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Syria Media Roundup (November 15)

[Rubble of the old post office on Main Street. Deir Ezzor. 7 November 2012. Via Lens of a Young Deri.] [Rubble of the old post office on Main Street. Deir Ezzor. 7 November 2012. Via Lens of a Young Deri.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Perspectives


The Struggle of Twice-Displaced Refugees: Palestinians Fleeing Syria to Lebanon Dina Amer tells the story of Meesar Lahan, one of many Palestians who left Syria to seek refuge in the Lebanese refugee camps of Shatila.

The Formation of Syria’s National Coalition: An Assessment and Analysis Amr al-Azm provides a list of challenges faced by the Syrian National Coalition and offers potential solutions to ensure its legitimacy among all parts of the opposition.

Syrian Armenians: 'Our enemy's flag made us happy, but ashamed' Justin Vela recounts the painful journey of Syrian Armenians who had to cross into Turkey to seek refuge in Armenia.

Syrian Politics in Doha Michael Stephens describes the circumstances surrounding the creation of the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Force.

Syrian Narratives

How the Brotherhood builds power in Syria's opposition
Hassan Hassan says that the MB’s behind the scenes schemes to prevent other opposition groups from threatening its dominance ultimately weakens the support for the Syrian opposition.

Four key tests face the Syrian opposition Rami Khouri says if the new opposition can move quickly through the “four critical issues of resistance, governance, aid and diplomacy” this could help bring the Syria conflict to an end.

No Easy Answers in Syria Ed Hussain is optimistic about the creation of the Syrian National Coallition.

Syria's new opposition coalition still has its old problems Patrick Seale is pessimistic about the new coalition and does not believe that it will manage to control the armed force inside Syria.

Meet Syria’s New Opposition Leader Basma Atassi profiles Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib

A Model Leader for Syria? Author says “while Khatib’s selection was largely due to outside pressure for the opposition to unite, he and all Syrians now have a better opportunity to fulfill the ideals of democracy for themselves.”

The “New” New Opposition Maysaloon writes about al-Khatib: “one thing that struck me was his conciliatory attitude to the Syrian regular army. He referred to its members as just as much victims of the regime as the people they were attacking.”

Syrian exile: 'My mother is dead. And it was my father who killed her'
An interview with Loubna Mrie who, after being profiled in The National nearly two months ago, resurfaces in the Guardian.

The Survivor Randa Slim outlines a few reasons why Bashar al Assad remains in power today.


Syria, the Activists Grow up Malik al Abdeh says activists were quickly disillusioned by the developments in Syria, which did not match their initial idealistic goals.

Inside Syria


Aleppo’s Deadly Stalemate: A Visit to Syria’s Divided Metropolis Rania Abouzeid visits Aleppo’s neighborhood of Bustan al-Basha, where, according to her, only three residents remain. 

A new normality in damaged Damascus Lina Sinjab writes about her daily life in the Syrian capital, as she tries to survive and live normality.

Beyond Illusory Division Odai al Zoubi rejects this false insider-outsider binary, which he deems counterproductive since both groups have a diversity of opinions on issues such as militarization.

I went to Syria to Learn how to be a Journalist Sunil Patel’s problematic piece in which he recalls his reporting experience in Syria.

Yarmouk Refugee Camp Divided Over Syrian Crisis Anas Zarzar notes the deteriorating conditions in the Palestinian camp, used by both the regime and the opposition to recruit fighters.

Art and Social Media

Syria: When Official Memory is Amnesia by Alia Malek

Five Texts by Zakaria Tamer translated by Marilyn Hacker

The Swallows of Syria Matilde Gattoni’s photo essay that presents the stories of some Syrian women who fled Syria 

Syria in Ruins a photo gallery on the destruction of lives and spaces around Syria

The Vice Guide to Syria
Comprehensive description of events, people, and developments in Syria for an audience who has not followed the situation closely.


ردود الشارع السوري على الائتلاف الجديد: تفاؤل حذر!

Tarek Al-Abed writes about the Syrian perception about the newly formed National Coalition for Syrian

Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.


في اللاذقية طفلة تنام بلا عشاء وقبلتها تضيء القلب

Hayfa Bitar writes about her experience in a camp for the internally displaced Syrians in Latakia, and recounts the story of her encounter with a little girl named Heba.


كيف أديرت سوريا؟

Michel Kilo writes about the relationship between the Syrian people and their president how the country was administered before the revolution.


قصة العلم: العلم الوطني وعلم الثورة والعلم الكردي

Hazem Nahar writes about the story of the National flag and the appropriation of the independence flag as a symbol of the revolution.


صراع لا يشبه غيره: سوريا ليست لبنان أو العراق

Michel Kilo writes about the false comparison of the Syrian case with the Lebanese and/or Iraqi one.


حكومة المنفى السورية

Abdel Bari Atwan writes about the new developments in the Syrian file, while providing arguments about a possible foreign project that might be on the table.  


النخبة و الثورة و تحديات التغيير

Mohammad Hossam Al-Hafez presents his analysis of issues of Syrian identity.


لدوحة وأخواتها

Haytham Mannaa writes about Qatar and other Gulf State's influence on the former Syrian National Council and the current National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.


القيادة من الخلف

Ali Ibrahim writes about the controversy over Obama's policies in Syria after his reelection.


الائتلاف الوطني السوري لقوى الثورة والمعارضة “الضرورة والمسار

Majed Habou criticizes the National Council and the current National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.


السلطة وقد أوشكت على الرحيل

Ammar Dyoub writes about the Syrian revolution from its onset, highlighting the setbacks that it has been going through.


المجلس الوطني: كبش الفداء على الأرض السورية المحروقة

Omar Yousef Sulaiman writes about the Syrian National Council, its formation, and the implications on the opposition who has criticizes the Council.


"سوريا و "المعارضة الوطنية

Mohammad Sayed Rasas writes about the national opposition during the regimes of Hafez, Bashar, and after the onset of the revolution.


سطوة الأيديولوجية قد تطيح منهجية التحليل

Sami Hasan criticizes an article written by Ammar Dyoub about the reasons behind the fear of the liberal left in Syria.


حزب الله: الدور في سوريا وانعكاساته اللبنانية

Shafiq Shuqeir writes a report about Hezbollah, its role in Syria, and the implications in Lebanon.


حمص: قتل وسرقة بلون طائفي

Alia Ahmad writes about incidences of theft and murder in Homs that have sectarian undertones.


تجارة الخطف في حلب

Rasha Rami writes about the kidnapping business in Aleppo.


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