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Egypt Media Roundup (December 10)

[Graffiti on the walls of the Presidential Palace in Cairo. Image originally posted to Flickr by Hossam el-Hamalawy.] [Graffiti on the walls of the Presidential Palace in Cairo. Image originally posted to Flickr by Hossam el-Hamalawy.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  

“Why This Was Not A Real Compromise”
Bassem Sabry says that the new constitutional declaration is not a concession from the president since he already managed to protect the Constituent Assembly from dissolution and have it finish its work.

“Op-ed: Egypt’s democratic dictator?”
Omar Ashour says the president’s constitutional declaration has put together unlikely partners in opposition, who themselves have not upheld democratic principles.

“Update: Shater warns of 'state of sabotage' ahead of referendum”
The deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morshid says some forces are trying to create instability in the country and tarnish the Renaissance project.

“Egypt's army will not allow violence, says armed forces spokesperson”
SCAF calls for national dialogue to resolve the current crisis.

“Live Updates: Tens of thousands of anti-Morsi protesters cross wires at presidential palace on Friday evening”
Demonstrations in front of the presidential palace move beyond barbed wire but avoid confrontation with security forces.

“Political, legal figures meet with Morsy for dialogue session”
Leaders of Al-Wasat and Ghad Al-Thawra join the present at a meeting to discuss the ongoing crisis.

“Egypt Judicial Council to oversee referendum”
Al-Jazeera reports that the Supreme Judicial Council has decided to delegate judges to polling stations for the constitutional referendum.

“Senior FJP member downplays judicial boycott of charter vote”
Amr Darrag says he is sure that judges will concede to supervising the referendum.

“The decline and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood”
The head editor of Ahram Online criticizes the Muslim Brotherhood and accuses it of fascism.

“Head of committee overseeing Egypt constitution referendum resigns”
Zaghloul El-Balshi, the general secretary of the constitution referendum supreme committee, resigns after the clashes in front of the presidential palace.

“Mass resignations in protest at palace clashes”
Three presidential advisers resign amid clashes in front of the presidential palace, as diplomats and judges refuse to cooperate with the regime for the planned referendum.

“An account of the attack on the presidential palace sit-in”
Sit-in protesters say Muslim Brotherhood members beat both men and women while clearing up the sit-in.

“Five confirmed dead in palace fighting overnight as morning calm prevails”
Armored vehicles stand guard in front of the presidential palace after a night of violent clashes with five killed and more than 400 injured.

“Violence spreads outside of capital”
Anti- and pro-Morsi protests errupt in Alexandria, Zagazig, Suez, Ismalia, and Damanhour.

“Egypt's draft constitution translated”                 
Full text of the new draft constitution.

“The 85 people deciding the fate of Egypt”
An overview of the members of the Constituent Assembly who voted to approve the draft constitution.

“Referendum widens rift among judges”
The duty to supervise the referendum and the recent infringement on the powers of the judicial system split Egyptian judges.

“Excuse the typos and the grammatical mistakes…”
Heba Farouk Mahfouz’s account of the clashes between opposition and pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Heliopolis.

“Egypt’s constitution: the gatekeepers of the old regime and those who backtrack on their word”
Nader Bakker alleges that the president’s constitutional declaration aimed at protecting the country against a plan to bring back SCAF to power.

“12 newspapers and 5 TV channels strike for freedom of expression”
The newspapers are not printing on Tuesday, while the channels will have a blank screen for the full day.

“Workers’ unions support draft constitution”
Unions dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood issue statements in support of the draft constitution.


In Arabic:

“"بوابة الأهرام" تنشر نص الإعلان الدستورى الجديد.. والاستفتاء على الدستور في موعده”                 
The text of the new presidential declaration, repealing the one issued on 21 November and upholding the referendum date.

“مظاهرة في ميدان الأربعين بالسويس تهتف بسقوط «حكم المرشد»”
Suez joins the wave of protests across the country with slogans against the “rule of the Murshid.”

