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Maghreb Media Roundup (May 31)

Mauritania's counter-AQIM strategy includes recruitment of local families. [Image from Jemal Oumar/Magharebia] Mauritania's counter-AQIM strategy includes recruitment of local families. [Image from Jemal Oumar/Magharebia]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]


"Cnisel : la fraude confirmée"-'Honest observers' contrast with otherwise fraudulent elections. 

“أعضاء البرلمان الجزائري الجديد يؤدون القسم الدستورى”-Accusations of one-party rule disrupt assembly's oath ceremony. 

Warda al-Jazairia obituary” - Highlights of the singer's life, including her encounters with rebellion.  


"ما بعد ليبيا للإتصالات والتقنية : وضع الإنترنت في ليبيا" - High internet prices and poor availability threaten to hinder economic and social development. 

"The delay in elections and optimism in Libya" - Despite sustained rumors of postponement, citizens remain hopeful as elections approach.

الطبقة الوسطى ودورها في بناء الدولة .. بقلم/ خالد إبزيم”- Burgeoning middle class, particularly professors, scholars, writers, and legal professionals, are eager to contribute to the intellectual foundation of Libya's development. 

"ليبيا تتصارع لاحترام موعد الانتخابات" - Disagreement with seat distribution may stall elections, despite Abdul Jalil's reassurances. 


RE: Mauritanians in Northern Mali”- Overview of recent Mauritanian military strategies against AQIM. 

Mauritania: Student Scandal Rocks Presidential Palace” - Students claim former president of Nouakchott University attempted to bribe them to give up their protests.  


Manifestation du 27 à Casa : un succès et après?” - Unemployed graduates, students, members of the March 20th movement and other disgruntled sectors of society merged to voice their demands for democratic reform, fair economic practices, and social equality.

Morocco: Stalling Economy” - Superficial modifications to the 2012 budget reflect Government's static policies and failure to implement substantive reform. 

Healthcare Provision and Reforms in Morocco” - Historical examination of the development and failures of Morocco's healthcare. 

Morocco: Independent Media Losing Foothold” - Government's '"Public Media Guidelines" purportedly intend to increase Arabic language use and ignites debate on the potential social influence of 'Islamists.'

Maroc, pays de l’absurdité et de l’impunité” - "Exceptionalism," tradition, and ritual used to justify monarchal policies.  

15 Moroccan Poets on ‘Big Bridge’”- A compilation of select works from diverse Moroccan poets.  


Dix raisons pour aimer la dictature, dix raisons pour haïr la démocratie- Satirical enumération of democracy's  pitfalls. 

"أصحاب الشهادات المعطّلون عن العمل : إحتجاجات و مقترحات"- Video coverage of protests held by unemployed graduates. 

"قراءة في كف تونس وكشف المستقبل" - Reflections on the presentation and impact of developing political concerns in Tunisia.  

Tunisia: Injured of the Uprising Urgently Need Care” - Human Rights Watch urges the Tunisian government to fulfill its responsibility to the revolution's injured by providing them with medical services as well as reparations. 

Hunger Strike of Tunisian Blogger Trigger Wave of Support” - Confiscation of a Nawaat contributor's cameras resonates with citizens weary of corruption.   

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