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STATUS/الوضع: Issue 4.1 is Live!
Our 4.1 Issue of Status Audio Magazine is live! So much to go through! Click!
STATUS/الوضع: Issue 4.1 is Live!
This issue was curated to locate the voices that speak to communities in flux and see the local for what it is—simultaneously rooted & uprooted.
STATUS/الوضع: Issue 4.1 is Live!
Status does not observe radio silence on Yemen! We constantly speak to Yemeni journalists and activists about conditions in their country

"No Trust" Regarding US Role in the Syrian Uprising: Bassam Haddad on Al-Jazeera's "Min Washington"

[ ["Min Washington Show," on Al-Jazeera. Screenshot]

Al-Jazeera's "Min Washington" (من واشنطن) show featured a discussion on the role of the United States in the Syrian Uprising. Jadaliyya's Co-Editor, Bassam Haddad, rejects the emphasis on the United States' role as being pivotal in promoting democracy in the region. He also addressed the downward spiral of the Syrian uprising and the role of the Syrian National Council in it. Other guests included a Syrian National Council member, Marah Buqa`i, and political analyst Shibli Talhami.

[Click here if the video below does not show up. The Arabic transcript can be found on the same link]



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