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Jadaliyya Celebrates Its Two-Year Anniversary

Jadaliyya completes its second year today. In trying to keep up with events and expectations, we slept even fewer hours during this year. We are happy to do it all over again, at least for a few decades.

There is so much to keep up with, so we will not write much here. Suffice it to say that we really (really) appreciate the support of our readers who made Jadaliyya what it is. With nearly zero advertising, our content travelled the globe on a daily basis. It was emailed, tweeted, facebooked, tumblred, and assigned in many a classroom, in both Arabic and English.

In the past year, we expanded our Arabic section, created country/regional/topical pages that covered nearly the entire region and a variety of important topics, and filled screens and classes near and far. In the coming weeks, we will gradually unveil recent and new developments on our pages. Stay tuned.

What lies ahead during these turbulent times, regionally and globally, deserves not only attention, but a kind of sobriety that is capable of fostering a fuller understanding and, if we are lucky, of charting a better future. We hope to play a consequential role in contributing to this process.

With your support, we are here to stay, so do stay with us. Thanks for reading.

Jadaliyya Editors

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