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Syria Media Roundup (December 20)

[Friends of Aiman Al Hamwe mourn at his funeral. Jobar, Damascus. 19 December 2012. Via Lens Young Dimashqi.] [Friends of Aiman Al Hamwe mourn at his funeral. Jobar, Damascus. 19 December 2012. Via Lens Young Dimashqi.]

 [This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Perspectives

A Nation of Pain and Suffering: Syria (Part 3) Vijay Prashad on the ambivalent Western plans for Syria


Sectarianism and Civil Conflict in Tripoli Nicholas A. Heras says that “the stresses placed upon the city and its surrounding areas in northern Lebanon is tattering its civil society as the Syrian Civil War worsens.”


Turkey Can’t Afford Over Involvement in Syria writes Mohamed Ayoob


Syrian Narratives


The Triumph and Irrelevance of Meta-Narratives Over Syria: “Rohna Dahiyyah” Bassam Haddad writes “Syria is a game now, played by states, institutions, analysts, activists, journalists, bloggers, tweeters, and artists who are often only remotely connected to the real lives of real people enduring real conditions there.”


Inside Syria: Jadaliyya Co-Editor Bassam Haddad Interview with David Barsamian


After Assad Falls What Then Haytham Manna argues that “support for al-Nusra can be seen as both a symptom of the drunkenness of anticipated military victory, prematurely proclaimed, and an attempt to further undermine the political solution the UN still seeks.”


Story of a Massacre Tells of The Alawites Caught in the Middle Hassan Hassan tries to make sense of what happened in Aqrab on December 9, when 200 people were allegedly killed

Aqrab massacre: different stories Syria Freedom Forever outlines the three stories that have emerged in the aftermath of the events.

Swedes, Jihadis and anti-Missiles in Northern Syria Aaron Lund assesses the recent military developments in Syria.


Armed Opposition Takes Yarmouk Refugee Camp Anas Zarzar and Marah Mashi try to make sense of what happened in the Palestinian camp on December 16.


Syria’s Unified Armed Opposition: Internal Divisions, External Ties Nasser Charara on rebel groups on the ground, how they operate and how they relate to one another.


Exclusive Interview: Syrian VP Farouk Al-Sharaa Proposes Alternative to War an interview by Al-Akhbar


Al-Sharaa’s Proposal: Syria’s Last Chance Ibrahim al Amin argues that Sharaa’s “proposal at this moment represents a logical and realistic step towards opening up a space in which such a compromise can be reached.”


Stuck in Time Maysaloon says “time has frozen for me, and each day seems like the one before. When I see them all again, will they be the ones who have changed, and I the one who was stuck in time?”


Jabhat al-Nusra and the Syrian Opposition’s Failure Hazem al-Amine criticizes the opposition’s condemnation of the US’ recognition of Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist group.


Does the Syrian Opposition Want a Political Solution? Mohammed Ballout on Lakhdar Brahimi’s latest diplomatic move to end the Syria crisis


Activists Mourn ‘Model’ FSA Officer Marlin Dick on the loss of the “charismatic field commander” Abu Furat, a leading figure of the Tawhid Brigade who ironically rose as a “symbol of sectarian coexistence”


Remembering Abu Furat

About the Alawites: On the Margins of Islam, At the Center of Power
Mohammed Sergie and Lara Setrakian provide a quick overview of the modern history of the Alawites in Syria.


Syria’s Local Leadership Hassan Hassan uses the case of Deir Ezzor to illustrate the key role that local leaders have played in keeping their communities stable, a positive sign to keep in mind for the post-Assad period.


Tribes and tribalism in the Syrian revolution Haian Dukhan historicizes the often disregarded tribal dimension to the Syrian crisis.


Jihadis bankroll aid efforts in Syria to win followers


Religious Police Patrols Aleppo Countryside Basel Dayoub interviews various members of the opposition who express their opinion on the newly formed religious police allegedly barring women from driving.


Inside Syria


Was There a Massacre in the Syrian Town of Aqrab? Alex Thomson collected eye-witness accounts in this town near Hama.