“زيادة أعداد متظاهري "ماسبيرو" للمطالبة بتطهير الإعلام”
Protest in front of the TV building at Maspero against the constitutional declaration.

“«الوطن» تكشف خطة الإخوان لـ«الاستفتاء»: تدريب 7 آلاف عضو للحشد بالتصويت بـ«نعم» على الدستور”
A source from the Muslim Brotherhood says that for the past three weeks, the organization has been training its members for rallying up support for the constitutional referendum.

“«الداخلية»: التزمنا ضبط النفس أمام «الاتحادية».. ونناشد الجميع التحلي بالسلمية”
The Ministry of Interior says it has used self-restraint during the protests in front of the Presidential Palace.

“عاجل ..اجتماع طارىء لقيادات القوات المسلحة بدون الرئيس مرسي”
SCAF meets without the president to discuss the present crisis.

“مصدر عسكرى: إشراف الجيش على الاستفتاء يحتاج قراراً من الرئيس”
Military source says the president still has not requested yet the participation of the army in organizing security for the referendum.

“مصدر بالمطار: العريان غادر اليوم إلى دبى.. ومنها إلى أمريكا”
A source at the Cairo Airport reports that Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam El-Arian has flown off to the US.

“النيابة تحقق فى اتهام البرادعى وحمدين وموسى بالخيانة العظمى”
Mohamed ElBaradei, Hamdeen Sabahy, and Amr Moussa are charged with high treason.


Recent Jadaliyya articles on Egypt:

Morsi Past the Point of No Return
Hesham Sallam says that media reports blaming the clashes on both the Muslim Brotherhood and the opposition fail to point out that it was the former’s decision to send its supporters that provoked an escalation.

Al-Masry Al-Youm Goes Inside the Brotherhood's Torture Chambers
A first-hand journalistic account of how Muslim Brotherhood members were treating anti-Morsi protesters they apprehended during clashes on 5 December.

Twenty-One Egyptian Rights Organizations Urge Egyptian President to Prevent Civil War
The statement of twenty-one rights organizations calling on the president to launch an investigation into the clashes and cancel the referendum and constitutional declaration.

Violent Clashes at Cairo’s Roxy Square and Beyond, Up Close in Photo and Video
The account by Jadaliyya’s Bassam Haddad of the clashes on December 5 in front of the presidential palace.

The Muslim Brotherhood's Militias in Action: A Firsthand Account
Wael Eskander narrates his experience on 5 December as Morsi supporters clashed with anti-Morsi protesters.

Tahrir at Midnight: Protesting the Constitutional Decree
Bassam Haddad and Ziad Abu-Rish describe the atmosphere at Tahrir Square on 5 December.

عن دولة ملوك الطوائف في مصر
Ashraf El-Sherif says that Egypt has plunged into factional strife and is failing to lay the foundations of a democratic regime.

الدستور والصراع الاجتماعي السياسي بعد الثورة في مصر
Ahmed Tohami traces the current crisis over the constitutional declaration and the draft constitution.

Uncle Morsy
Sarah Carr talks about the pro-Morsi rally on 30 November and her decision to vote for Mohamed Morsi during the presidential elections last June.

من القاهرة الجميلة الجزء الثاني
The second part of Amro Eletrebi’s piece on his experience in the clashes on Mohamed Mahmoud.

Those Who Have Tahrir Square Have the Revolution: Egyptians Between Squares
Mayssoun Sukarieh describes Tahrir Square during the first major anti-Morsi demonstration after the announcement of the new constitutional declaration.

Opposition Set to March on Presidential Palace Against Morsi Decrees
Newly formed National Salvation Front call for a march on the presidential palace to protest the presidential constitutional declaration and the Constituent Assembly.

Copts and the Power over Personal Status
Paul Sedra discusses the significance of Article 3 of the draft constitution which gives Copts the right to be governed by Christian law in personal status matters.

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