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Syria Media Roundup (November 29)

[An old man and old woman who cut wood for use in heating and cooking in Homs city. Boustan al-Dewan. 27 November 2012. Via Lens Young Homsi.] [An old man and old woman who cut wood for use in heating and cooking in Homs city. Boustan al-Dewan. 27 November 2012. Via Lens Young Homsi.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]


Regional and International Perspectives

As battle raged in Syria, Russia sent tons of cash to Damascus, flight records show
A report by Dafna Linzer, Michael Grabell and Jeff Larson.

Iraq Tensions Rise as Syria Crisis Deepens Lauren Williams suggests that Iraq’s official position of neutrality is falling apart.


Zombie vs Frakenstein Malik al-Abdeh believes that the Syrian National Council and the National Coalition will be competing with one another for funds and recognition from the international community.

Unwanted: a failed crossing from Damascus to Gaza
Rita from Syria deplores the presence of a smuggling market along the Jordanian border, which leaves the Syrian and Palestinian refugees vulnerable to exploitation.

Syrian refugee camps and conflict in Turkey Theodore Baird suggests Turkey’s humanitarian infrastructure is strained.

Syria refugee influx a crisis for Lebanon's Shatila camp

Imperialism and the Left

Syria is central to holding together the Mideast
Condoleezza Rice says if the United States does not intervene in Syria “Iran will win, our allies will lose, and for decades the region’s misery and violence will make today’s chaos look tame.”

Syrian Narratives


Syrie: liberté pour les mariées de la paix ! Thierry Boissiere says the activists who peacefully protested in a Damascus souq last week (and who were subsequently arrested) broke the official narrative wanting that the regime is fighting terrorists.

Nothing nuanced in Assad's bloody survival strategy Amal Hanano sayswhat the staunch defenders of resistance have forgotten is that the suffering of Syrians has been historically linked to the suffering of Palestinians.”

After Assad falls, Syrians will have to forgive his supporters Jasmine Roman writes that “the derogatory dichotomy of for or against only serves Al Assad's existential narrative, and protracts the conflict at the expense of Syrian blood.”

Syrian wounds and Iraqi scars Andrea Glioti says “despite good intentions, Syrians will face a challenge keeping control of its destiny to avoid the Iraqi fate.”

Syria's Jabhat al-Nusra militia looks pretty serious Dan Murphy on the alarming progress of the Islamist group gaining territory in the east.

Syrian rebels turn looted missiles on Assad's aircraft Martin Chulov on this latest tactical development.

Vice Turns Back the Pages on Syrian Resistance An interview with Aaron Lake Smith and Anna Therese Day.

Inside Syria

Syria crisis: Kidnappings compound conflict fears
Linda Sinjab on the story of a schoolboy kidnapped by men who claimed to be from the FSA and who asked for a $2m ransom.

Rebels flying black Islamist flag seize artillery base in Syria’s Deir al Zour province David Enders on the military gains of Jabhat al Nusra in the east of the country.

Position regarding Jabhat al Nusra, similar groups and suicides bombings Syria Freedom Forever rejects “the reactionary and sectarian character of this group in total opposition to the origins and reasons for the uprising.”

Art and Social Media


The Revolutionary Cannot Speak Poem by Razan Ghazzawi

Smuggled out of Syria to show London, the art of war
Ian Black on the “Shattered Beauty” exhibition that will include the works of artists inside and outside Syria

The Misery of Atmeh Refugee Camp A photo essay by Sarabiany

Policy and Reports

A Precarious Balancing Act: Lebanon and the Syrian Conflict International Crisis Group report.


آن أوان التدخل الأميركي في سورية

Al-Hayat publishes this arabic translation of Condoleezza Rice's article on Washington Post in which she analyzes the Syrian situation from her perspective and the "strategical" importance for the United States to intervene in Syria.


أدلجة المعركة ضد الاستبداد لضرب المقاومة

Mohammad Dibo writes about the ideology of resistance, that has been compromised due to its abuse by tyrannical regimes such as the Syrian one for political interests.


رحلة التغيير العربية: إنتفاضات وحراكات وثورات

Shafiq Nathem Al-Ghabra writes about the need for revolutions and uprisings in order to achieve real change in the fact of regimes who are reluctant to enact reforms.


الشام الأمس واليوم

Hussein Al-Awdat writes compares the Damascene past, full of glorious monuments and natural beauty, with its current insecure reality.


البحث عن مواطن سوري سعيد

Hayfa Bitar writes about taking advantage of kids and the youth by both sides of the struggle in Syria in order to achieve strategical interests.


هل تقع حرب بين سوريا و اسرائيل؟

Fayez Sarrah questions whether, in light of the recent events, a war is taking place between Syria and Israel.


شهران على إخفاء عبد العزيز الخيّر

Lillian Yousef writes about the detention of Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khayer, who had disappeared two months ago. 


برنامج صدى المواطنة الحلقة الرابعة ٢٢١١-٢٠١٢

This is a video of the 4th episode of the show Sada Al-Muwatana, which reports about the recent events in Syria, including a segment in which the host interviews 3 Syrian members of 3 different opposition parties and movements: The Syrian National Council, The Ma'an Movement, and the National Coordination Body for the Forces of Democratic Change in Syria.


سري كانيه" (رأس العين) توحّد أكراد سوريا"

Sherzad Adel Al-Yazidi writes about the Kurdish response to the invasion of the city of Raas Al-Ein by armed Salafist groups in Syria.


باب الهوى: التهريب النظامي

Rasha Rami writes about the situation in Bab Al-Hawa on the Syrian border to Turkey, where tens of Syrian refugees queue waiting to legally flee the dire situation in their homes.


البرد يعصف باللاجئين السوريين في ظل تدهور المساعدات

Assharq Al-Awsat issues a report about the situation of Syrian refugees who are suffering from a mass shortage in humanitarian aid. 

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