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Maghreb Media Roundup (December 27)

[Libya celebrates its 61st independence day on 24 December 2012. Photo from @Eljarh.] [Libya celebrates its 61st independence day on 24 December 2012. Photo from @Eljarh.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Wednesday night of every week.]


Algeria Prepares For ‘Guerrilla’ Warfare Walid Ramzi reports on Algeria's current military training.

Can Algeria and France forget the past? Nabila Ramadani discusses Hollande's unapologetic recognition of French colonial rule (video).

POMEPS Conversations 12 with Michael Willis Michael WIllis compares the rise of Islamist parties in 1988 Algeria with post-Arab Spring political climates.

French president says Algeria suffered under 'brutal' colonialism Emily Albert examines reactions to Hollande's statements on colonialism.

Will the Arab Spring ever reach Algeria? Jacques Hubert-Rodier argues that factors relating to rentierism,  social fragmentation, and the state's security apparatus have impeded "Spring-like" rebellion.

«La corruption est l’institution la plus stable en Algérie» El Watan's interview with University of Algiers III Professor Rachid Tlemcani on recent evaluations Algeria's growing corruption.


GNC approves legislation for “isolation law” targeting Qaddafi officials Tom Little details new legislation intended to prevent Qadaffai-era figures form serving in top governments positions.

Libya Marks 61st Anniversary of Independence Day Curation of photos from Libya's celebrations. 

!النداء الأخير من بنغازي
Wisam Salam covers Benghazi's response to enduring militia violence.

! هذه ليست ثورتي
Enas Saddoh condemns human rights abuses executed in the name of the revolution.  


Mauritania: Arresting Teachers Who Have Been On Strike and the Detention of TV Channel Team Arabic Network For Human Rights Information report condemning the harassment and detention of high school teachers protesting in front of the ministry of education.  

Mauritanian journalists discuss Mali coverage challenges
Jemal Oumar reports on the security obstacles, "threats of exploitation," and difficulties of neutrality facing Mauritanian journalists.  

موريتانيا: خريطة طريق لمستقبل …
Discussion of the options Aziz faces: dialogue and reform, or inevitable deposition.


Morocco: Restore Accreditation to Al Jazeera HRW urges Morocco to reinstate accreditation of several foreign media correspondents covering the Western Sahara conflict.

Migrants In Morocco Stuck At A Dead End Doctor's Without Borders reports on government violence again sub-Saharan African migrant workers.

Enseignements d'une élection Abubakr Jamai asses the election of Diss Lachgar to head of Morocco's Socialist Union of Popular Forces as well as the leftist party's alliances with the PJD.

خديجة غامري : يوجد في النقابات العديد ممن يستغلون الطبقة العاملة ويسخرونها لأجل مصالحهم الخاصة
Discussion of the varied effects of labor unions, some of which promote workers rights but also facilitate wealthy union leaders' exploitation of workers.

الأقلية الأولى والأقلية الثانية
Activist Hisham Driaz reflects on the evolution of the Feb20 movement.


Political peddlers: Vending Tunisia
Larbi Sadiki on disillusionment with the transitional process and its politicians.

L’identité nationale et le devenir tunisien Mohamed Arbi Nsiri explores the existential struggle of national identity in post-revolutionary Tunisia.

The Language of the Political Crowd in Tunisia Andrea Khalil posits that Tunisian crowds wielded a language of unity against Ben Ali's divisive social constructions.

Tunisia: Stop Undermining Judicial Decision HRW urges Tunisia to release Sami Fehri, director of Attounissia T.V, charged for embezzling funds following the broadcast of episodes imitating leading political figures.

La Polit-Revue : A qui profite la razzia de Djerba? Seif Soudani reviews this weeks's political stories.

حوار مع أحد قادة الحركة الإحتجاجية بالرديّف سنة 2008
Winston Smith explores the impact of the 2008 mining uprisings on the 2010 general uprising.

Recent Jadaliyya Articles on the Maghreb

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Art, Politics, and Critical Citizenry in Morocco: An Interview with Driss Ksikes
من أجل مدنية الحكم في موريتانيا
L’an I de la Révolution tunisienne ou les résurgences d’un passé qui divise
Neither Regret Nor Remorse: Colonial Nostalgia Among French Far Right
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