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Jadaliyya Interview with Ali Ahmida

[Image from unknown archive] [Image from unknown archive]

[Our first Interview is conducted by Jadaliyya Co-Editor, Noura Erakat]

In this interview, Ali Ahmida (bio here) discusses how the recent civilian revolt began as a reformist movement and quickly transformed into a revolutionary one demanding regime change. Ahmida also places the opposition forces in their geo-political context in light of Libya's legacy of post-colonial state building. Ahmida concludes by exploring the three possible scenarios in the next phase of Libya's revolt. Please excuse the low quality audio at the outset of Ali Ahmida's comments.

The interview is in three 8-minute parts below:



[Part 1]


[Part 2]

[Part 3]


2 comments for "Jadaliyya Interview with Ali Ahmida"


Very informative. Would be good if you could also provide a transcript, as some of the audio is hard to understand. I thought I heard Prof. Ahmida mention a socialist current among the opposition - could he provide more information about that, as well as about labor organizations independent of the regime?

Sue Webb wrote on February 24, 2011 at 07:15 PM

I agree with Sue Webb: please provide transcripts for your interviews - they're much more accessible!

Daetan Huck wrote on April 04, 2011 at 10:34 PM

If you prefer, email your comments to


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