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Egypt Media Roundup (May 28)

[A woman checking her name in the elections list at a voting station in Cairo. Image originally posted to Flickr by UN Women Arab States.] [A woman checking her name in the elections list at a voting station in Cairo. Image originally posted to Flickr by UN Women Arab States.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]

“Winners and losers of the presidential race”
Moustafa Khalil says the biggest loser in the presidential elections is the Muslim Brotherhood; the biggest winner – Hamdeen Sabahy.

“Elections commission sets Sunday as deadline for accepting appeals”
The Supreme Electoral Commission receives appeals from four candidates, including Ahmed Shafiq, Hamdeen Sabahy, Amr Moussa and Abd El-Moneim Abou El-Fotouh.

“Abul-Fotouh campaign files complaint over claimed polling breaches”
Abd El-Moneim Abou El-Fotouh files an appeal with the electoral commission, citing voting violations.

“Mubarak's NDP versus the Brotherhood: Déjà vu?”
Dina Ezzat says the results of the presidential elections have disappointed many revolutionaries.

“Parliament committee approves standards of Constituent Assembly formation”
According to the new standards, the Constituent Assembly has to write the constitution within a month.

“Egypt’s new president must hit the ground running or face Tahrir”
Carina Kamel outlines the challenges that the new Egyptian president will have to face in taking office at a difficult time for the country.

“Egyptians as they really are, for once”
Rami Khouri reflects on the results of a recent opinion poll about public attitudes in Egypt.

“Alaa al-Aswany: 'Egypt, strong but paralysed'”
Alaa El-Aswany on the present socio-political situation in Egypt.

“Egypt's elections do not simply mark a return to the status quo”
Jack Shenker looks at the complicated political situation that a run-off between Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Morsi created.

“Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party: We Seek National Unity to Save Revolution”
After announcement of election results, the Muslim Brotherhood seeks national unity against “Mubarak-era leftovers.”

“Mubarak's right-hand man sentenced to 7 years in jail”
Zakaria Azmy, former chief of staff, gets a jail sentence for illicit profiteering.

“Sabbahi, Abul-Fotouh campaigns deny claims they will back Mursi”
Claims on the Muslim Brotherhood official website that Hamdeen Sabbahi and Abd El-Moneim Abou El-Fotouh are discounted.

“Jimmy Carter visits polling centres to check voting process”
Former US president visits polling stations during the first round of presidential elections.

“Egypt's Presidential Elections: Don't Hold Breath”
Sara Khorshid challenges the validity of presidential elections in the absence of a constitution.

“Shafiq breaks electoral law, referred to prosecutor-general”
Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq breaks electoral law by calling a press conference during the voting process.

“Are Police Voting for Shafik?”
Wael Eskandar recaps circulating evidence that members of the security apparatus have been illegally voting for Ahmed Shafiq in the presidential elections.

“Egypt’s Presidential Elections: No One Stands Out”
Sarah El Sirgany says Egyptian voters are too concerned with keeping candidates out of the race rather than supporting them.

“We Actually Won The Elections! Time to Act!”
Omar Kamel says the armed forces are the overall losers from the first round of the presidential elections.


In Arabic:

“موسى يطالب بالتحقيق الفوري في تصويت أكثر من 900 ألف مجند أمن مركزي بالجيزة”
Amr Moussa’s campaign announces it is seeking the investigation of 900,000 votes cast by soldiers of Central Security.

“اجمالي النتائج المعلنة حاليا”
Results of the first round of elections, updated May 26.

“دعوى قضائية تطالب بخوض مرسى وصباحي جولة الإعادة واستبعاد شفيق”
A lawsuit submitted to the Administrative Court demands the elimination of Ahmed Shafiq from the presidential race.

“نصر شلش يكتب: ولماذا لانختار أحمد شفيق؟؟؟”
Nasser Shalash reflects on the motivations of the Egyptians who voted for Ahmed Shafiq in the first round of the presidential elections.

“مصدر قضائى: شفيق والطيب خالفا قانون العزل”
A judicial source says that the law banning remnants of the old regime from running for president is still in force.

“مرة أخرى: قبل أن تنقرضوا”
Wael Qandil sees the potential for unity against the former regime and SCAF as a positive sign.

“الإسلامبولي يكشف تفاصيل طعون صباحي على نتائج الرئاسة: السماح لـ 117 ألف مجند بالتصويت وإلقاء بطاقات حمدين في الزراعات”
Essam Islambouli, a lawyer at the Cassation Court, files an appeal with the Supreme Electoral Commission.

“حملة شفيق: من صوتوا للفريق شاركوا فى جمعة الغضب وكانوا دائما ضد مبارك والتوريث.. ومؤيدون: إحنا ضد الثورة حد له عندنا حاجة؟”
A press release by Ahmed Shafiq’s campaign claims that people who participated in the revolution voted for him.

“زوجة «الجيزاوي»: السلطات السعودية «لم تسمح بحضور محامٍ» معه في التحقيقات”
The wife of Ahmed El-Gizawy says that the Saudi authorities continue to prevent lawyers from attending the investigation procedures against him.

“هبه السويدي «أم المصابين»: الحكومة لم تفعل شيئاً لضحايا الثورة (حوار)”
An interview with Heba El-Sewedy, “Mother of the Injured,” who started a campaign to help with the treatment of the injured during the revolution. 


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