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Libya Recap: Snapshots from Social Media

[Cities across Libya continue to protest against extremism and [Cities across Libya continue to protest against extremism and "jungle law." Image from Martyr's Square Media/Facebook.]

The 11 September attack on Benghazi's consulate resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, three other US officials, and ten Libyan security officials. Initial accounts suggested that spontaneous protests against Terry Jones' "anti-Islam" video initiated the violence, but succeeding reports indicate the demonstration was used as a front for a premeditated, professional assault. Several scenarios, ranging from disgruntled extremist Salafists to fifth column elements remain plausible. One probability also involves al-Qaeda elements; on 10 September, a video of Ayman al-Zawahiri surfaced, calling for Libyans to avenge the death of their compatriot Abu Yah7a al Libi, Al Qaeda's former "number two," who was killed in a June drone strike in Pakistan.


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