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Bassem Youssef's The Show: Mohamed Mahmoud Street (Video with English Subtitles)

[ ["Martyrs Street (Formerly Mohamed Mahmoud Street)." Image by Gigi Ibrahim via Flickr]

This week, Egyptians marked one year since the loss, community, and resilience of the “Battle of Mohamed Mahmoud Street.” In doing so, they faced fresh rounds of US-made tear gas from Egyptian security forces. At times, this tear gas was used against protestors calling for justice and accountability for those that were gassed, beaten, and murdered on the same street. At other times, quite literally as these words are being written, tear gas is being used against mobilizations in opposition to what many are calling President Morsi’s “dictatorial decrees.”

To provide accessible coverage of the events that took place exactly one year ago, War Resisters League has produced an English-subtitled version of an episode of Bassem Youssef’s popular satirical news program “The Show” called Tahrir Square and Mohamed Mahmoud Street, originally released on 26 November 2011 on ON TV. The below English-subtitled version is being released on Jadaliyya. It was co-produced by Ali Issa and Kimber Heinz, who extend their appreciation to Samah Selim for the brilliant translation. For more on War Resisters League’s ongoing campaign against tear gas, visit or e-mail them at

[If the English substitles do not appear automatically in the video below, please click the "CC" button on the bottom tool bar of the video.]

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