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Analyzing Egyptian Presidential Election Vote

[Ink container at polling station in 2012 Egyptian presidential elections. Image by Jonathan Rashad. [Ink container at polling station in 2012 Egyptian presidential elections. Image by Jonathan Rashad.



Ahram Online presents a detailed visual breakdown of the results from Egypt's first free presidential elections.





[Developed in partnership with Ahram Online. Ahmed Feteha, Bassem Abo Alabass, Mohamed Nada, Michael Gunn, Mahmoud Elassal contributed to this project.]


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1 comment for "Analyzing Egyptian Presidential Election Vote"


3rd Force Candidate for Egpyt the Solution : Do not accept an Islamist or a Mubarak man, choose a CULTURIST!

Never mind that Zahi Hawass was corrupt, I'd rather that TRUE EGYPT CULTURE loving people run for electin than ISLAMISTSm or MUBARAK men AGAIN! Zahi, if you can hear me,

PLEASE stand for election onm the basis of subsumption of the Masonic West via a (STRICTLY) Constitutional Pharoanate! Islamists and Military? What idiocy! Egypt is all about the

Pantheon of Elder Gods and the break away priesthood state of Israel. Stand for election Zahi or at least fund a proxy! These 2 options as candidates are meaningless! Lets have people who realy love Egypt for what Egypt really was!

And I believe that even India would forgive that Indiana Jones scene at this point! DO not fade away Zahi! Get those 'Western' guys to help you out here, though all of your advisors should be EGYPTIAN unto the a Pharoah's gold and azure depicted beard!

Foolish voters! You will undo everything gained if you vote for either. 3rd Force only! Zahi!

AgreeToDisagree wrote on May 27, 2012 at 04:21 AM

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