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Syria Media Roundup (December 13)

[An ancient heritage shop in al-Tawafra neighborhood. 12 December 2012. Via Lens Young Hamawi.] [An ancient heritage shop in al-Tawafra neighborhood. 12 December 2012. Via Lens Young Hamawi.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

International and Regional Perspectives

Armenians Feeling Anew as Syria Erupts in Battle Alia Malek speaks with refugees who want to go back to their homes in Syria.

A Nation of Pain and Suffering: Syria (Part 2)
Vijay Prashad on the tensions that the refugee crisis has brought onto neighboring countries.

French Funding Syrian Rebels in New Push to Oust Assad
Martin Chulov says “the French moves have stopped short of direct supply of weapons – a bridge that no western state has yet been willing to cross in Syria.”

Don`t Let the Syrian Rebels Win Glenn E. Robinson writes that a negotiated outcome remains “the best solution to end the killing and prevent the worst elements from either side ruling Syria.”


U.S. Embracing New Syrian Opposition Group A few weeks after France and Britain


US Designates Syria`s Jabhat al Nusra Front a Terrorist Group at Lightning Speed Dan Murphy sees it as evidence of the “strange bedfellows and overlapping agendas that make the Syrian civil war so explosive.”

Syrian Narratives


Socio-Economic Challenges A discussion with Samer Abboud, Omar Dahi and Jihad Yazigi on Syria.


The Role of Political Islam A discussion with Bassma Kodmani, Aron Lund and Sheikh Muhammad al-Yacoubi on Syria.


A Nation of Pain and Suffering: Syria (Part 1) Vijay Prashad on the lack of humanitarian aid being delivered to the refugees.

Regime and opposition: throwing the dice for Syria’s future Rita from Syria discusses “the fragility of the ideological masks worn by both sides,” who communicate and deal with one another.  

Bosnia`s Lesson for Syrian Slaughter Christian Amanpour reflects on her coverage of Bosnia.

Doctors are Suffering Silently as Syria`s Crisis Continues
Hassan Hassan speaks with Anwar Herata, an orthopaedic specialist in a Daraya Hospital who witnessed the events of last August.

Syria Deeply Interviews Joshua Landis who outlines three scenarios for the future of Syria.


Be Careful What you Wish for in Syria Theodore Kattouf argues that “the best hope to avoid Syria becoming a failed or radical Islamist state is for the U.S. and Russia to cooperate.”


How Credible are Reports of Syrian WMDs Al Jazeera program with Hillary Mann Leverett, Steve Clemons and Tony Karon.


 Chemical Weapons in Syria: Fact, Fiction, and Fib  by Aron Lund                                                          
The Rise of Al Qaeda in Syria Aaron Y. Zelin says that while marginalizing Jabhat al-Nusra and “its ideology is a fight that the United States -- and ordinary Syrians everywhere -- must win,” this “could backfire on the United States.”

As Syria`s Rebels Close in Assad has Three Options by Nicholas Blanford

Inside Syria

In Damascus, City of Dread, Residents Stay Indoors


Weddings, Marriage in the Midst of a Conflict Sami from al Qusayr writes about how the revolution transformed marriage customs in Syria.


The Guns Have Fallen Silent in Homs, but the Fear Remains Patrick Cockburn speaks to citizens in one of the centers of the uprising.


The Syrian Children Desperate for Normality Lina Sinjab on Syrians losing their childhood.


What`s Happening in Damascus Mohammed Sergie provides an insight on the evolution of the armed opposition in Damascus.


Aleppo and Damascus Without Gas and Bread Anas Zarzar and Bassel Dayoub speak to citizens in both centers to see how the economic crisis affects their daily lives.


Field Hospitals in Syria and Tremendous Efforts to Protect the Wounded from Permanent Disability
 Dr. Scheherazade al-Jundi on the “tayyar” (flash) hospitals and how they operate.


Orthodox Church Eyes Syria Next Patriarch Ghassan Saoud on the politics of choosing a successor to deceased Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim.


Coast Olive Trees Reminder War Marah Mashi meets with women in Latakia who tell her about losing their fathers, brothers and husbands.


Conversations: Scene from a Checkpoint Account of a 30-year old Armenian businessman


Qui Veut “Terroriser” Les Habitants de Jaramana Ignace Leverrier on the regime’s struggle to keep this key Damascus neighborhood on its side.


Protesters Rename, Reclaim the Streets in Syria Syria Deeply on acts of defiance organized by citizens, which rarely make the headlines in other media

Arts and Social Media

Project Looks at a New Way to Report on Syria Interview with Syria Deeply founder, Lara Setrakian


The Secular Idiot`s Guide to Syria`s Jihadist Groups A satire by Karl Sharro

Syria`s Agony: The Photographs that Moved them Most


Policy and Reports


WFP Concerned About Food Security in Syria




المسلحون ومعركة ريف دمشق: 3 جبهات يسودها تخبط وسوء تسلح

Tarek Al-Abed writes critically about the dynamics of the armed struggle around the Damascus Rif on three fronts.


أخطاء قاتلة.. الطائفية

Michel Kilo writes about the problem that the Syrian opposition faces through its weak strategy in dealing with political sectarianism in Syria.


امريكا و’الجهاديون’ في سورية

Abdel Bari Atwan writes about the newest developments in the international politics regarding Syria and discusses the possibility of foreign military intervention.


هل تغتال مراكش المشروع الديمقراطي؟

Haytham Mannaa writes about the Doha sessions that led to the formation of the National Coalition and the upcoming "Friends of Syria" conference.


 حلب تصطف وراء رغيفها

Lara Hasan reports on the recent bread shortage in Aleppo.


فوضـى فيديوهـات فـي سـوريا: طفـل يقطـع رؤوس المواليـن فـي حمـص

Ziad Haidar writes about the repercussions of the armed resistance in Syria, some of which have been revealed in a recent controversial video of a little boy being encouraged to decapitate "loyalist infidels."


مسلسل تسجيلات عقاب صقر

Asad Abu Khalil writes about the Al-Hariri scandal regarding the recent release of tapes and transcripts that reveal the Lebanese MP of the Future Movement, Okab Saqr's involvement in smuggling arms to Syria and funding rebels.


الاختفاء القسري: فصل يتجدد في المأساة السورية

Yousef Kanaan writes about the phenomenas of disappearances in Syria.


رهان الثوار: تمزيق قوات النظام للسيطرة على دمشق

Al-jazeera presents its study on the strategies that the FSA is using in order to gain control of Damascus.


صور من بطولة: عيون حمص

Amal Hanano writes about the everyday realities that face Syrian activists in Homs.

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