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Syria Media Roundup (November 22)

[Members of Ahrar al-Sham display pictures of their fallen comrades. Qal'at al-Madeeq, Hama. 16 November 2012. Via Lens of a Young Hamawi.] [Members of Ahrar al-Sham display pictures of their fallen comrades. Qal'at al-Madeeq, Hama. 16 November 2012. Via Lens of a Young Hamawi.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]


Regional and International Perspectives

UK: Syrian opposition 'sole legitimate representative' of the people
 Ian Black on the country’s recognition of the coalition as "legitimate representative."

Syrians may be better off without cheerleaders James Harkin criticizes the “schoolboy enthusiasm and indecent haste” with which France and Britain recognized the “unwiedly-sounding” coalition.

Strengthen Syria's opposition - or be complicit in the war Hassan Hassan rejects this cynicism, outlining three reasons why the international community must support the coalition and support it diplomatically and financially.

Syrian National Coalition: The Road to Legitimacy Nicolas Nassif explains what the latest French recognition entails from a legal standpoint.


Mondher Makhos, premier ambassadeur de la Syrie libre, nommé à Paris Ignace Leverrier profiles the ambassador of “Free Syria” to France, designated by the president of the coalition Ahmed Moazz Al Khatib.

Syrian Narratives


En Syrie, « la révolution doit aussi englober l’Eglise » Ignace Leverrier on the various Christian groups that mobilized against the Syrian regime.

Aleppo rebels retract rejection of coalition Fourteen brigades who had rejected the “conspiracy project” released a new statement saying they would support a "civil state in Syria with Islam being the main source of legislation."

Mise au point sur la création d’un « Etat islamique » dans le nord de la Syrie Some reactions to the brigades’ rejection of the coalition on 18 November.

Mouaz al-Khatib Speech in Doha

Inside Syria


“Interview with Deir Ezzor Press Network (DPN)” Razan Ghazzawi speaks with the administrator of the DPN’s Facebook Page to assess the situation in the Syrian city.


We are and always be one: Syria and Palestine Syria Freedom Forever posts some images from Syrian opposition protesters supporting people in Gaza.

Art and Social Media

Yabroud : Assad is Overthrown Short film on the town of Yabroud, no longer under government control.


Revolutionary Radio BCC’s program on the role of radio in covering the "Arab Spring"




في جذور الأسباب البنيوية للانتفاضة السورية

Assafir Al-Arabi translates Bassam Haddad's article on Jadaliyya on the structural causes of the uprising.



Jadaliyya publishes texts by Syrian writer Zacharia Tamer.


النازحون السوريون في بعلبك..على أبواب الصقيع

Abd Arrahim Shalhah writes about the dire situation of Syrian refugees in Baalbak.


هـل بـدأت دمشـق تتحـول إلـى سـاحة معركـة؟

Ziyad Haidar writes about the recent escalations in violence in Damascus.


من الثورة إلى الحرب

Jad Al-Kareem Al-Jaba'i writes about what he thinks are the reasons behind the transformation of the revolution in to a state of war.


!أخطاء قاتلة

Michel Kilo writes about the grave mistakes that are being committed by the Syrian opposition, particularly in terms of the question of negotiations.


!عالم تدينه لغته

Michel Kilo criticizes the west and their stance, or lack thereof, on the Syrian revolution and the brutal struggles it has been facing.


مساعدة السوريين في محنتهم كيف تكون؟

Fayez Sarrah writes about the need for the international community to be more active in organizing humanitarian aid that Syrians inside and outside the country receive, providing a broader spectrum of types of aid, and creating safe passages in order to insure their arrival to places that are in dire need.


سباق الفيلة على سورية

Bashir Issa provides his analysis about the struggle in Syria and the possible path it might lead to.


من يعيد السلام الى سوريا؟

Samir Karam writes about the path to a peaceful resolution in Syria.


"سورية: إنّهُ «اليوم الأسود» لصرف "القرش الأبيض

Yehya Al-Oas writes about the economic situation in Syria.


حروب بديلة في سورية؟

Khaled Ghazal writes about the implication of the internationalization of the struggle in Syria.


حين يغدو السلاح أيديولوجيا خَلاصية

Tarek Azizeh writes on Al-Akhbar about the armed resistance in Syria and criticizes Syrian writer Yassin Al-Haj Saleh and others for condoning it.

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