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Egypt Media Roundup (November 19)

[A joint press conference in Cairo for Egyptian economic and political reforms was held on November 14th. Image originally posted to Flickr by European External Action Service.] [A joint press conference in Cairo for Egyptian economic and political reforms was held on November 14th. Image originally posted to Flickr by European External Action Service.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  

“Viewpoint: Egypt's emerging revolution of the mind”
BBC Radio 4 explores the growing culture of open dissent in post-revolution Egypt.

“Govt negotiates corruption settlements with former officials”
Egyptian media says the government will settle court cases with former officials like Ahmed Ezz, who is rumored to have to pay LE1.03 billion.

“Hundreds march to commemorate Mohamed Mahmoud 'heroes'”
Abou Al-Fotouh’s and ElBaradei’s parties join April 6 Movement in a march commemorating victims of police violence in last November’s clashes.

“Cabinet reshuffle mulled, says newspaper”
News reports of expected changes to the government emerge as the Muslim Brotherhood blames Qandil’s cabinet for failing to resolve key economic issues.

“FJP drafts amendment to Israel peace treaty for Morsy, Parliament to review”
The new draft provides for the Egyptian army assuming full control of Sinai.

“Hundreds march in Cairo to demand an end to diplomatic ties with Israel”
Protests erupt in Cairo as Israel bombs Gaza.

“Qandil's visit to Gaza overshadowed by Gazans' fear for the future”
Egyptian PM visits Gaza as conflict between Israel and Gaza escalates.

“Morsy: Egypt has changed; Israel will pay for Gaza aggression”
President Mohamed Morsi says Egypt will support Gaza during Israel strikes in a speech during Friday prayers.

“Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Assassination of Qassam Commander Ahmed Jaabari”
The FJP denounces the killing of Qassam commander Ahmed Jaabari.

“What the Coptic pope wants from the Muslim Brotherhood”
Issandr El Amrani comments on the president’s decision not to attend the coronation ceremony of Egypt’s new pope.

“El-Helbawi: Brotherhood leadership is wavering and indecisive”
Kamal El-Helbawi says he resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood because its leadership has become indecisive and wavering.

“Joint Press Release by 21 Egyptian Human Rights organizations”
Government withdraws invitation to twenty-one human rights organizations from a meeting of the Egyptian-European Task-Force.

“UPDATED: Egypt's PM heads to site where over 40 children killed in bus-train collision”
Investigation starts into a train and a school bus crash kills at least fifty people.

“Another tragedy in Upper #Egypt, 50 students killed "Updated" in train collision”
Zenobia gives the details of the tragic accident in Assiut and discusses political implications.

“Al-Azhar – an age-old institution in a new Egypt”
The leading Islamic institution tries to find its place in post-Mubarak Egypt as it struggles with control from the state.

“Gaza: Questions for Egypt and Hamas”
Ibrahim al-Amin asks if Israel’s decision to attack Gaza was based on reassurances that the Muslim Brotherhood would not take any radical measures in response to Israeli aggression.

“Egypt Seeks Dialogue With Jihadists Over Sinai”
The Egyptian government sends intermediaries to Sheikh Zuwaid and Rafah to establish contact with militants.

“Can Morsi Bite the Bullet?”
President Mohamed Morsi and his cabinet face a number of economic problems that the previous regime was unable to deal with.


In Arabic:

“عاجل..الرئيس مرسي يصدر قرارا بسحب السفير المصري من إسرائيل”
President Mohamed Morsi withdraws Egyptian ambassador from Tel Aviv over Israel’s attack in Gaza.

“رسالة للمولعين بتجربة المصالحة في جنوب إفريقيا”
Kareem Medhat Ennara shares his thoughts on the South African experience in post-conflict reconciliation and transitional justice and how that applies to Egypt.

“هاني نعيم: في مواجهة الإسلام السياسي”
Hani Naim writes that the anti-Islamization movement is only starting now in Egypt and Tunisia.

“«الإخوان» تلغي زيارة «الشاطر» للإمارات احتجاجًا على تصريحات ضاحي خلفان”
The Muslim Brotherhood cancels Khairat Al-Shater’s visit to the UAE after Emirati head of police’s controversial statements.

“انسحاب 8 من 10 أعضاء من اللجنة الاستشارية لمراجعة مسودة الدستور-بيان وخلفيات”
A statement by members of the Advisory Committee to the Constituent Assembly who have decided to leave after their requests for hearings had been repeatedly ignored.

“'الشعبية للتوعية بالدستور'تنتقد تجاهل المساءلة السياسية للرئيس في المسودة واستحالة تطبيقها جنائياً”
The campaign for constitution awareness says the Constituent Assembly is ignoring calls to establish mechanisms for political accountability for the president in the new draft constitution.

“مهندس عزمي إبراهيم يكتب: دُقـُّـوا طبـُـول الحرب.. واخربـُـوها أكتر ما هي خربــانة!”
Azmy Ibrahim says President Mohamed Morsi should learn from the 1967 war and not pull the country into conflict.


Recent Jadaliyya articles on Egypt:

Egyptian Doctors' Strike and the Quest for Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice
Gillian Kennedy says the doctors strike started as a protest for budget increase but transformed into an anti-Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Imagining Tahrir
Yasser Alwan talks about photographic production during the revolution at Tahrir Square.

“I Have the Picture!” Egypt’s Photographic Heritage between Digital Reproduction and Neoliberalism (Part I)
Lucie Ryzova writes about the attempts to preserve Egypt’s photographic heritage.

Letter to IMF From Egyptian Parties, NGOs, Syndicates and Political Movements
Twenty parties, civil society organizations, and movements sign a statement against the IMF loan the current government is negotiating.

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