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Kuwaiti MPs Propose a New Bedoon Law

[Kuwaiti Parliament. Image from flickr/Kuwaitelections2012] [Kuwaiti Parliament. Image from flickr/Kuwaitelections2012]

[The following report was originally issued by on 19 January 2012.] 

On Sunday, 20 January, a new proposal will be made in the parliament regarding the Bedoon issue. According to MP Khaled AlShlaimi, the law will include 17 articles. The law will define a Bedoon as a person who is registered in the Central Agency for Illegal Residents and lives in Kuwait. He also stated that the law, if passed, will give IDs valid for five years to Bedoon designating their nationality as "undefined." Those IDs would be approved to be used in official places and courts in Kuwait.

AlShlaimi added that the law would grant Bedoon all documents, free education in public schools, free health care, and priority to employment over migrant workers. It proposes for the Bedoon employment treatment in payment and privileges equal to citizens. The MP did not mention any laws proposed regarding citizenship.

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