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Maghreb Media Roundup (November 8)

[2 November protests in Sebha, Libya against federalism. Image from @FreeBenghazi/Twitter.] [2 November protests in Sebha, Libya against federalism. Image from @FreeBenghazi/Twitter.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Wednesday night of every week.]


«Nos frontières sont bien gardées, bien contrôlées et bien maîtrisées» Khadija Ahmed Baba interviews the Ministry of Interior and Local Government regarding upcoming elections and a number of salient socio-political issues.  

The Fighter Aboubakr Jamai briefly narrates the experiences of anti-colonialist activist Henry Alleg and reviews his newly-translated "Algerian Memoirs."

Algerian Youth Mark Revolution Day Mouna Sadek reports on celebrations of Algeria's 58th anniversary of Revolution Day.


Is there such a thing as a Legitimate Armed Militia? Sufyan Maghur discusses militias' escalating conflicts with the GNC and suggests that without immediate integration, these armed groups are positioned to become unaccountable "Guardians of the Revolution," with severe implications for democratization.

UN Security Council: Press Libya on ICC Cooperation, Impunity HRW urges Libya to release Abdullah Sanussi to the ICC as well as to hold anti-Gaddafi militias accountable for past and current human rights abuses.

Insecurity in Libya; Legacy of the Past Hussain Abdulrazzaq Kreiba cites the historical "absence of national security institutions" as a primary factor in the GNC's failure to integrate militias into the national army.

Libyans debate federalism Asmaa Elourfi reports on 2 November demonstrations in eastern Libya and profiles the region's diverse opinions on the prospects of federalism.


A Mauritanian Blogging Week Against Foreign Mining Ahmed Jadu discusses the efforts of Mauritanian bloggers to expose the criminal practices of multinational mining firms.

تدوينات حملة دون ضد شركات التعدين الأجنبية Curation of recent blog pieces regarding exploitive mining practices.

تفجيرات خارج السيطرة تربك عمال MCM وتهدد حياتهم Recent bombings demonstrate the severe occupational hazards to miners face.

Presidential absence sparks controversy in Mauritania Jemel Oumar reports on the opposition's response to the current "constitutional vacuum," and the ruling party's counteractions against calls for a transitional political period.


Au Maroc, frontière sanglante pour les migrants subsahariens Lisa Lea Westerhoff shares accounts of migrants tortured by Moroccan security forces.

Morocco orders 19 foreign journalists to leave W.Sahara Morocco insists that journalists researching the 8 November 2010 conflict between Moroccan security forces and Sahrawi dissidents must leave Laayoune for failure to notify the government of their intent.

Morocco Faces Criticism Over Anti-Corruption Efforts Siham Ali discusses the 2010-2011 annual report produced by Morocco's Central Authority for the Prevention of Corruption, which criticizes the government's negligence of anti-corruption measures.

الأمازيغية، أوراش ما بعد الترسيم Ahmed Assid thoroughly discusses the prospects of constitutionalizing Tamazight.  


Enquête : L’assassinant de Abderraouf Khamessi par des agents de la police judiciaire Winston Smith highlights the extrajudicial contraventions of Tunisian security forces and higher level officials in the torture and subsequent death of a man accused of robbery.

شيوخ السلفية: لوم للحكومة والاعلام و نداء تهدئة للانصار Salafist sheikhs meet to discuss media representation and government policies relating to imprisoned young Salafists (vide0).

La bipolarité en Tunisie n’est pas que politique Eymen Gamha argues that the contemporary political climate has scarcely evolved from the Bourguiba era.

Tunisia’s Pressing Issues  Carnegie Endowment reports on the government's contested media appointments and its effect on the burgeoning conflict between Ennahda, opposition parties, and civil society at large.

State feminism in Tunisia: reading between the lines Amira Mhadbi  challenges popular conceptions of female rights in pre-revolutionary Tunisia and asses the current political climate faced by female activists.

Tunisia combats radical speech Houda Trabelsi reports on Ennahda's new investigations into (predominantly Salafist) individuals accused of inciting violence against individuals and the government.  

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