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Egypt Media Roundup (June 4)

[Tahrir Square in Cairo post Mubarak's verdict. Image originally posted to Flickr by Gigi Ibrahim.] [Tahrir Square in Cairo post Mubarak's verdict. Image originally posted to Flickr by Gigi Ibrahim.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

“Protests continue Egypt-wide in response to Mubarak trial verdicts”
Protesters plan to continue sit-ins in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Mansoura.

“Morsy capitalizes on Mubarak verdict in campaign”
Mohamed Morsy tries to benefit from public anger after the court acquits all but two defendants in Mubarak case.

“#Tahrir is back with lots of anger everywhere !!”
Zenobia talks about Saturday’s large demonstrations against the Mubarak trial verdict.

“Mubarak arrives at Tora prison after refusing to disembark helicopter”
After court verdict, Mubarak transferred to Tora prison and coaxed out of the helicopter.

“Egypt and the fear of authoritarian relapse”
Michael Hanna argues that the struggle between Egyptian politicians for short-term gains will not result in lasting change for Egypt.

“After the elections: What role for Egypt’s military?”
Salma Shukrallah asks political analysts and activists to predict what role the army will assume after a new president is elected.

“The unsaid in second round negotiations”
Issandr El Amrani criticizes the proposal of a national charter initiated by some secular forces.

“Remaining presidential contenders offer little hope to Egypt’s Christians”
Heba Afify says for many Christians the run-off will be a choice of “preferred oppressor.”

“Egypt: Mubarak verdict fails to deliver full justice”
Amnesty International officials say Hosni Mubarak’s sentence was a step forward, but the acquittal of the other defendants left many still demanding justice.

“Coptic figures deny links to Shafiq’s electoral success, fear polarization”
Copts try to deny allegations that the minority voted en masse for Ahmed Shafiq.

“Shafik vs Morsy: Who will win based on round 1 numbers?”
The Big Pharaoh suggests two scenarios for the upcoming presidential run-off.

“Minerva’s owl flies at dusk: A quick reading of Egypt’s presidential vote”
Hani Shukrallah offers an in-depth analysis of the first-round results of the presidential election.

“At this stage, Shafiq disqualification nearly impossible”
Legal experts say that presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq cannot be disqualified, as some have hoped.

“Egyptian Elections: Choose None of The Above”
A campaign for boycotting the presidential run-off gains momentum.

“Why accept these elections?”
Issandr El Amrani argues against boycotting the presidential run-off.

“Appeals court upholds three-year sentence for Coptic student defaming Islam”
A 16-year-old Christian will serve a three-year sentence for posting on Facebook cartoons “ridiculing” Islam.

“Rights group requests investigation into Morsy’s statements ‘against Copts’”
The Egyptian Center for Human Rights accuses Mohamed Morsi of fueling sectarianism by claiming that Christians of betraying the revolution.

“Thousands protest against Egyptian election results; Shafiq HQ set on fire”
Protests erupt in Cairo after official announcement of first-round results which confirm a run-off between Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq.

“Mursi’s speech tickles political groups’ appetite for concessions”
After Mohamed Morsi’s speech aimed at alleviating fears of secular political powers, some are still not convinced.

“Egyptian Is Counting on Worries of Elites”
At a formal lunch organized by the American Chamber of Commerce, Ahmed Shafiq expresses admiration for Hosni Mubarak.

“Egypt's Presidential Choice Stirs Deep Concerns in Washington”
Barbara Slavin says the Egyptian presidential elections are worrying the Obama administration, although its officials have refrained from commenting on it.

“A day in the life of Hosni Mubarak behind bars”
An article in an Egyptian daily claims to have details about the daily routine of Hosni Mubarak under arrest in the International Medical Center.


In Arabic:

 “نص "وثيقة الاتفاق الوطني" المعروضة من القوى السياسية على مرشحي الرئاسة”
Public figures sign a “National Consensus” document against the presidential run-off between Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Morsy.

“انتخاب شفيق.. الشعب المصري لا يمثل إلا نفسه”
Ahmed Samir talks about the possibility of Ahmed Shafiq’s victory in the presidential run-off.

“سلطان يدعو «مرسي وأبو الفتوح وصباحي» لحضور جلسة البرلمان اليوم لتشكيل مجلس رئاسي”
Essam Sultan calls on former presidential candidates Abd El-Moneim Abou El-Fotouh and Hamdin Sabahy to form a presidential council.

“جمال مبارك الرئيس القادم”
Mohamed Amin expresses comments on the verdict of the Mubarak trial.

“معتمر أمين يكتب: أقراء.. ثورة «2»”
Moatamer Amin makes an analogy between experiences of the Prophet and the current political situation in Egypt.

“مـا وراء أزمـة الجمعية التأسيسية”
Mohamed Qanawi discusses the persistent crisis with the Constituent Assembly and the constitution-writing process.

“الهروب إلى الأخلاق”
Hassan Hanafi warns against use of religious rhetoric in the public and political matters.

“تحالف ثلاثى بين حملات ابوالفتوح وصباحى وعلى لكشف مخالفات العملية الانتخابية فى الجولة الاولى”
The campaigns of Hamdeen Sabahi, Abd El-Moneim Abou El-Fotouh and Khalid Ali come up with a joint statement after first-round results are announced.

“رسمياً.. الإعادة بين مرسى وشفيق.. ورفض طعون المرشحين المعترضين”
On Monday the Supreme Electoral Commission declares the official results of the first round and rejects the appeals of presidential candidates over voting irregularities.


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