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STATUS/الوضع: Issue 4.1 is Live!
Our 4.1 Issue of Status Audio Magazine is live! So much to go through! Click!
STATUS/الوضع: Issue 4.1 is Live!
This issue was curated to locate the voices that speak to communities in flux and see the local for what it is—simultaneously rooted & uprooted.
STATUS/الوضع: Issue 4.1 is Live!
Status does not observe radio silence on Yemen! We constantly speak to Yemeni journalists and activists about conditions in their country

Maghreb Media Roundup (January 17)

[Tunisians swarm Bourguiba Avenue to commemorate the second anniversary of the revolution. Image by Monia Ghanmi/Magharebia.] [Tunisians swarm Bourguiba Avenue to commemorate the second anniversary of the revolution. Image by Monia Ghanmi/Magharebia.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Wednesday night of every week.]  


L'opération de l'armée se poursuit, "quelques morts et blessés" affirme le gouvernement algérien Radio France gives a chronological account of the hostage situation in Algeria.

L'armée algérienne s'attaque aux islamistes armés Video news update on Algerian army attacks on armed faction holding hostages.

Mali, Algeria discuss intervention fallout Walid Ramzi reports on Malian president’s visit to Algeria and Mali-Algeria relations


Hundreds in limbo at camp on the Tunisian-Libyan border Humanitarian news site IRIN reports on the situation of refugees stuck on the Libyan border.

The New Old Libya: Photo series George Steinmetz’s photo series for Natioal Geographic showcases Libya’s rich history and trajectory into the future. (Accompanying feature article by Robert Draper.)

Huge concert in Tripoli brings in Amazigh New Year Ayman Akelky reports on Amazigh New Year’s celebrations in Tripoli.

Breaking the hold of politics on Libyan society Osama Matri critiques the narrative of political weakness holding back development of robust Libyan civil society.


Operation Serval: The View from Mauritania Nasser Wedaddy describes Mauritanian political and societal perspectives on the conflict in Mali.

A Mauritania Outlook The Moor Next Door comments on Abdel Aziz’s government, its opposition and international perspectives.

المشاهد” تنفرد بنشر الوثيقة السرية لـ”لحراطين” Blogger Arabliss presents documents exposing systematic oppression and enslavement of “Hratin” people.

المنسقية : نرفض مشاركة موريتانيا في الحرب وبقاء عزيز في السلطة Protesters hold large demonstrations against Mauritanian involvement in Mali


لجامعي يرد على أطروحة أن النظام المغربي ينوي الدمقرطة Academics respond to discussions of the recent Moroccan constitution and assertions of its contributions to democracy.

Finances publiques: Alerte rouge Omar Radi highlights the atrocious state of Moroccan indebtedness and its effects on the market.

Les Mia du moyen atlas Sheryn Ziani describes the plight of young women in the rural Middle Atlas region.

Morocco to boost growth through youth jobs Hassan Benmehdi reports on Moroccan Economic, Social, and Environmental Council’s focus on combatting youth unemployment as a development strategy.

Review: Byad ou k7al The Mixtape est la Yasser Rougui reviews Moroccan producer Don Bigg’s latest project (with audio clips.)


حوار مع وزير الشؤون الاجتماعية خليل الزاوية Tunisian blog Nawaat interviews Minister of Social Affairs Khalil Zaouia

Sheratongate: Blogger's allegations against Foreign Minister land her in court Reporters Without Borders follows the public prosecutor’s investigation of blogger Olfa Riahi, who accused Foreign Minister Rafik Abdessalam of abusing public funds.

Two years since the uprising, justice must be done  Amnesty International implores Tunisian authorities to address demands of families of those killed and injured during uprisings.

Prime Minister, major unions sign social pact on revolution's anniversary Roua Seghaier describes the social pact signed in Tunisia, which cause controversy amongst labor syndicates.

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