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Syria Media Roundup (June 7)

[A boy walks next to the rubble of house destroyed during a Syrian army military operation in April 2012 , in the town of Taftanaz. Image by AP Photo.] [A boy walks next to the rubble of house destroyed during a Syrian army military operation in April 2012 , in the town of Taftanaz. Image by AP Photo.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week] 


Regional and International perspectives


When Syria Sneezes Murhaf Jouejate argues that the Syrian regime is trying to export sectarian violence to Lebanon as a means to deter foreign intervention on Syrian soil.


Gulf States and Turkey Going all-out Against Syria Ibrahim al-Amin argues that they are not just following orders from the West but have their own interests in de-stabilizing Syria.


Hands off Syria Ivan Eland says morally and financially, the US cannot be involved in the Syrian “mess” but paradoxically writes we should leave Turkey and the Gulf states deal with the case.


Calls for Jihad Split Salafists Jordan’s Salafi community divided over the Syria uprising


Le Brésil défend le dialogue avec la Syrie en vue d'une transition politique Former Brazilian ambassador Antonia Patriota in an interview on the Brazilian position on Syria


Exclusive: Veteran Lebanese fighter trains new generation of jihadis – for Syria  Around 300 Lebanese fighters have left the Bakaa Valley of Lebanon to join so-called FSA groups in Syria


Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad Hangs on to Power Despite Turmoil Joshua Landis draws a profile of Bashar al-Assad.

Imperialism and the Left


Hollow Responses to Houla Massacre Karl Sharro criticizes the “unprincipled and improvised nature of Western attitude toward Syria.”


Syria Must Determine its own Future William Engdahl on the importance of not intervening in Syria.

On the Edge of Darkness Patrick Cockburn argues that Western powers should push for reforms that leave a modified version of the Syrian regime in place.


The Houla affair highlights Western intelligence gap in Syria Thierry Meyssan says that “the Houla affair shows that the West is incapable of knowing the situation on the ground, whereas Russian military intelligence is privy to exactly what is happening.”


Haytham Manna : « pour Moscou, Bashar al-Assad n’est pas sacre » Haytham Manna talks about his recent visit to Moscow and says the Russians care more about the Syrian state than its regime.


On Syrian narratives


Some Questions on the Houla Massacre and Beyond As’ad AbuKhalil asks why the exiled Syrian opposition and the media did not attempt to deconstruct the events surrounding the Houla Massacre.


Assad Speech: Lost in Translation Amal Saad Ghorayeb analyses the ways in which news agencies imposed a narrative on Assad’s speech


Syrie: Arreter la course a l’abime Alain Gresh provides a list of articles from Western outlets that condemn the Syrian regime while rejecting the intervention scenario.


Syrian Intervention Risks Upsetting Global Order Henry Kissinger warns that “in reacting to one human tragedy, we must be careful not to facilitate another.”


UN Mission in Syria, far from Being Useless is Essential Hassan Hassan argues the UN mission is essential to build an international consensus on Syria.


The Houla Hoaxters  Justin Raimondo on the media’s creation of another “Benghazi moment”


The Logic of Kofi Annan’s Strategy Rami Khouri says Annan is nearing the make-or-break part of his mission 


The Media Revolution of the Arab Spring Habib Battah’s detailed report on the problems with the media coverage of Syria.


Syrian crisis in orbit Arab-league wants to ban pro-regime media on two satellites, but Syrian expatriates want to work around that potential ban to present the Syrian regime narrative.


Inside Syria:


Syrian Tribal Networks and their Implications for the Syrian Uprising Nicholas Heras and Carole O’Leary write about the social demographic impact of tribalism in the uprising and potential post-Assad era.

Ghosts of Syria: Diehard Militias who Kill in the Name of Assad Peter Kellier writes about Syria’s Shabiha providing a historical and economic background that sustain its existence.


Annan’s Mission Impossible Nasser Charara writes that Annan is aware of the problems with his plan and tries in vain to get the two sides to work within it.


Policy and Reports


Amnesty International Written Statement to HRC Special Session on Syria June 2012




الصراع في سوريا (وفي لبنان): جدليّة الطبقي والطائفي

Ward Kasouha discusses the existence of a mixture of class and sectarian conflicts within the current Syrian struggle.


دعوة إلى العمل لا إلى اليـأس 
Saad-Allah Mezr’ani writes about the ramifications of the struggle in Syria on the existing sectarian tensions in Lebanon. 

من ذاكرة السجون السورية: بانتظار مُضر الجندي
The Damascus Bureau recounts the story of Mudar Al-Jundi and his undeclared death after being tortured during his time in prison in the Palestine Branch of the Syrian Military Intelligence Agency.

البطالة والنزوح يثقلان كاهل المواطن السوري
The Damascus Bureau recounts the experiences of Syrian citizens who have been suffering from the implications of high unemployment rates and emigration in Syria.

مقابلة الأستاذ ماجد حبو مع مجلة عشتاروت
Majed Habou talks about the Syrian Revolution with Achtarout Magazine.  

المنّاع يرد على الأسد: العنف لم يأتي من الشارع و لا من الشعب 
Haytham Mannaa responds to Al-Assad’s recent speech on BBC Arabic TV and warns against its dangerous implications on Kofi Annan’s plan in the country.  

درعـا: خـزان النـظام ومعارضتـه بعـد شـرارة «تنزيـل العقـال»
Tarek Al-Abed presents the current situation in the Syrian city of Daraa, in which the most significant Syrian mass protests began.

توطين الأزمة في سوريا!
Fayez Sarah warns against the Syrian regime’s efforts to settle the current “crisis” in Syria.  

خطاب الرئيس الاسد 
Abed-Al-Bari Atwan on Al-Assad’s recent speech.

هل يكفي التحذير من «حرب أهلية» في سوريا؟
Arib Al-Rentawi writes about the warnings of a civil war in Syria.

مناع لصحيفة لوفيغارو: “بالنسبة لموسكو، بشار الأسد ليس مقدساً
The National Coordination Committee for the forces of Democratic Change in Syria provides a translation of the interview that the French Newspaper “Le Figaro” conducted with Haytham Mannaa on Russia’s stance on the current situation in Syria.  

العودة للوطن … الدكتور عارف دليلة
Dr. Aref Dalileh writes about the importance of the new call for “the return to the nation” by some Syrian opposition members.

حجاب «الميداني» يرأس حكومة الأزمة الثانية
Ziyad Haydar writes about the current Minister of Agriculture Riyadh Hijab, and his expected duty to create the new government in Syria. 

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