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Maghreb Media Roundup (May 3)

[Tunisian students celebrate World Book Day by reading on Bourguiba Avenue. Image by Houda Trabelsi/Magharebia] [Tunisian students celebrate World Book Day by reading on Bourguiba Avenue. Image by Houda Trabelsi/Magharebia]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  


"Algeria, Morocco sign education pact" Morocco and Algeria co-ordinate textbook writing and a new exchange program that hopes to foster unity between the two countries. 

"Algerian parties try to lure voters" Fears of low voter turnout have led to parties trying to appeal to seemingly apathetic voters.

"Malgré l'existence du ministère délégué à la condition féminine"  Conference regarding women’s rights concludes that in Algeria, not enough is done for women to protect them from violence or the effects of violence.

"Algeria introduces security plan for legislative elections" The security plan put in place for upcoming elections include security checkpoints and 60,000 extra security officers.   

"Another Take on ‘The Malian Crisis as seen from Algeria’" A critique and counter-narrative to popular assumptions on Algeria's foreign policy.

"ADIEU LA TOUR D’IVOIRE !" The Université Hassiba Ben Bouali de Chlef  celebrates French-language Algerian literature in an event designed to attract academics as well as the general public.



"Libya: Assessing Berber Prospects" Six months after revolt, Imazighen across North Africa trying to gain footholds in politics after marginalization continues.

"Was a Libyan Oil Man's Death in Vienna Connected with Connection Probes?"  In-depth article analyzing the recent death of the former Libyan Oil Minister, and his place within the former Gaddafi regime.

"OPINION: Change has Stopped in Libya, Why and Who is Responsible— By Nagi Barakat" Article discussing the lack of leadership in the government in Libya, and how this has stagnated true change.

"Revolutionizing opportunism and flaunting hypocrisy - criticism of self-serving activists through and post revolution "A critique of "self-serving" activists throughout and in the post revolution.

مسح أسماء القذافي وبن على من الخرائط الموريتانية" Nouakchott changes street named titled after Gaddafi and Ben Ali to express solidarity with Libya and Tunisia.



"Q&A with Mike Golden: Tackling malnutrition in Mauritania" Nutrition expert interviewed by UNICEF, discusses the issue of malnutrition in Mauritania.

"Mauritania: President of the anti-slavery movement arrested " Opposition group president arrested after protests outside of the presidency.

"Mauritania Determined To Tackle Terrorism" President of Mauritania determined to tackle terrorism in the Maghreb region, specifically Al Qaeda in the Maghreb.  



"Young Moroccans Keep Arab Spring Spirit Alive" Continued pressure on the Moroccan government ongoing, kept alive in part by women’s rights movements.

"هل يمكن أن يتم الإصلاح في المغرب دون ثورة ؟ – [#MamCast - Episode 2]" Video discussing ways of changing in Morocco through reform or revolution.

"مسيرة نسائية ببني بوعياش ضد الإعتقال السياسي" Women march in protest against polticial arrests and harsh sentences in Al Hoceima.

"Morocco: is Bassima Elhakawi preparing to suspend the agenda of equality between men and women?" Minister of Solidarity and Family may put a hold on equal rights agenda set forth by new Islamist government.

"Morocco launches new strategy to fight AIDS" New plan hopes to curtail AIDS and mortality rate by 60% over a four-year period.

"Differences emerge within Morocco coalition" Government officials under fire after showing lack of unity in new coalition government.

الكاتب محمد برادة: الربيع العربي أخرجني من حالة يأس" Interview with novelist Mohamed Berrada on his works and his recent success at the Mediterranean Fez Festival.


"How a 5-year-old Foreign Film Sparked a Free Speech Fight in Tunisia" Chief of popular Tunisian television channel on trial for airing French short film Persepolis tests freedom of the arts and expression in new Tunisia.

"تونس: هل انتهت الثورة بصعود الإسلاميين؟" (Opinion) Thoughts on the Islamist party’s power in Tunisia, and the ongoing battle for freedom of expression in light of contradictions.

"In Tunisia after Arab Spring Islamists new freedoms create new divide" One year after the Arab Spring, Tunisia searches for an identity to embrace, though stands divided on what identity to pursue.

"Arab Spring reveals paradox" (Opinion) Lack of individual leaders allowed groups to unite under unified goals.

"No Sharia in Tunisia, is it a game changer?" Analysis of the decision by Tunisian government to not include sharia provisions in the constitution, and the effect on the country.

"Tunisia shapes constitutional anti-corruption measures" Roundtable of government officials and NGO meet to discuss anti-corruption measures in the new constitution.

'Tunisia: Clashes Over Future of State Television" Protestors demand government response to a network's alleged ties with the Ben Ali regime.

Western Sahara

"Western Sahara: Confidence Building Programme Helps Families Reconnect" Interview detailing the confidence building program to bring families marred by conflict together, and the effects on Western Sahara.


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