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Syria Media Roundup (January 17)

[Children play in an abandoned schoolyard in Deir Ezzour. 17 January 2013. Via Lens Young Deri.] [Children play in an abandoned schoolyard in Deir Ezzour. 17 January 2013. Via Lens Young Deri.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Perspectives

Iran-Brotherhood Ties: Rooted in History with Eye on Future Hassan Hassan says “a closer look at the historical links and ideological similarities between Tehran's mullahs and Arab Islamists shows that not only could Iran build ties with the emerging political forces in the region, but that it could develop a sustainable special relationship.”

As the Appeal of Islamism Fades, Arab Secularism can Soar Jasmine Roman writes: “the death of Arab secularism has been exaggerated. The mantra of secularism in the Arab countries is far more complex than a clear segregation between political and religious institutions, and the future of secularism in the region is more complicated than just the rise of Islamism.”

Jabhat al-Nusra’s Goals Extend Beyond Syria Hussein Jemmo says “they see Syria as merely a single step in a journey taking them from Aleppo and Idlib to the Alawite mountains in Latakia, and eventually extending to regions beyond Syria.”

Jordan’s Syria Problem Nicolas Pelham on the activities of the Syrian rebels within Jordanian borders.

Syrian Narratives


Syria’s Rebel Rivalry Between Jihadists and FSA Jamie Dettmer says the assassination of a rebel commander by jihadists at the Turkish border highlights the growing tensions and instances of infighting within the armed opposition.


Making Heads of Tails of Bashar al Assad Al Jazeera’s Inside Syria program with guests Fawaz Gerges, James Jatras and Shashank Joshi

Syria: Is it Too Late? Frederic Hof claims that “the last vestige of peaceful protest has long since been killed by regime terror mandating armed resistance”


Foundation of the Deraa Section of the Revolutionary Left Current Syrian Freedom Forever outlines a list of tasks that the “left revolutionaries” have set out for themselves, which unlike the above article gives hope for a peaceful resistance.

Syrian Silent Majority Demands ‘Transition to Rationality’
Goeffrey Aronson on the creation of Syrian Dialogue Project, which seeks to answer the following question: “What do Syrians believe is important to Syrians today, and how can they best shape their future?”

Preparing for the New Syria
Ashraf Ghani and Claire Lockhart present their “roadmap” for peaceful power transition in Syria.


At Once Professional and Prescient Marlin Dick writes a profile of the late Adib Khair, a prominent Syrian television producer.

Assad’s Speech and the Syrian Political Solution
an analysis by Sami Moubayed

Syria’s Battle for the Airports
Tareq al-Abd provides an overview of the battles fought across the country for the control of various airports.


Website Identifies 7 Revolutionary Guard Commanders Among Freed Captives in Syria


Syria Dropped Hallucinogen Weapons on Syrian Rebels, Secret Cable Says


Don’t Wait for Assad’s Fall to Prepare for Transition Bradley Bosserman says the conversation on chemical stockpile is distracting policymakers from another important conversation a post-Assad transition.


Rami Jarrah qualified this report on chemical weapons as a “hoax.”

Inside Syria


Navigating a New Damascus: Cement Barriers and Checkpoints a new reality as experienced by Marah Mashi

A New Method for Syria’s Security Services?
Marah Mashi says “nowadays, at the very least, it has become important for the security services to appear professional, even if it’s just another manifestation of the same foul tactics.”


Syria Forces Attack Rebel Aleppo Martin Chulov on the explosions that killed  87 students at Aleppo University.


MSF: Syria’s Hospitals are now a War Zone Fabrice Weissman’s translated Le Monde interview

Conversations: A Pharmacist in Qamishli
says “the other day there was a women’s march, but I no longer go out because our protests have been corrupted and are now distant from the spirit of the revolution.”


For Those Still in Syria, A Daily Struggle NPR’s Kelly McEvers meets internal refugees in an Aleppo school.


Syrian Purgatory Steven Sotloff reports from Atmeh refugee camp.


Syrian Rebels Take Control of Key Assad Airbase Martin Chulov, Luke Harding and Matthew Weaver on the recent victory of rebels who captured the Taftanaz military base near Idlib

Art and Social Media

A Revolution Within the Revolution The “Syria First: We are an Ethical Alternative Campaign” was launched by activists last November to reiterate the need for non-violent resistance as opposed to “distractions,” including militarization, growing sectarianism etc.


The Steady Drumbeat of Civilian Activism Marlin Dick on the various citizen initiatives left out of the media’s depictions of the uprising in Syria.


Kafranbel Activists distribute one-page leaflets criticizing some elements of the opposition


Social Media Buzz: Iranian Prisoner Exchange, Cross-Dressing Soldiers  Mohammed Sergie on the latest Syria-related events and debates that went viral on social media platforms.


There’s no App for Syria Michael Peck opposes Apple’s decision not to market the new computer game app on the Syrian civil war.


Lara Setrakian: Single Story Sites Like Syria Deeply Have Lessons to Offer to the Rest of the News Business


Syria Deeply’s Interview (Google+ Hangout) with Bambuser’s Executive Chairman Hans Erikson

Policy and Reports


Preparing for a Syrian Transition A report by Ashraf Ghani and Clare Lockhart for the Legatum Institute



Resolving the Syria Crisis Conference on January 10-11, at the University of Denver, Colorado



كيف تنجو سورية من داء الطائفية؟

Syrian Director Haytham Haqqi writes, according to his views, about the "Sectarian Disease" in the politics of Al-Assad.


اللاجئون السوريون ونكران الجميل العربي

Al-Quds Al-Arabi writes about the dire situation of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, and the apparent reluctance of the Arab governments in the Arab league to relieve their humanitarian crisis.


الحرب على الاخوان تشق الخليج

Abdel Bari Atwan writes about the sudden change in the Gulf Countries' long and strong relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.


منطقـة الجزيـرة السـوريـة: الجبهـة المنسـيّـة

Tarek Al-Abed writes about the events in the cities of the Al Jazirah region, which has been largely marginalized in terms of media coverage.


!ماذا يعرفون عن سوريا ؟

Michel Kilo writes about Western analysis and coverage of events in Syria.


كابوس الاعتقال السياسي مستمر

Marah Mashi provides accounts of situation of political prisoners in Syrian prisons.


!حدائق حلب... مقابر

Al-Akhbar reports on the transformation of public parks in Aleppo into cemeteries.


تفجير الجامعة: هستيريا الروايات

Basel Dyoub writes about the Tuesday raid on the University of Aleppo.


في هجاء الحالة السورية

Ward Kasouha criticizes the Syrian revolution.


اليرموك: ما بين القصف والحصار

Damascus bureau provides an insider's account about the situation in the Yarmuk Refugee Camp in Syria.


نشطاء الثورة السورية في اسطنبول

Damascus Bureau on the Syrian activists in Istanbul.


من داخل مخيمات البؤس السورية: قصة مروعة من نار وجليد

Amal Hanano writes about the situation in the Olive Tree Refugee Camp in Atmeh.
باقة ورد للأحياء by Sahar Abdullah

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