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Egypt Media Roundup (July 16)

[Two Egyptian women hold signs demanding Morsi to release the military prisoners on July 1st. Image originally posted to Flickr by Bora S. Kamel.] [Two Egyptian women hold signs demanding Morsi to release the military prisoners on July 1st. Image originally posted to Flickr by Bora S. Kamel.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]

“Sinai hostage taker: If my uncle dies in prison, the American hostages will die”
Jirmy Abu-Masuh has kidnapped two American citizens, seeking his uncle’s release from prison.

“Sectarianism: Pandora’s box”
Karim Malak argues that Egyptian society has an ambivalent attitude towards sectarianism that keeps it from addressing the problem.

“And You know That 2012 will come to an end when you see this !!”
Zenobia comments on the various protests that Hilary Clinton’s visit to Egypt provoked.

“Clinton urges Egypt’s Morsi to start dialogue with military to preserve democratic transition”
State Department Secretary Hilary Clinton says the US supports full transition to civilian power.

“Updated: Egypt's constitutional court suspends presidential decree restoring People's Assembly”
The Constitutional Court invalidates a decree issued by President Mohamed Morsi reversing its earlier ruling to dissolve the Parliament.

“Egypt People's Assemby refers own fate back to the Judiciary”
Parliament holds first session only to cut it short and refer the case of its dissolution back to the courts.

“SCAF defends dissolution of Egypt's parliament, denies 'deal' with presidency”
The military issues a statement justifying its decision to dissolve the people’s assembly.

“April 6 Youth Movement supports Morsi's parliament ruling”
The revolutionary group backs up the presidential decree reinstating the Parliament.

“Court to meet over Morsy decision to reinstate Parliament”
The Constitutional Court is to discuss how to respond to the President’s move against their ruling to dissolve the Parliament.

“Cassation Court further complicates fate of People’s Assembly”
The Cassation Court rules that it does not have the jurisdiction to pronounce a ruling on the dissolution of the Parliament.

“Egypt’s Overhyped Parliamentary Showdown”
Ashaf Al-Khalil says that the President’s move was aimed at shoring up support for the Muslim Brotherhood rather than clashing with the military.

“No morality police in Egypt: Morsi spokesman”
Amid rising fears of moral vigilantism, the President’s spokesman reassures the public saying there is no organized morality police operating in Egypt.

“In Simply Meeting, Egyptian and Saudi Leaders Open New Era”
Amid tense relations, President Mohamed Morsi arrives in Saudi Arabia for a historic visit.

“Chess on a backgammon board”
Maher Hamoud comments on the struggle between the President and the military for political power.

“President Morsy heads to Ethiopia”
Ethiopia will be the second country President Mohamed Morsi visits after his recent inauguration.

“The Brotherhood: Battling on all fronts”
The Muslim Brotherhood is facing off with the judiciary, the military and the privately-owned media.

“This is Mohamed Morsi's first test of purpose”
Although some consider the President’s move to reinstate the Parliament to be motivated by Muslim Brotherhood’s greed for more power, the Egyptians should still give him the benefit of the doubt, writes Sara Khorshid.

“Dear Leader, Could We Have A New Military Museum? (Part II)”
Eric Schewe writes about the anachronistic displays from the Mubarak era in Egypt’s Military Museum.

“Egyptian Activists Should Look Inward”
Dalia Mogahed says that Egyptian activists should change their strategy of expecting external pressure to trigger response to rights violations in Egypt.


In Arabic:

“د. خالد فهمى: الجيش لن يسلم السلطة باختياره.. ويعمل منذ التنحى على تحجيم الثورة”
An interview with Khaled Fahmy, the head of the History Department at the American University in Cairo.

“المحكمة: المتهمون عذبوا الضحايا لحملهم على الاعتراف بتفجير كنيسة القديسين”
Court sentences Secret Service officers to jail on torture charges.

“د. مرسي في جدة ومكة”
Emad El-Din Adeeb says Egyptian-Saudi relations enjoy a special status and Mohamed Morsi has to be careful to set new and transparent rules for them.

“«الشيخ وليد» يكتب الدستور”
Amr Ezzat recounts his observations visiting Suez in the aftermath of the recent vigilante murder.

“التنظيم السرى الذى يحكم مصر”
Nigad Al-Boraei says the new Egyptian President acts as the head of a secret organization.

“قرار مرسي بإعادة مجلس الشعب بين مؤيد ومعارض”
Karim Shafei discusses the arguments of those who support and those who oppose the President’s move to reinstate the Parliament.

“أهالى مثلث ماسبيرو يهددون بالاعتصام اعتراضاً على إزالة بيوتهم”
Residents of the poor area Bulaq Abo Al-Alaa in central Cairo stage a sit-in to protest plans for their eviction.

“الأساطير المؤسسة لـ«دولة القانون»”
Tamer Wagih comments on the meaning of the frequently used concept of the “rule of law.”


Recent Jadaliyya articles on Egypt:

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A review of Rima Khcheich’s new CD with covers of Lebanese singer Sabah.

Return of Egypt People's Assembly Dogged by Legal, Constitutional Ambiguity
Legal experts discuss the consequences of the President’s new decree to reverse the dissolution of the Parliament.

President's Reinstatement of Egypt Parliament Met with Praise, Indignation
New presidential decree reinstating the Parliament raises fears of monopolization of power by the Muslim Brotherhood.

أي تحالف اجتماعي يحكم مصر ما بعد الثورة؟
Amr Adly discusses different scenarios of what direction the Muslim Brotherhood will take on the political spectrum.

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