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Maghreb Media Roundup (November 22)

[Google's contentious commemoration of Morocco's Independence Day. Image from Twitter/@asmaa_ben.] [Google's contentious commemoration of Morocco's Independence Day. Image from Twitter/@asmaa_ben.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Wednesday night of every week.]


Stratfor: Algerian Secret Services’ grip on power WIkileaks post dissects the role of the obscure head of Algerian secret services, General Mohammed Mediene, in Algeria's 2010-11 protests, as well as his growing conflict with President Bouteflika.

Le tribunal fédéral suisse rejette de manière «définitive» son recours Swiss Court denies former defense minister Khaled Nezzar's appeal in a suit charging him of war crimes.  

Algeria ready to close Mali border Fidet Mansour and Mouna Sadek report on Algeria's repudiation of international intervention and "commitment to a political solution."


Libya’s Pearl of the Desert PRI's "The World" profiles the ancient town of Ghadmes, and explores the revolution's affects on its heterogeneous ethnic groups.

The idiot’s guide to becoming a Libyan revolutionary Karim Nabata satirically addresses militiamen's claims to authority.

A People’s Constitution — The importance of inclusion in constitution making Nelufer Elbadri calls on the GNC and civil society organizations to disseminate information regarding the constitutional process and other democratic procedures in order to actualize the revolution's aspirations of liberty, justice, and human rights protections.

Libyan Security Chief Killed in Benghazi18th killing of a Benghazi official reflects the nation's sustained security void.  

Controversy engulfs UN ambassador over claims of “beautiful nights” between Qatari officials and Libyan girl Aburrahman Shalgham alleges Qatar's machinations in Libya, including biological weapon theft.

الدليل : كيف تستغل الخطاب الثوري لسرقة الثورة في ليبيا ؟
Karim Nabata's second installment on militia's arrogation of the revolution.


Mauritania’s Uncertain Position in Face of President’s Extended Recuperation John Campbells "Africa in Transition" blog examines the circumstances galvanized  by Aziz's absence.

Slavery: Unshackling Mauritania’s Secret
Fareeda Miah examines the state and denial of slavery.

Just 6 areas of looting & corruption under Aziz in #Mauritania: Anita Hunt translates the six of the most significant charges against President Aziz.

الربيع العربي على أعتاب موريتانيا.. مسيرة لمطالبة الرئيس بنقل السلطة و"إبعاد العسكر
Aljazeera examines growing public discontent in President Aziz's absence.

الواشنطن بوست تحذف خبر "تعافي" الرئيس محمد ولد عبد العزي
Anita Hunt reports on the removal of news that President Aziz has recovered and will return to Mauritania shortly.


Fête de l'indépendance du Maroc : Free at last Omar Alaoui reflects on the anniversary of Morocco's independence day and calls for greater memorialization.

Moroccans Beaten Up for Protesting the King's Budget Amira al-Hussaini aggregates social media reactions and documentations of police violence on 18 November 2012.

The Low Standard of the “Morocco Model” Samia Errazzouki examines the marketing behind Morocco's "regional model" branding.

Google Misrepresents Morocco’s Independence Day With “Leather Cushions” Loubna Flah criticizes the 'orientalist' conception of Google's doodle.

البيجيدي : « أُكلنا يوم أُكلت فبراير »
Mohamed Almerash discusses the regime's recent and dismissive interactions with Moroccan activists.  

قمع المظاهرة السلمية التي نظمت أمام البرلمان المغربي إحتجاجاً على ميزانية القصر
Mamfakinch editors aggregate videos and accounts of the violently suppressed demonstration against the royal palace budget.


Secular legacy of Bourguiba fuels Salafi anger in Tunisia Issandr El Amrani challenges conventional, alarmist portrayals of Salafists.

Réflexions pour comprendre la sociologie religieuse dans la Tunisie postrévolutionnaire Mohamed Arbi Nsiri explicates the importance of popular religion in contemporary Tunisia from a socio-historical perspective.

Proposal for additions to Article 1 and Article 5 Tunisia proposes internet freedom protections as a component of human rights protections.

100 Tunisian Prisoners Go on Hunger Strike Amira Masrour reports on hunger strikes by Safalifst detainees who maintain their innocence in several clashes over the last six months.

الأستاذ أحمد بلغيث : الموقوفون من التيار السلفي في زنزانات العزلة العقابية و منهم من يحمل آثار إعتداءات بالعنف الشديد Winston Smith interviews law professionals and activists regarding the conditions of certain Salafists prisoners.

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