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Egypt Media Roundup (July 9)

[Egyptians at President Morsi's speech in Tahrir on June 29th. Image originally posted to Flickr by Johnathan Rashad.] [Egyptians at President Morsi's speech in Tahrir on June 29th. Image originally posted to Flickr by Johnathan Rashad.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  

“Constituent Assembly to limit freedom of religion”
The new constitution poised to recognize only the practice of the three Abrahamic religions. 

“Harassment is not a novelty in our society”
Akram Ismail says that incidents of moralist harassment cannot be discussed in isolation of past incidents during the Mubarak era.

“Morsy brings back People’s Assembly”
The Egyptian President issues a decree to reverse the dissolution of the Parliament.

“The plight of Egypt’s forgotten Shia minority”
The Shia minority that was heavily persecuted during the Mubarak era continues to suffer discrimination in Egypt.

“Brotherhood replaces municipal councils”
The Muslim Brotherhood puts together civil organizations to take over the functions of the municipal councils, which have been defunct since the fall of Mubarak.

“Morsi’s ties with Muslim Brotherhood”
Egyptian columnists comment on the president’s loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood and his relationship with the military council.

“Journalists Syndicate to hold emergency meeting Saturday”
Journalists say appointment of new editors-in-chief for state media is a political move by the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Op-ed: Not my president”
Joseph Fahim writes about the distress and fear within the Coptic community after the inauguration of Mohamed Morsi as Egypt’s new president.

“Egypt's military-approved budget could stall Morsi's plans”
The new government budget will not allow the President to implement his “Renaissance” program.

“Assets of former top security officials unfrozen”
The Criminal Court releases Mubarak-era security officials’ frozen assets after they were acquitted of charges of killing protesters.

“Egyptian journalists protest for press freedom, worried about Islamist appointees”
Journalists protest in front of their syndicate against appointment by the Shura Council of new editors-in-chief for state media.

“Op-ed: Racism in Egypt”
Marie-Jeanne Berger says the issue of racism has been completely ignored in Egypt.

“Saudi ambassador says Gizawy's wife jeopardizing relations”
The diplomatic crisis over Ahmed al-Gizawy’s case continues after Saudi authorities deny the pronouncement of a death sentence and accuse his wife of inciting the Egyptian public.

“Your torture still shows on our bodies, Brothers tell Nasser's defense minister”
Shams Badran, defense minister under Gamal Abd El-Nasser sends a letter to the Muslim Brotherhood claiming not to be responsible for torture of their members.

“Chasing ElBaradei”
Ahmed Aboul Enein talks about the continuing speculation and hopes about Mohamed ElBaradei’s potential role in the Egyptian government.

“In Translation: Sheikh Yasser Borhami on Morsi and Shariʿa”
A translation of Al-Shorouq’s interview with Sheikh Yasser Borhami, the spiritual leader of Al-Nour.

“In 2012 In their own land, Egyptians are not allowed in …”
Zenobia comments on the persisting trend to keep Egyptian tourists away from certain beach resorts in Egypt.

“Egypt: Protest Sends Message Against Sexual Harassment”
Ahmed Awadalla talks about the recent protest against sexual harassment in Egypt.

“Judge Helped Egypt’s Military to Cement Power”
Constitutional judge Tahani el-Gebali says she warned early on of the legal vulnerability of the parliamentary elections.

“MB official denounces labor protests”
Muslim Brotherhood official criticizes protests in front of the presidential palace, accusing them of being part of a conspiracy against the president. [video in Arabic]

“VIEWPOINT: The Morsi Presidency and the New Balance of Power in Egypt”
Tawfik Hamid says that liberals have gained more ground in the new balance of power in Egypt.


In Arabic:

“سلفي بـ«التأسيسية»: «الشاطر» وعدنا بتعديل المادة الثانية من الدستور”
Saleh Abd Al-Maboud, member of Al-Nour Party, says that Muslim Brotherhood’s Khairat Al-Shater promised that Article 2 of the new constitution would refer to application Sharia. 

“مرسي يمنح «الغرياني» و«سلطان» و«عبد المعز» وسام الجمهورية”
President Mohamed Morsi gives official recognition to a number of high-ranked judges. 

“حوار من القلب للتاريخ”
Moataz Billah Abdel-Fattah says it is important to rationalize the behavior of political actors instead of condemning them.

“مصر دون تعذيب: ما يجب أن يفعله الرئيس الجديد فورًا”
A joint statement of twenty NGOs calling on President Mohamed Morsi to ban the practice of torture in Egypt.

“فوز مرسي خسارة للجزيرة”
Sultan Saoud Al-Qassemi comments on the relationship between Al-Jazeera and the Muslim Brotherhood and the newly elected president Mohamed Morsi.

“مصرع شاب بالسويس.. وأسرته: «ملتحون» قتلوه لسيره مع خطيبته بدون «محرم»”
A young man for Suez is killed by “bearded” men for walking with his fiancée, his family says.

“الخارجية: القضاء السعودي مازال يدرس قضية الجيزاوي.. ولم يصدر ضده أي حكم حتى الآن”
The Saudi court still has not made a decision on the case of the Egyptian lawyer Ahmed El-Gizawy

“عمال سيراميكا كليوباترا يأسفون لعدم وقوف ''مرسي'' بجانبهم”
Striking Cleopatra Ceramics workers say President Mohamed Morsi is siding with businessmen against their demands.


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