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Egypt Media Roundup (December 31)

[Protesters surrounded the Presidential Palace to protest the Constitutional Referendum put forth by President Morsi. Image originally posted to Flickr by [Protesters surrounded the Presidential Palace to protest the Constitutional Referendum put forth by President Morsi. Image originally posted to Flickr by "Zadokite."

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.]  

“Accusations against ElBaradei, Sabbahi and Moussa dropped”
The lawyer who filed the complaint against the opposition leaders decides to withdraw it.

“Power cut in seven governorates”
Blackouts spread across the country because of irregular gas supplies to power stations

“Workers of CID pharmaceuticals company strike, cut-off vital Al-Haram Street”
Pharmaceutical workers strike, demanding payment of dues, higher wages, and better working conditions.

“My resignation is not 'personal' against PM Qandil: former minister Mahsoub”
Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs says he is not resigning due to conflict with the prime minister or shifted support in Al-Wasat Party.

“Egypt's 'civil servants' told not to criticise president Morsi”
Diplomats and media workers say they are pressured to drop opposition to the president.

“Silencing the critics”
Shahira Amin says she is deeply troubled by recent investigations launched against journalists for “insulting the president.”

“Egypt: building on sand”
The Guardian’s editorial claims the president has come out in a weaker position from the constitutional referendum.

"Rights lawyer challenges Morsi's appointment of 90 Shura members"
Hafez Abu-Seida says the constitution does not allow the president to appoint Shura Council members.

“Egypt's constitution passes with 63.8 percent approval rate”
At a press conference, the High Electoral Commission announces official results for the constitutional referendum and turnout rate of 32.9%.

“Mass resignations from Salafist Nour Party”
150 members resign after the alleged resignation of party leader Emad Abdel-Ghafour .

“Al-Azhar's Grand Imam to respond to Salafists' 'plan' to remove him”
A video posted on the internet shows a Salafi preacher saying that the immunity of the Grand Imam can be circumventing with a law setting a retirement age for his position.

“Parliament elections law remains debated”
The Freedom and Justice Party insists on a law similar to the one used for last year’s elections.

“Constitutional court reconvenes”
At its first session of the new year, the constitutional court will consider the cases for the dissolution of the Shura Coundil and the Constituent Assembly.

“Cabinet spokesperson: PM to resign after parliamentary elections”
The president will decide whether to keep Hisham Qandil in office or accept his resignation.

“Suzanne Mubarak's assets to be transferred to Central Bank”
The prosecutor-general approves a transfer of Suzanne Mubarak’s LE 27 million kept in the National Bank of Egypt.

“The new Egyptian constitution: an initial assessment of its merits and flaws”
Ziad Al-Ali argues that claims that the constitution will usher in an Islamic regime are exaggerated and that the constitution is flawed because of its vagueness and the absence of certain personal rights.

“In Egypt, How to Lie And Remain Pure”
A translation of Alaa Al-Aswany’s article in which he says Islamists do not abide by Islam and instead pursue power grabbing.

In Arabic:

“النص الكامل لكلمة مرسي أمام «الشورى» في افتتاح دورته الـ33 عقب تسلّم التشريع”
The complete text of the president’s speech in front of the Shura Council.

“مرسي يُلقي بيانًا رئاسيًا أمام «الشورى» بعد انتقال السلطة التشريعية له”
The president gives a speech before the Shura Council, as he hands over legislative powers.

“«صباحى»: أقبل نتيجة الاستفتاء.. والدستور فقد شرعيته بعد تقسيم المصريين”
Opposition leader Hamdeen Sabahy says he accepts the results of the referendum, but sees the constitution as illegitimate.

“«الإخوان» ترفع اشتراك الأعضاء إلى 50% من دخلهم شهرياً للإنفاق على الانتخابات”
The Muslim Brotherhood is raising the required portion of its members’ wages in order to raise money for the upcoming elections.

“«أبو إسماعيل»: المشهد السياسي تحسمه مواجهة عنيفة وقوية بين الإسلاميين والمعارضة”
Hazem Abu Ismail says the current political situation should be resolved through a violent clash between Islamists and the opposition.

“كل دولة وأنتم طيبين”
Abd El-Aziz Sami recalls the past half year of the new regime in power and criticizes its failures.

“بلاغ للنيابة يطالب بالتحقيق مع «العريان» بعد ندائه ليهود مصر بالعودة”
A lawyer submits a complaint to the prosecutor general against Essam El-Arian for saying Egyptians Jews can return to the country.

“لماذا صلى الإخوان صلاة الخوف؟”
Mohamed Abo Gheit says the Muslim Brotherhood does not understand how the situation in Egypt has changed since Mubarak’s time.

“نقيب المهندسين: من يهاجمنا الآن كان يجري «وراء عربية الرش»”
Members of the Engineer’s Union criticizes the union council for speaking on their behalf in supporting the new constitutions and the policies of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“سائقون وفنيو خراطة وصيانة ومشرفو حضانة وتغذية فى خريطة نواب الشورى.. المجلس يتولى التشريع فى غياب مجلس الشعب.. والأغلبية للتيار الإسلامى بما يضمن تفوق التصويت”
After the presidential appointment of ninety new members, Islamists retain majority in Shura Council, which is taking over legislative powers from the president.

“لماذا يحتج العمال؟”
Fatma Ramadan argues that workers continue to go on strikes because officials do not keep their promises to them.


Recent Jadaliyya articles on Egypt:

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The audio and the text of an interview from September 2011 with the late Samer Soliman on the labor movement in Egypt.

Sons of Beaches: How Alexandria's Ideological Battles Shape Egypt
Amro Ali argues that Alexandria is the vanguard city of socio-political developments in Egypt.

Call for Applicants: Building Knowledge in Media Policy for Arab Countries in Transition (Cairo, 12-21 March 2013)
AUC announces third round of training for members of civil society, journalists, and media professionals.

Egypt’s Anti-Freedom Constitution: The Borhami Video
Sheikh Yasser Borhami’s scandalous video in which he admits that the constitution was drafted in such a way as to allow loopholes to circumvent non-Islamist demands.

اقتصاد مصر بين المُفْلِسين والمُفَلِّسين
Wael Gamal talks about the imminent bankruptcy of Egypt.

A New Judicial Moment in Egypt
Atef Said says that the silence of the Independence Current in the Egyptian Judiciary over the encroachment of the regime means that its collapse has come.

Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum Results
Rayna Stamboliyska offers a short commentary of the referendum results.

ملف من الأرشيف: أحمد فؤاد نجم
This week’s “File from the Archives” is dedicated to Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm.

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