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Egypt Media Roundup (July 23)

[The Republican Guard in Tahrir Square, Egypt for President Morsi's speech. Image originally posted to Flickr by Johnathan Rashad.] [The Republican Guard in Tahrir Square, Egypt for President Morsi's speech. Image originally posted to Flickr by Johnathan Rashad.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]

 “Admin Court says no jurisdiction”
The court case against the second Constitutional Declaration is forwarded to the Constitutional Court after judge rules the military has the right to issue an addendum without a referendum.

“Brotherhood and US Meet About Women, Israel and Copts in Egypt”
A translation of Mansour Kamel’s article on Hillary Clinton’s meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood.

“HRW full text of report on sectarian violence in Egypt”
Human Rights Watch says Egyptian authorities have failed to prosecute people involved in sectarian violence.

“One thing Egyptians can agree on”
Waleed Nassar says there is consensus in Egypt that illicit funds of the former regime have to be repatriated.

“Standing Hillary Up”
Salama Moussa explains why the Coptic community refused to meet with Hilary Clinton.

“Morsy answers questions of citizens in daily radio program”
The President will address the public answering popular questions every Friday during Ramadan.

“Suleiman to have military funeral, died from heart and kidney disease”
Members of Al-Nour Party and the Muslim Brotherhood will participate in the funeral procession for the former intelligence chief.

“Morsy, the human being”
Mahmoud Salem argues that the Guidance Council of the Muslim Brotherhood is infringing on the prerogatives of President Mohamed Morsi.

“The life and times of Omar Suleiman”
Late intelligence chief Omar Suleiman did not foresee the Egyptian Revolution, David Kenner says.

“Police teargas demonstrators before Syrian Embassy in Cairo”
Clashes between supporters of the Syrian opposition and the police erupt in Cairo.

“8 policy items concerning our cities that need immediate attention”
Number one on Mohamed Elshahed’s list is reforming the landlord and tenant laws.

“Morsy to renew the Brotherhood-Saudi relationship”
Sultan al-Qassemi discusses the implications from the Egyptian President’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

“Behind Jeers for Clinton in Egypt, a Conspiracy Theory With U.S. Roots”
Some of the Egyptians protesting against Hilary Clinton’s visit to Egypt were inspired to take to the streets thinking that the Obama administration is supporting an Islamist government.

“Editorial: Egypt’s two presidents”
Rania Al Malky writes about the power struggle between the new President and various other groups .

“The revolution enters a new phase”
The Revolutionary Socialists present their perspective on the current political situation in Egypt. 

“Egypt's Mahalla textile workers strike enters second day”
Workers continue strike until financial obligations of the company towards them are fulfilled.


In Arabic:

“متى ينتهى الصراع بين الدولة العميقة والجماعة العميقة؟”
Nawara Negm reflects on the military trials of civilians in Suez after the May 4 clashes in the city.

“بن إليعازر يكشف أدق تفاصيل علاقة عمر سليمان بإسرائيل.. ويؤكد: الجنرال أفضل من خدم الدولة العبرية.. وساهم فى تقويض حماس خلال فترة حكم مبارك.. وقابل ليبرمان دون تردد.. وفضله كبير فى نقل الغاز إلينا”
Former Israeli defense minister reveals details about Omar Suleiman’s relationship with Israel.

“عن معضلة اختيار رئيس وزراء”
Ziad Baha El-Din says it is difficult to find an impartial, neutral candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

“بالمستندات.. «الداخلية» تجدد لضابط الأمن المركزى المتهم بإتلاف دليل قتل المتظاهرين رغم صدور حكم ضده”
Officer Hussein Moussa continues to be employed in Central Security although he is accused of destroying evidence

“هوية الأزهر ومرجعيته”
Ibrahim Al-Hudeibi talks about the need to reform Al-Azhar.

“المغالطة فى أرقام ضحايا المحاكمات العسكرية”
Amr Taher says the official number of prisoners of military trials is wrong.

“الدستور المُفخخ”
Amr Abd El-Rahman writes that the constitution should refer to certain values only in regards to how state power is organized and not to how citizens should behave.

“بعد الحديث عن الأزهر كمرجعية نهائية لتفسير مبادئ الشريعة في الدستور... المبادرة المصرية: إخلال بسلطة الشعب في التشريع وتداخل بين السلطات وتهديد لاستقلال الأزهر”
Statement of the Egyptian Initiative For Personal Rights rejecting the proposed wording of Article II of the Egyptian constitution.

العمال المصريون، من الإتهام بالفئوية إلى الإتهام بالعمالة
Fatma Ramadan says labor strikes and protests are essential for continuing the revolution and non-revolutionary forces are throwing false accusations at them.

تحت شمس ذاكرة أخرى
A collection of Ala Khaled’s poems.


Recent Jadaliyya articles on Egypt:

The Brotherhood's One Percent
Wael Gamal talks about the economic policies of the Muslim Brotherhood and its economic elite which favor a market economy approach rather than social justice.

In Translation: The Revolutionary Youth Coalition's Final Report
At the Revolutionary Youth Coalition disband, it releases a report detailing its activities in the past year since the Jan 25 Revolution.

Spotlights on "The Egyptian Revolution, One Year On"
Randa Kaldas summarizes main points from a conference on the Egyptian Revolution at Oxford University

On the 60th Anniversary of the Coup
Sharif Abdel Kouddous says the military is in a weaker position than before the January 25 Revolution.

Symbolism in Peril
Ed Gaier, Samer Araabi, and Sara Jawhari offer an alternative interpretation of the Economist cover depicting Egypt’s pyramids as volcanoes.

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