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Egypt Media Roundup (November 26)

[Protesters attacking police in Tahrir on November 26th. Image originally posted to Flickr by Jonathan Rashad.] [Protesters attacking police in Tahrir on November 26th. Image originally posted to Flickr by Jonathan Rashad.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]     

“State TV: Court to examine dual nationality of president's children”
Lawsuit launched for stripping President’s son and daughter of their Egyptian citizenship.

“Dream TV says decision to cut transmission politicized”
Government shuts down private channel amid fears that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to crack down on media critical of the president.

“Subsidy on 95-octane gasoline to be lifted in three days, says Finance Ministry source”
The Finance Ministry hopes to get LE120-130 million into the treasury from subsidy cuts.

“Brotherhood to mobilize in Tahrir ahead of Morsy announcement”
Muslim Brotherhood mobilizes members in anticipation of a significant announcement by the president.

“Wave of walkouts leaves Constituent Assembly in Islamists' hands”
Secular powers withdraw from constitution writing process days after Coptic Church representatives did the same.

“Police officers protest against army in Alexandria”
Clashes erupt between police and army in Alexandria after a naval officer is detained for arguing with a police officer.

“Army officers clash with policemen in New Cairo”
Clashes erupt after a policeman stops a military officer at a roadblock.

“Children tortured by Egyptian security forces”
A Human Rights Watch says more than 300 children have been tortured in Egypt over the past year.

“In Dabaa, the fight to halt nuclear power continues”
Residents of Dabaa continue activism against the planned nuclear plant near their settlement.

“Inside the Ikhwan”
An interview with former Muslim Brother Tharwat El-Kharbaw.

“Morsi declaration hailed by supporters, deemed 'coup' by opposition”
Different reactions to the presidential constitutional declaration divide Egyptians.

“Brotherhood's Shura Council chairman criticises Morsi declaration”
Ahmed Fahmy, chairman of the Shura Council and member of the Freedom and Justice Party, says the president should have put the constitutional declaration before a referendum.

“Press syndicate meeting on Egypt draft charter ends in fistfight”
Violent fight erupts in press syndicate as members fail to issue a unified position on the constitutional declaration.

“Meet Egypt’s Mr Mursi: a president without checks and balances”
H.E. Hellyer says the president doesn’t have the legitimacy of a revolutionary president.

“The Good, The Bad, The Elazul”
Elazul says the Muslim Brotherhood is unable to counter the oppositions protests without bussing in supporters from rural areas.

“Explaining Mursi’s Decisions”
Abdel Rahman Youssef explains the president’s motivation to issue the constitutional declaration.

“#Nov23 : There is anger all over the country”
Zenobia’s overview of days-long violent protests across the country between the police, Muslim Brotherhood supporters, and angry crowds dissatisfied with the president’s recent decisions.

“The tragic fate of Sinai's dual-nationals”
Nabil Shawkat talks about the consequences of a recent government decision requiring Egyptians with dual nationalities in Sinai to sell their homes, lands, and businesses within six month.

“Egyptian Belly Dancer's Salacious Video Mocking Muslim Brotherhood Goes Viral”
The controversial Sama Al-Masry makes a video mocking the Muslim Brotherhood using popular protesters’ chants.

“Raid on Egyptian Island Fuels Discontent With Army, Morsi”
The military raids an island, killing one resident, over land that it claims since before the fall of Hosni Mubarak.


In Arabic:

“بالفيديو:"البديل" تنشر نص الإعلان الدستوري الجديد ..وتعيين طلعت إبراهيم نائبا عاما لمدة 4 سنوات”
The president announces new “constitutional declaration,” which includes the cancelling of legal provisions for challenging presidential decisions and appointment of a new Prosecutor General.

“البرادعي: مرسي نصب نفسه "حاكمًا بأمر الله”
Mohamed ElBaradei criticizes the recent constitutional declaration by the presidency.

“تعليق العمل بالمكتب الفني للنائب العام و"الأموال العامة" و"أمن الدولة" و"التهرب الضريبي"”
Attorneys of the Finance Prosecution, State Security Prosecution, and Tax Evasion Prosecution have stopped work in protest of the president’s constitutional declaration.

“ مفاجأة: النائب العام يوقع بيانًا يعتبر الإعلان الدستوري «اعتداء على القضاء»”
The new Prosecutor General, appointed by the president, criticizes the constitutional declaration and calls it an attack on the judiciary.

“مصادر رئاسية: التحقيق قريبًا في «مؤامرات» لزعزعة نظام الحكم”
The President accuses unnamed former regime officials and members of the opposition of conspiring against the revolution as sources say investigations will be launched into the matter.

“مصادر: قنديل «مكتئب» بسبب الهجوم عليه بعد حادث أسيوط”
PM Hesham Qandil is “depressed” over negative reaction against the government after the Assiut bus and train crash.


Recent Jadaliyya articles on Egypt:

Joint Statement by Twenty-Two Egyptian Rights Organizations on Morsi Declaration
Various organizations condemn the president's constitutional declaration, saying that it is impeding delivering justice.

تيار استقلال القضاء: من مواجهة مبارك إلى تقاسم كعكة السلطة مع الإخوان
Ayat Alhabal looks into the relationship between the Movement for Independent Judiciary and the new Egyptian regime.

Revolution Protection Law May Fail To Live Up To Its Name
Mai Shams El-Din says the Revolution Protection Law is thwarted by the president’s declaration, giving him unchallengeable decision-making powers and making the Constituent Assembly immune to dissolution.

Thousands Fill Tahrir on Friday to Protest Morsi's New 'Dictatorial Powers'
Zeinab El Gundy, Mostafa Ali, and Osman El Sharnoubi document the Friday protests in Tahrir against the presidential constitutional declaration.

Human Trafficking in the Sinai: Refugees Between Life and Death
A summary of a recent report on human trafficking in Sinai, documenting the suffering of thousands of African migrants who fall victim of Egyptian traffickers.

الجبهة القومية ترفض انقلاب مرسي على الثورة وتدعو للنزول إلى التحرير بقوة
A statement by the National Front for Justice and Democracy calling on Egyptians to protest the presidential constitutional declaration.

Egypt Political Forces Call for Mass "Eyes of Freedom" Rally Friday
Over thirty political groups call for an "Eyes of Freedom" Friday protest calling on Mohamed Morsi’s government to quit and interior ministry to be purged.

The President's New Powers
Heba Afify, Amira Ahmed, and Lina Attalah look into the consequences of the president’s new legislative and executive powers granted to him by his own declaration.

Morsy and the "Nationalization" of the Revolution: Some Initial Reflections
Jadaliyya’s Hesham Sallam reacts to Mohamed Morsi’s constitutional declaration.

Eyewitness from Gaza: Historic Convoy Breaks the Siege
Hundreds of activists from leftist, secular, and moderate forces reach the Gaza strip amid continuing Israeli bombardment.

الثورة بصفة شخصية
Amro Eletrebi recalls past protests and reflects on the current condition of the revolution.

الجبهة القومية للعدالة والديمقراطية تحمل "مرسي" مسؤولية أحداث "محمد محمود" وتدعوكم للمشاركة في جمعة عيون الحرية
A statement by the National Front for Justice and Democracy accusing Mohamed Morsi of being responsible for the violence during the Mohamed Mahmoud protests.

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