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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (October 16)

[Fishermen and Warships in the Gulf of Aden. 5 May 2008. Photo by Aslan Media/Wikimedia Commons.] [Fishermen and Warships in the Gulf of Aden. 5 May 2008. Photo by Aslan Media/Wikimedia Commons.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Relations

Saudi Arabia "Insulted" by UK Inquiry Frank Gardner reports on the Saudi government’s reaction to a parliamentary review of the UK’s relations with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, on BBC.

Reports and Opinions

Saudi: Corruption, Dictators the Enemy, not Israel Ilene Prusher writes on the Saudi journalist Abdulateef al-Mulhim’s article “Arab Spring and the Israeli Enemy,” in The Jerusalem Post.

Emirati Nerves Rattled by Islamists Rise Ian Black examines the United Arab Emirates’ increasing fear of protests and of Islamists, which led it to accuse The Guardian and BBC of receiving Qatari money after publishing a statement by an Islah activist in The Guardian.

The Myth of Kuwaiti Democracy Mona Kareem describes the transformation of the Kuwaiti political scene since the 1980s, in al-Akhbar English.

Crisis in Yemen

Yemen: Time for Hadi to Move Beyond Managing Power Struggles Atiaf Zaid Alwazir argues that the Yemeni president’s early promising measures were followed by the adoption of his predecessor’s tactics, in The Guardian. 

Yemeni Officer at U.S. Embassy in Sana Is Shot Dead Nasser Arrabyee reports on the death of Qassim Aklan during an attack on the US Embassy in the Yemeni capital, in The New York Times.

Families of Killed Yemenis Demand Saleh Trial A news report on charges filed by families of Yemenis killed during anti-regime protests last year to bring ex-government officials, including the former Yemeni president, to justice, on Al-Jazeera English. 

Yemen’s Universities Want Rid of Military Rule Atiaf Alwazir writes on Yemeni students’ demand to end military presence on campus, in al-Akhbar English.

Repression in Bahrain

How the Police Recruit Radicals An article on the ongoing repression of protesters in Bahrain, in The Economist.

Police in Bahrain Clash with Protesters A news report on the latest anti-government protests in Bahrain, on Al-Jazeera English.

Bahrain King Blasts "Foreign" Links to Unrest in Swipe at Iran A news report on King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa’s blaming of Iran for protests in the kingdom.

Human Rights Watch

Bahrain: Overturn Rights Activist’s Conviction A statement by the organization demanding the release of Nabeel Rajab.


Kuwaiti Presenter Yusra Muhammad Affronts the Islamists Mariam Abdulla reflects on the Kuwaiti media ministry’s legal action against Muhammad for her report on underage prostitution, in al-Akhbar English.

Al-Arabiya’s Fabrications: Methods of Bandar As’ad AbuKhalil writes a critique of Al-Arabiya’s reliance on fabrication in its coverage of Hezbollah, in al-Akhbar English.


السعودية والحروب النظيفة
Jihad el-Zain writes on Saudi Arabia's "clean" wars in the region.

مساع مزدوجة لاحتواء حراك المرأة في البحرين
Abdulhadi Khalaf examines the efforts to contain women's activism in Bahrain.

جولة خليجية للعاهل المغربي تشمل السعودية والإمارات والكويت والبحرين وقطر وعمان لدعم اقتصاد الرباط
Mahmood Ma'rouf writes on the Moroccan king's visit to the Gulf States.

الحراك الجنوبي يحشد أنصاره في ذكرى "١٤ أكتوبر"
Yassir al-Yafi'i writes on the commemoration of the forty-ninth anniversary of the October 14 Revolution in southern Yemen.

جامعة صنعاء تواجه العسكر
Atiaf Alwazir writes on Yemeni students’ demand to end military presence on campus.

بوادر ازمة في العلاقات السعودية البريطانية بسبب تقرير برلماني انتقد دور الرياض في قمع ثورة البحرين
A news report on the tension in British-Saudi relations following a parliamentary review criticizing the role of Saudi Arabia in putting down protests in Bahrain.

الإمارات ترسل طائرة طبية لنقل فتاة باكستانية للعلاج في الخارج
A news report on the decision of the United Arab Emirates to provide an air ambulance to airlift Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head by the Taliban last week, to the UK.

مسيرة "الصمود" في المنامة تتحدى القمع
A news report on the latest protests in Bahrain.

مدائن صالح في السعودية معلم اثري للبشرية يجهله العالم
An article on Mada'in Saleh, an unknown UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia.

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