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Egypt Media Roundup (June 18)

[Egyptians celebrate Mohamed Morsi's victory in the presidential elections. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.] [Egyptians celebrate Mohamed Morsi's victory in the presidential elections. Image originally posted to Flickr by Zeinab Mohamed.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  

“Morsy declares victory in Egypt's presidential runoff, Shafiq objects”
According to Mohamed Morsi’s campaign he won by 52.5% over Ahmed Shafiq who got 47% of the votes.

“Live Updates 2: Egypt presidential runoffs enter final day”
Second day of voting comes to an end amid electoral violations across the country.

“In Minya, diesel queues are longer than elections queues”
Low electoral turnout persists for a second day in the Minya.

“Live updates: Polls close after a election day with low turnout, scattered violations”
First day of elections comes to an end amid fraud allegations, conspiracy theories, and few scuffles.

“SCAF to amend Constitutional Declaration to gain legislative, financial powers”
The new declaration will give the military council the right to approve the state budget.

“Why I’m voting”
Sarah El Sirgany says she prefers the Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi winning the elections over Ahmed Shafiq.

“Lawyers Syndicate: Run-off turnout not exceeding 15%”
Lawyers’ Syndicate Committee for monitoring the elections says turnout in Cairo is as low as 5-7%.

“US defense secretary Panetta calls Egypt's Tantawi”
US Secretary of Defense expresses concerns to Field Marshal Tantawi about Egypt’s stagnant transition.

“Morsi Campaign Hails April 6 Movement’s Endorsement of Morsi as Wise Decision”
6 April movement endorses Mohamed Morsi after concessions of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Constituent Assembly.

“Brotherhood challenges court's dissolution of Parliament”
The Muslim Brotherhood says dissolution of an elected Parliament can only happen through a popular referendum.

“Hamas denies reports of members entering Egypt to sow chaos”
Hamas denies accusations by Egyptian security forces that members of Al-Qassem Brigade crossed the border in order to foment violence in Egypt.

“We got tricked because we dared to dream”
Abdel-Rahman Hussein reflects on the divisive environment in Egypt just before the second round of elections.

“Electoral violations mar Egypt's presidential runoff”
Supporters of both candidates Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Morsi are accused of electoral violations.

“Before You Vote in the Second Round”
Alaa Al Aswany says he will boycott the second round of presidential elections because he believes it is rigged.

“People's Assembly receives dissolution order from SCAF”
The military council sends an official notification disbanding the parliament and barring the MPs from the parliamentary building.

“Official: The 100 members of Egypt's revamped Constituent Assembly”
The Parliament releases the names of the members of the new Constituent Assembly.

“National Security Agency demands information on foreigners”
NSA is inspecting hotels and rented apartments, demanding names of foreigners who are staying across governorates.

“Rights advocates: Military arrest powers worrying”
Human rights activists say new decree granting the military the right to arrest civilians under criminal law is illegal.

“SCAF holds emergency meeting to issue complementary constitutional declaration”
The military council starts drafting a new constitutional declaration to outline the standards for the formation of a new Constituent Assembly.


In Arabic:

“الكتاتني يكشف: التقيت بعنان ظهر اليوم وأبلغته رفضنا حل البرلمان أو صدور إعلان دستوري مكمل”
Parliament Speaker Saad El-Katatny met with member of SCAF Sami Anan to discuss the dissolution of the Parliament.

“أكبر غلط”
Fahmy Howeidy argues against the runoff being framed as a battle between a religious and a civil state.

“الشرطة العسكرية تمارس «الضبطية القضائية» وتنشر كمائن بالميادين الكبرى”
Military police deploys at major location in Cairo, implementing the new decree granting it the right to arrest civilians under criminal law.

“مسيرة من مصطفى محمود للتحرير ضد الفلول والضبطية القضائية.. والمئات يمزقون لافتات شفيق ويدوسون عليها بالأحذية”
Hundreds march to Tahrir march against presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq and a new law giving military arrest powers.

“لقبض علي سيدة كتبت علي الاستمارة لا للفلول ولا للدلدول”
A voter gets arrested after invalidating her vote, writing “no to leftovers, no to puppets.”

«الشاطر» لكاتب أمريكي: الثورة القادمة ستكون «أقل سلمية وأكثر عنفاً» إذا فاز شفيق”
Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat El-Shater warns that if Ahmed Shafiq wins, there would be a violent revolution in Egypt.

"بوابة الأهرام" تنشر 5 احتمالات تعلنها لجنة الرئاسة غدا أبرزها: التأجيل أو سحب شفيق”
Hatem Bagato says that there are five scenarios for the upcoming presidential runoff.

“محمود أمين أهم من حسنى مبارك”
Wael Qandil writes that the public attention should be focused on the deteriorating condition of the hunger striker Mahmoud Amin, instead of the imprisoned Hosni Mubarak.

“معتصمون.. مضربون.. ولا نأكل البالوظون”
Nawara Negm is asking why the Egyptian public and political figures failed to feel compassion with the hunger strikers protesting military arrests.


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