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Maghreb Media Roundup (December 13)

[Mauritanians rally to demand justice for 'state-sponsored genocide' in front of France's Mauritanian embassy on 8 December. Photo from @SaidouWane.] [Mauritanians rally to demand justice for 'state-sponsored genocide' in front of France's Mauritanian embassy on 8 December. Photo from @SaidouWane.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Wednesday night of every week.]


RADDH : La Situation Des Droits De L’homme En Algérie Ne Cesse De Se Détériorer Ces Dernières Années Amine SIdhoum discusses the deterioration of individual and collective freedoms as manifested through the development of recent laws and regulations, including the ban on demonstrations in the Algiers and new constraints on associations.

Can France and Algeria find common ground on Mali? Assiya Hamza interviews a former senior officer of Algeria's Department of Intelligence and Security regarding Algeria's position on Mali and prospects of military intervention.

Que Les Algériens Et Les Algériennes Qui Se Reconnaissent Dans Les Valeurs Démocratiques Se Rejoignent Et Se Mobilisent Pour Le Changement. Ali Yahi Abdennour denounces Algeria's political exclusivity, particularly through electoral fraud and voter demobilization.


Youth Employment in Libya: A Structural Solution is needed – PART 1/3 Abdul Rahman Al Ageli, co-founder of the Libyan Youth Forum,  analyzes the structural origins of youth unemployment.

Libya’s Woman Fight for Constitutional Voice Jamie Dettmer examines the obstacles to women's participation in the country's political processes.

Libya’s previous government and the Kiss and Tell syndrome Sufyan Maghur criticizes former members of the Keib administration, many of whom proceeded to inveigh against the government as if uninvolved in its failures.  
كيف يصير في الدستور يا اخوان؟
'Atellysi' reflects on the monumental project of Libya's impending constitutional process.

ليبيا الحُرة ….الصبر الذي دخل في حائط!
Mahmd Zaroug discusses contemporary issues deriving from Libyas nonexistent security apparatus.


Mauritania: Anti-Slavery Law Still Tough to Enforce IRIN report on the difficulties former and current slaves continue to face despite the 2007 criminalization of slavery.

قائد حرس الجمعية الوطنية يعتدي بالضرب على صحفي
National Assembly guard assaults Journalist Sidi Ould Abdi Ould Abeid after he refuses to end applause of a minister's statement.

عطش مقطع لحجار وحقد الجنرال
Ahmed Jadu discusses water shortages and government negligence in Mauritanians towns.


[AUDIO] Benseddik Ahmed Mohammed VI has missed its rendezvous with history FEUR FM Radio contributer Ahmed Benseddik asses the monarchy's lack of reform and the marionette role assumed by Benikrane (Audio).

Morocco opposition: Monarchy still calls the shots Andrew Hammond examines the monarchy's superficial reforms from the perspective of Al-Adl Wal Ihsane, a Sufi opposition organization disbarred from political activity.

Hundreds in Morocco form human chain to protest abuse of women Coalition of 22 groups stage rally to denounce various forms of abuse against women.

The Clandestine Slums That Changed the Face of Modern Morocco Florence Abuenas discusses intersections between Morocco's "illegal neighborhoods," state corruption, and the FEB20 movement.

Abdessalam Yassine, leader of Morocco’s largest opposition movement, dies at 84, says group Associated Press piece on the legacy of Sheikh Abdessalam Yassie, including his involvement in the Feb20 movement.


Ce syndicat qui incarne l’opposition tunisienne Hela Yousfi examines the role of the UGTT vis-a-vis Ennahda as  "a balancing force and refuge for social movements" throughout Tunisia's post revolutionary period.

Trade Union Announces Terms of Agreement in Strike Cancellation Amira Masrour details the armistice reached between UGTT and Ennahda, including affirmations to activism protection, condemnation of the UGTT attacks, and the formation of joint committee to investigate violence against union members.

Will Tunisia be a failed state under Islamist rule? Ali Guidara criticizes the negative impact of Ennahda's government on social tensions, poverty, and wider economic conditions.

مشاورات الاتحاد و الحكومة تفضي الى الغاء الاضراب العام More on reactions to the cancellation of UGTT's general strike.

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