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Visualizing Palestine on Jadaliyya!

[Visualizing Palestine Process Wheel] [Visualizing Palestine Process Wheel]

Visualizing Palestine creates visual stories for social justice based on data from globally respected Palestinian, Israeli, and international human rights organizations; academic institutions; and other official sources.

VP was initiated in 2011 as a network and online platform. Its visuals are created by bringing together an international and interdisciplinary network of individuals and partner organizations working at the intersection between research, design, technology, and new media. VP adopts a rigorous and methodical approach to research, design, and dissemination, as described in its process wheel.

VP disseminates these visual stories through its online platform and its social media presence – on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr – under a Creative Commons license. By doing so, VP seeks to harnesses the power of social media to assist communities around the world in spreading an informed, factual narrative and – through collective action – to enable a more critically aware conversation on Palestine/Israel.

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