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Egypt Media Roundup (January 14)

[Egyptian women cut their hair in Tahrir Square to protest fundamentalist constitution. Image originally posted to Flickr by Moud Barthez.] [Egyptian women cut their hair in Tahrir Square to protest fundamentalist constitution. Image originally posted to Flickr by Moud Barthez.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

“Two new alleged torture victims in Alexandria”
Human rights organization filed a complaint with the prosecutor general on account of the latest case of torture in an Alexandrian prison.

“Salafist Nour Party head confirms rift with Brotherhood”
Newly appointed Salafist Nour Party chairman, Younes Makhioun, says the party is in disagreement with the Muslim Brotherhood but does not hold it responsible for internal split.

“Egypt army officers charged with joining protesters against SCAF released”
Four of the “April 8 officers” are released, but charges against them have not been dropped.

“Aid or Arrests? Qatar and UAE Go Separate Ways on Muslim Brothers”
Qatar and the UAE adopt diverging strategies in dealing with the new realities in the Middle East.

“Egypt to seal IMF deal before elections, minister tells Al Arabiya”
Egypt's Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Ashraf El Araby, says that Qatari aid has not delayed acceptance of the IMF loan.

“Ex-NDP members on opposition coalition lists for parliamentary elections”
Al-Wafd Party member says his party insists on having former NDP members on electoral lists for the National Salvation Front in order to get a maximum amount of votes.

“Cairo’s New Normal: Protests Spawn a World of Walls and Barricades”
At major protests and clashes, Egyptian authorities are responding with building of walls cutting of access to areas of city.

“Dozens protest in solidarity with Qursaya defendants”
Protests against the military trials of Qursaya residents take place in downtown Cairo.

“Egypt court takes fiery Sheikh Abdullah Badr off air”
Sheikh Abdullah Badr’s show is taken off air for thirty days following a court ruling in a lawsuit actress Elham Shahin filed against him.

“Mubarak to be retried”
Cassation Court accepts appeals of the Mubarak trial verdict from both prosecution and defense.

“Abu Ismail tops 'press enemies' list, says he has not insulted journalists”
The National Committee for the Defense of Freedom of Expression publishes first report on freedom of expression and opinion in Egypt.

“Abouel Fotouh: National Salvation Front should purge itself of feloul”
After meeting Dostour Party leader Mohamed ElBaradei, Abd El-Moneim Abou El-Fotouh says his party would enter into an alliance with the National Salvation Front if it removes former regime officials.

“Bahais cannot enroll in public schools, education minister says”
Ibrahim Ghoneim says Bahai children cannot enroll in public schools because it violates the constitution.

“Egypt finance: Qatar steps in to ease Cairo cash crisis”
After meeting with Mohamed Morsi, Qatari PM announces doubling of financial aid to Egypt to save Egyptian currency.

“Ministry announces governor reshuffle; Islamists to gain eight posts”
Eight new governors are appointed; most of them affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Nour Party.

“Women in Graffiti: A Tribute to the Women of Egypt”
Graffiti art has flourished since the revolution, and women have been well-represented on this new art scene.

“The Writing on the Walls of Egypt"
Samuli Schielke and Jessica Winegar trace back graffiti art in Egypt to before the revolution and observe its development since then.

“National Salvation Front to run two separate lists in elections”
Sources say Hamdeen Sabahi has suggested that the National Salvation Front contest parliamentary elections.

“ElBaradei decision causes internal rift in Al-Dostour”
Members of Al-Dostour Party start a sit-in at the party’s headquarters in protest of Mohamed ElBaradei’s recent internal decisions.

 “Palestinians, Egyptian Jews and propaganda”
Joseph Massad talks about the implications of the recent scandal with Essam Al-Arian calling on Egyptian Jews to return and the history of Egyptian Jewish community.


In Arabic:

“أبو الفتوح لـ «الحياة»: مصر لا يحكمها «آية الله المرشد» ... و «أخطاء» الحكومة لا تستدعي «ثورة جديدة»”
Abd El-Moneim Abou El-Fotouh’s interview with Al-Hayat in which he says that the mistakes of the new government do not warrant a new revolution.

“إضراب مفتوح لأمناء وأفراد شرطة نجع حمادي احتجاجًا على استشهاد زميلين لهم”
Members of the security forces in Nagaa Hamdi in Qena go on a strike after their colleagues are shot dead by a criminal gang.

“مرسي يقبل استقالة عصام العريان من الهيئة الاستشارية للرئيس”
The president accepts the resignation of Essam Al-Arian from the presidential advisory body.

“رئيس الطائفة اليهودية بالإسكندرية لـ«العريان»: لم نغادر مصر حتى نعود إليها”
The head of the small Alexandrian Jewish community reacts to Essam Al-Arian’s statement calling on Egyptian Jews to return.

“«غزلان»: معتصمو التحرير «مجرّدو الأخلاق لاعتدائهم على أهالي معتقلي الإمارات»”
Mahmoud Ghazlan, the spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, denounced Tahrir protesters who attacked a sit-in in front of the Arab Union in support of the arrested Egyptians in UAE.

“دعوى تطالب الرئيس بتقديم طنطاوي وعنان وبدين للمسائلة السياسية”
Martyrs’ families launch a lawsuit aiming at obliging the president to hold responsible Mohamed Tantawi and Sami Anan for killings of protesters.

“أحد الوعدين سيفشل”
Ibrahim El-Hodaibi says attaining power for the Muslim Brotherhood has become the goal rather than the means.


Recent Jadaliyya articles on Egypt:

عن الإسلام والأسلمة حسب الطلب وأنواع الدين
Amr Magdi says there are different shapes of religion and experiences of Islam in the world.

الرئيس مرسي وعدم القدرة على الخروج من بوتقة السمع والطاعة
Azmi Ashour writes about how the belonging of the president to the Muslim Brotherhood’s traditions is burdening his rule.

عن التفجير والأزمة الطائفية: محاولة للفهم وأخرى للهدم
Aly El Raggal argues Egyptians should look at incidents of sectarian strife in a different way.

Announcing the New Issue of Middle East Report Winter 2012
The latest issue of the Middle East Report is looking at the Egyptian Revolution two years on.

Call for Papers: Political Slogans in a Changing Arab World (April 2013, Cairo)
Announcement of the workshop on political slogans in the Arab World organized by the Orient-Institut in Beirut.

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