours au Lycée Descartes" An interview with a student regarding her school’s banning her from wearing a hijab during her examination.

"Au Maroc, une corruption très royale" Discussion and review of the new book “Le Roi predateur, Main basse sur le Maroc,” which discusses the corruption and dealings of the royal family.

"Ezzedine Erroussi: A certain age" The story of Ezzedine Erroussi, a protestor arrested in Taza, the background of his case, and his current hunger strike (Included is an Arabic interview with his sister, and Ezzedine’s prison letter.)

"El Haqed, Morocco's hip hop revolutionary" The Moroccan rapper’s arrest for calling out corrupt practices brings attention to freedom of speech in Morocco.

"La route de Tombouctou" Morocco is concerned about the situation in Mali, and how it could potentially impact the situation in Western Sahara.

Morocco: Mr. El Othmani's Missteps In Mali Tunisia's official stance against the Azawad independence movement is at odds with Amazigh activists and other Moroccan social groups who would prefer Morocco act as mediator.


"Tunisia: A revolution at risk" A majority of Tunisians feel the country is more divided than ever, and socio-economic conditions have led to an increase in Salafism, which some argue will threaten the revolution.

"Resolving the Niqab Issue in Tunisian Universities" In post-revolution Tunisia, the issue of religious sensitivity in public is being discussed, with the niqab taking center stage at universities.

"Tunisian Judges Striving for Judiciary Independence"  Judges urge the government to reform the judiciary in order to make it more independent from central government.

"Talk is Cheap: Addressing Sexual Harassment in Tunisia" Sexual harassment in Tunisia is covered in depth, examining current policy, causes of harassment, and potential solutions to the complex issue of sexual harassment.

"Tunisian Boycott a partial success" Boycott of meat products has led to decrease in prices of basic goods, but Tunisians would like to see changes to improve the situation.

"Tunisia: Democracy after secularism" With secularism viewed by some as negative, state-imposed, and repressive, the chance for Islamist political parties voices to be heard is a step in the right direction for democracy.  

Le 9 avril 2012: Journée noire pour le droit de manifester en Tunisie Reflections on the April 9th clashes between protesters and police on Bourguiba Avenue.

Tunisie : Des dessins de presse pour la liberté d’expression Interview with Tunisian cartoonists at a new exhibition in celebration of free expression.  

“هل يضيق شارع بورقيبة بعلي العريض ؟” The historical symbolism of free speech on Bourgiba.

Reopening of Zeitouna University Offers Opportunity A review of the university's history under Bourguiba and Ben Ali that identifies its re-opening as an opportunity for cultural plurality rather than evidence of "Islamist's" societal takeover.

“Euro-American misperceptions of the Tunisian Revolution” Media's fixation with secular versus Islamist debates eclipses the rural-urban, poor-rich post revolutionary confrontations.

Tunisia: Relief at Lifting of Protest Ban Tunisia lifts ban on protesting on Habib Bourgiuiba Venue after demonstrations.


Western Sahara

“The Western Sahara: forgotten first source of the Arab Spring” An analysis of the international community's differentiation of the Western Sahara's liberation movements and the Arab Uprisings.


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