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Greater Israel Bus Connections & Across the Wall

[Crop of Greater Israel Bus Connections. Image from Visualizing Palestine.] [Crop of Greater Israel Bus Connections. Image from Visualizing Palestine.]

The two maps presented here offer subtly different representations of the same set of Israeli public transport data, collected from Both plot the same Israeli bus routes as they travel to, or via, the same illegal settlements in the Palestinian West Bank.

Across the Wall explicitly illustrates the bus routes in the light of the growing annexation of Area C of the West Bank, and how the network allows Israelis to travel freely across the Separation Wall purportedly built to "protect" them from Palestinians. Meanwhile, Greater Israel Bus Connections shifts the focus to reflect the Israeli settler's experience of the West Bank (here named "Judea and Samaria") as an indivisible part of "Greater Israel," its Palestinian inhabitants reduced to anonymity in the "restricted" Area A enclaves.

Conspicuously absent from both maps is the Palestinian experience of public transportation within the West Bank, where hundreds of checkpoints and other obstacles subject Palestinians to delays, detours and arbitrary closures. The bus networks that previously connected Palestinian towns and cities to East Jerusalem are now all but severed.

[Greater Israel Bus Connections.]

[Across the Wall.]

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Is this apartheid or not! How did Israel fool the world defining the wall as security wall?See how much of occupied Palestinian land it grabs!

nahla assali wrote on July 19, 2012 at 01:18 PM

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