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Egypt Media Roundup (January 21)

[The train derailment on January 14th in Egypt led to the death of 19 soldiers. Image originally posted to Flickr by Jonathan Rashad.] [The train derailment on January 14th in Egypt led to the death of 19 soldiers. Image originally posted to Flickr by Jonathan Rashad.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

“Protesters and security clash at Alexandria court”
Families of martyrs and activists clash with security forces after they are prevented from demonstrating in front of the court that was expected to pronounce a verdict on a killing protesters case.

“Egypt Opposition Faces New Challenges”
The National Salvation Front is shaken by internal disputes as Popular Current youth refuses to accept the membership of Al-Wafd and Conference Parties in the front.

“Muslim Brotherhood figures seek Egypt diplomatic posts"
The president can use his right to appoint ten heads of missions to appoint people close to the Muslim Brotherhood to important to Egypt countries.

“Congress' non-condition conditions to Egypt”
Issandr el Amrani reports on the press conference of the delegation of US senators who recently visited Egypt.

“#Jan25 : The big conspiracy of #McCain , #NSF and Homeland security again #MB and #Egypt!!”
Zenobia exposes a recent post on Muslim Brotherhood’s webpage talking about a conspiracy involving Senator John McCain and the National Salvation Front.

“The Mubarak Retrial: A Principled Quest for Justice”
Basil El Dabh comments on the Court of Cassation to return the Mubarak case to a lower court for retrial.

“Cairo Criminal Court orders Mohamed Mahmoud suspects released”
More than three hundred detainees are released based on the amnesty decree issued by the presidency last year.

“Brotherly No More?”
Ashraf El-Sherif writes that after gradually losing wider public support, the Muslim Brotherhood will only be able to garner electoral support through sectarian rhetoric in the next elections.

“Thousands of Ultras rally in Tahrir demanding justice for Port Said victims”
Ahly football team friends organize a protest ahead of Port Said case verdict next week.

“Angry residents block tracks in Giza after train kills four”
Giza residents go out on another protest after lack of transportation safety control takes more victims within a week of a major train crash.

“Prosecutors investigate sudden death of man in police custody”
Investigation starts in connection with a textile merchant’s death while in custody at a police station in Giza.

“Block of flats collapses in Alexandria, Egypt”
At least twenty-five are dead after a building collapses, as the streak of civilian-death incidents continues in Egypt.

“Nubians protest marginalization”
The main demand of the Nubian community is return to their native lands.

“Protesters demand Al-Gizawy’s release”
A protest in front of the Saudi embassy demand the release of Egyptian lawyer sentenced to five years in prison and three hundred lashes for drug smuggling in Saudi Arabia.

“Morsi’s Slurs Against Jews Stir Concern”
In a 2010, Mohamed Morsi made anti-Israeli comments which come back to haunt him during his presidency.

“Update: Charges dropped against former PM accused of squandering public funds”
Former PM Ahmed Nazif will pay back illegally acquired funds worth LE 1.75 million in exchange for the charges against him being dropped.

“Egypt govt to 'reconcile' with Mubarak-era officials charged with financial impropriety”
Former ministers of finance and trade might be among the former regime officials seeking settlements with the current government.

“FJP flips position, decides to ally with Abu Ismail in elections”
The Freedom and Justice Party to contest elections in coalition with Hazem Abou Ismail’s Umma Party and the Salafist splinter Al-Watan Party.

“Who let the street kids down?”
Nelly Ali tells the story of one of the many street children she has met and asks important questions about societal responsibility.


In Arabic:

“عاجل.. محكمة جنايات الإسكندرية تتنحى عن نظر قضية قتل متظاهري 25 يناير”
A court in Alexandria resigns and passes on the trial of killing protesters to a higher court after violent clashes in front of the court building.

“النور: الإصرار على وضع المرأة في النصف الأول من القوائم «مزايدة سياسية»”
Salafist Al-Nour Party rejects the proposals for mandatory inclusion of women in the first half of the electoral lists.

“الإخوان ترفض «لم الشمل»”
Khairat Al-Shater, the deputy supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, refuses the requests of the opposition for changes to the government and the electoral law.

“وماذا لو قاد محمد مرسي القطار بنفسه؟!”
Mohamed El-Khazandar uses the recent train crash tragedy as an analogy of the way the country is being run.

“صباحي يُعلن شروط جبهة الإنقاذ لخوض الانتخابات البرلمانية”
Hamdeen Sabahi announces the conditions upon which the National Salvation Front will contest elections.

“ردا على الوسطي المؤدب المحايد الرصين معتز عبد الفتاح”
Alaa Abd El-Fattah responds to Moataz Abd El-Fattah, who attempted to justify the provisions for military trials against civilians in the constitution.


Recent Jadaliyya articles on Egypt:

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The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights’ report on the decision of the Cassation Court to return the Mubarak case for retrial.

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سراويل الكويز برعاية الإخوان
Wael Gamal criticizes the Qandil government for renewing the QIZ agreement with Israel and the USA.

الكويز وصندوق النقد ومصالح واشنطن
Mohamed El-Menshawi talks about the US pressure on Egypt to accept the IMF loan and a new QIZ agreement.

Ordering the Disorderly? Street Vendors and the Developmentalist State
Maha Abdelrahman comments on the new law extending punishment against street vendors and the dynamics of regulating public space in the recent Egyptian history.

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