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Safe Streets Campaign in Yemen

[Safe Streets logo. Image from] [Safe Streets logo. Image from]

As part of the social protests sweeping the Middle East over the past year and half, a number of movements have arisen to tackle the issue of sexual harassment. One such movement is Yemen's Safe Streets campaign, founded in the fall of 2011. Safe Streets encourages both men and women to speak out about and against street harassment via the following media: 

Incident Mapping:

This electronic map, designed in cooperation with Tacticaltech (Tactical Technology Collective), provides victims with space to report harassment cases and indicate the location. The map allows Safe Streets to collect data and determine which streets are hot spots for sexual harassment. This information will serve as concrete data to be brought to the attention of policymakers and police officials.

Art Exhibition:

From 25-27 October 2011, Safe Streets hosted an exhibition of work by Yemeni artists on the topic of street sexual harassment.

[Image by Blogs4Fat7i via] 

Click here to view the complete gallery. 


The following video, produced in December of 2011, was intended to engage public discussion on the issue of harassment and publicize the movement.

**Coming Soon - Book:

The campaign is currently working on publishing a book titled Happening Down the Streets, which will feature stories of women who have experienced harassment in Yemen.

To Report an Incident to Safe Streets:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Send a tweet with the hashtag/s #SafeStreet
  3. Fill out this form

Visit Safe Streets:


If you prefer, email your comments to