Aqrab Witness A woman by the name of Umm Ayham recounts what she saw in this 14 minute piece.

Syrian Rebels Cut Off Bashar’s Escape Route Ruth Sherlock, reporting from Latakia province, worries about Alawite families who could become the target of revenge killings.


War is raging in Aleppo but in a classroom 40km away, there are grounds for hope Luke Harding visits Qabbasin secondary school


Rubble and Despair of War Redefine Syria Jewel C.J. Chivers reports from Aleppo.

Jabhat al Nusra Shows its Bloody Mark on Aleppo
“Aleppo the Battle for Honor” is an hour-long movie made by the organization, which shows its operations in the city.


Art and Social Media


The Land of Topless Minarets and Headless Little Girls Amal Hanano’s visceral piece on her native Aleppo


Tiny Souls The Syrian uprising from the point of view of children, filmed in Zaatri camp


Imagined Transcript of Al-Akhbar’s Interview With Syrian VP Farouk Al-Sharaa Karl Sharro satirizes the interview that was oddly not kept Q&A style.


The Syrian Conflict: A War Photographer’s Story Narciso Contreras in Aleppo.


Treize ans dans les prisons Syriennes. Voyage vers l’inconnu Ignace Leverrier on the publication of those memoirs of the political prisoner Aram Karabet


Policy and Reports

Syrian Refugees: Reliance on Camps Creates Few Good Options Refugee International’s policy recommendations for Turkey, Jordan and Iraq 




البديل الاسلامي لن يكون ديمقراطياً

Michel Kilo writes about the need to protect the revolution and reestablish its original democratic and free goals.


جبهة النصرة أو الغائب الحاضر في مراكش

Haytham Mannaa writes about the Nusra Front.


المهرولون.. قدامى وجدد مع بعض شيوخ .. أسامة الطويل

Osama Atawil writes about the obstacles that are facing the revolution in Syria.


قصص النازحين الى وادي خالد تلامس الخيال: مهانة ورشوة قبل الرحيل… وعيش صعب بعده

Najiya Al-Husri recounts the stories of Syrian refugees in the Khaled Valley in Lebanon.


أوان الأحزاب السياسية في سورية

Abdel Nasser Al-Ayed argues for the need of the establishment of political parties in Syria today.


العسكرة والأسلمة في سورية

Hussam Itani writes about the militarization of the revolution and its appropriation of Islam as an ideology.


أدوات "الجزيرة" والتحريض ضد الشعب الكردي

Tarek Hamou writes about Al-Jazeera's latest episode of "Crossfire," which, according to his views, included blatant attacks against the Kurdish population.


سـوريـا وثـمـن تفـاهـم واشـنطـن ومـوسـكـو

Sami Kleib writes about the price that Syria has paid as Moscow and Washington have failed to reach an agreed upon solution that would end the violence in the country.


إسلاميو «الربيع»: ملامح في السياسة والممارسة

Fayez Sarrah writes about the "Islamists of the Spring" and their political practices in the wake of the uprisings.


ثبات وعي السلطات وحركة وعي الشعوب

Mohammad Dibo writes about the discourse of resistance and the effect of the latest Israeli attack on Gaza on the Arab regimes that had adapted that discourse.


دروس عربية للثورة السورية

Ammar Dyoub presents some political lessons for the Syrian revolution.


ماذا لو لم يُهزَم الأسد؟

Basheer Issa compares the politics of Bashar Al-Assad and his response to the revolution in Syria to his father's.


عسكر المعارضة السورية: صراعات داخليّة وارتباطات خارجيّة

Naser Sharara writes about the US' plan to create a centralized commanding body for the Free Syrian Army.


عن واشنطن والائتلاف والنصرة
Oraib Al-Rantawi writes about the US' decisions to recognize the National Coalition as the official and legitimate representative of the Syrian people and its subsequent decision to add the Nusra Front to the list of terrorist organizations.


مخيم الزعتري ألم وأمل

Into the daily lives of Syrian refugees in Al-Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, as seen through the eyes of the children living there.


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