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Syria Media Roundup (April 19)

(Syrians walk between destroyed buildings in the Inshaat neighborhood of Homs, Syria, April 15, 2012. Image by Anonymous/AP Photo.) (Syrians walk between destroyed buildings in the Inshaat neighborhood of Homs, Syria, April 15, 2012. Image by Anonymous/AP Photo.)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week]

Regional and International perspectives

Syria: First Round of a Ceasefire  Nicolas Nassif has a somewhat reductionist analysis of the Syrian uprising – comparing and contrasting Syria to Lebanon of the 1970s.

Kofi Annan is Right – Negotiation is key for Syria  Patrick Seale argues that negotiation is key for a successful new Syrian political system

Syria and the Usual Suspects   Thomas Knapp insulting Syrian demonstrators who started the uprising (which was made in the USA according to Knapp) whilst rightly problematising the McCain and Lieberman visit to Turkey

McCain and Lieberman Meet with the Free Syria Army  bizarre and unneeded ‘support’ from the Republicans, does the FSA represent Syria?

Will more Diplomacy Save Syria  Al-Jazeera guests discuss the peace plan

Can U.N. Observers end the Cycle of Violence?  Hussein Ibish, Hussein al-Harbi and Haitham al-Sibahie give analysis of variable quality regarding the utility of the UN ceasefire on Al-Jazeera English's Inside Syria programme

Who Broke Syria?  James Harkin argues that the international community and the media “made things worse” for Syrians.

Cautious Hope for Syria  Mark Lynch’s skeptical yet optimistic outlook on the Annan Plan

Cross-talk: Still Syria:  Diana Johnstone, Joshua Landis and Josef Olmert sharing their views on intervention and the opposition

The Roving Eye: What's goin' on at the Turkish-Syrian border?  Pepe Escobar discusses matters of sovereignty as Turkey’s shelters of the FSA right at the Turco-Syrian border.

The Libyan precedent is not a hopeful one for Syria Annan's Syria plan is the only game in town Michael Wahid Hanna puts the case for Annan’s plan in Foreign Policy

Imperialism and the Left

Syria and the Left  Odai al-Zoubi takes issue with George Galloway and Noam Chomsky’s divergent approaches.

Imperialism and the Syrian Revolution  John Rees argues that “the main enemy is at home” and that the opposition need to rid itself from imperial powers who want to determine Syria’s future.

The Opposition Movements

Syria Opposition Creates Tribal Assembly  Daily Star notes this new development

The Simple Truths of the Syrian Uprising  Muhamad Dibo argues that it is the Syrian people who have the highest authority in deciding the future of their country

On Syrian narratives

Syria`s Propaganda War  Jess Hills on the challenges of reporting from outside Syria.

Assad`s End   Exiled Syrian activist reframes the revolution and suggests an overemphasis on the SFA and militarized elements is distorting the real picture

Does the Syrian regime fight imperialism, or is it the legacy of imperialism?  Adbulhamit Bilici on Prof. Şükrü Hanioğlu’s historical approach to the uprising.

Nasrallah to Assange: Hezbollah talked to Syria opposition; we want dialogue, US & Israel want civil war Predictable commentary from Nasrallah on Syria – why is he surprised that revolutionaries were not willing to have dialogue with the regime?

One Year After the beginning of the revolution  Khalil Habash with sensible analysis for International Viewpoint

Syria: Bashar Lives up to his Name Orientalist pap from the Socialist Party of Great Britain; Alwyn Edgar attempts a historical survey before cautioning that Bashar’s successors could make him look like Little Bo Peep.

Images of our Syrian revolution: leaked in a losing gamble?  Mohamad al-Attar on visual memory, its actual role and potential for the Syrian revolution.

On Sectarianism

On the Perils of Sectarianism in Syria  Robin Yassin-Kassab – stick with the anecdotal beginnings for a snapshot of the historical underpinnings of sectarianism

The Kurdish Dimension to Turkey’s Syria Policy  Golol Tul in Foreign Policy; Syria putting Turkey to the test.
Will Syria’s Sectarian Divisions Spill Over Into Turkey?   Soner Cagaptay seems to overemphasise the significance of the Alevis in Turkey and their position re Syria.

Policy and Human Rights Reports

Syria`s Phase of Radicalisation  International Crisis’s group’s assessment of the current state of the Syrian uprising.

In Cold Blood  Human Rights Watch issue report documenting summary executions by Syria’s security forces and pro-government militias


امريكا والمعارضة السورية: حساب العجوز وحميّة المراهق 
Subhi Hadidi criticizes the American government’s stance on the situation in Syria.  

وثيقة «المجلس الوطني» أشدّ استبداداً من النظام
Qasem ‘Ezz-addine criticizes the Syrian National Council’s “National Oath” which they presented during the “Friends of Syria” conference.  

يحلم السوريون بتظاهرات وحيوانات متوحشة وأشلاء وقتلى وقفزة إلى المستقبل
Dima Wanous presents the dreams of some Syrians. 

عسال الورد.. والشوك!
Subhi Hadidi writes about the Bikdash family’s history of supporting the authoritarian regime in Syria.  

سوريا: الحوار أو الدمار
Ali Jardat states that the response of both the Syrian regime and opposition to the uprisings will lead to the end of Syria as a country, nation, and society.  

هل هناك سؤال 'مسيحي' في الثورة السورية؟
Elias Khoury presents his point of view about the role of Christians in the Syrian revolution.

عن ساحاتنا ومآلاتها
Nasser Rabbat: the reasons behind the absence of public spaces from Islamic urban history.

هل تسقط الانتفاضات العربية النخب الرثة أيضا؟
Salama Keileh refutes the argument that what is going on in Syria is an “imperial conspiracy.”

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