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Syria Media Roundup (January 31)

[Shelling during a attempt to rescue survivors from under the rubble. Douma. 29 December 2013. Via Lens Sam.] [Shelling during a attempt to rescue survivors from under the rubble. Douma. 29 December 2013. Via Lens Sam.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Syria and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Syria Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Regional and International Perspectives

Syria and the US: The Complicity of Silence
Al Jazeera’s Empire program discussing the US’ role in Syria, with guests Bassam Haddad, David Pollock, Juan Cole and Stephen Starr.

The US and Syria: Six Lessons from the Past
Marwan Bishara’s take on the role of Washington in the Syrian crisis.

Syrie: Ou Sont les Intellectuels Francais  “Where are the French Intellectuals ?” Maurice Sartre, Christopher Ayad, Christophe Prochasson and Jean-Pierre Filliu reflect on the reasons behind the failure of French intellectuals to take position on Syria and the French’s lack of interest for the current crisis.

“Amis du Monde Diplomatique” et “Amis du Peuple Syrien” Ignace Leverrier is critical of a conference on the situation in Syria, which he believes is meant to attract a specific demographic of regime apologetics in France.

Transitional Government and US Choices Frederic Hof says “ it is conceivable that [Assad’s] sectarian strategy—ironically and catastrophically enabled by anti-Assad Gulf donors sending money and arms to extremists trying to dominate the Syrian armed opposition—will indeed succeed in keeping him alive as a militia chieftain or destroying Syria. 

Israeli Jet Said to Have Struck Target Near Syria Border
Laura Rozen on the increased tension between the two countries.

Hamas Maintains Ties With Iran Despite Difference Over Syria Abeer Ayoub says both still benefit from each other.

First Jordanian Elections post Arab Uprisings; Challenges of Reporting from Syria
In the second segment of this program, journalist Justin Vela discusses his experience covering the war in Syria.

An Unnecessary Fight Against Kurds Betrays Syrian Struggle Hassan Hassan says the armed attack on the Kurdish city of Serekaniye  “is deeply worrying for a variety of reasons: Turkey allegedly allowed these forces to move across its border, and Syrian tribal figures from the area were reportedly involved.”

Interview: Suleiman Frangieh on Lebanese Elections and the Syrian Split Lebanese MP and Marada Movement head views the outcome of the Syrian crisis through a sectarian lens.

Bullying of Syrian Students Rife Some Syrian students in Lebanese schools report being bullied by their fellow students and their teachers

Syrian Narratives

En Syrie, Une “Economie Sous Perfusion” Des Pays Amis”  Jihad Yazigi  provides an overview of the economic crisis in Syria

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Stephen Starr: Eye-Witness to the Syrian Uprising
An interview with Stephen Starr who discusses the sectarian turn that the crisis took.

The Creation of an Unbridgeable Divide
Ammar Abdulhamid views the emergence of “Alawite Jihadism” and the counterrevolution efforts as an internalization of the historical repression that Alawites suffered from.

L’attentat Terroriste de Salamieh, Un Reglement de Compte Entre Voyous
Ignace Leverrier reconstructs the story of a bombing in Salamieh, which seems to have been the result of intra-fighting between the regime’s militias.

There is No Answer for Syria’s Children Who Suffer this War
Jasmine Roman tells the story of a three-year old boy injured in a bombing but unable to be treated in a public hospital “judging him to be a terrorist”.

Covering the Syrian Catastrophe
Lara Setrakian on Syria Deeply and her comments on developments in Syria

Syria’s Bashar al Assad Says his Wife is Pregnant An interesting turn to the Syria crisis, which the author suggests could be linked to Assad’s confidence.

Inside Syria

Saving Syrians One Blanket at a Time
Wijbe Abma writes about his journey into Syria to bring one hundred blankets in Aleppo, adding that “if a 21-year-old without experience can bring help to Syria, then the big international aid organizations should be able to do so too.”

Syria Online Lovebirds in Jihadist Led Wedding

Syria Crisis: Solidarity Amid Suffering in Homs Lina Sinjab reminisces about what is now a deserted and destroyed city whose residents once “were an inspiration to others in the way they mocked their reality.”

Inside the War for Syria’s Mountains Martin Chulov provides a grim report from Jebel al-Krud, where civilians once coexisting are now pitted against each other as a result of the war.

Assad: We Regained the Upper Hand
Al Akhbar shares the insights of a visitor to the presidential palace.

Aleppo Executions: 79 Bodies Pulled From Syria River

Art and Social Media

A Dangerous Road Trip Reveals Extent of the Devastation in Syria
 Amal Hanano’s journey into various Syrian towns, where she struggles to fully grasp the extent of the devastation she is only used to experience through social media.

The Spy Novelist Who Knows Too Much
83-year-old French pulp-fiction writer Gerard de Villiers’ latest book entitled “Le chemin de Damas” puzzled intelligence all over the world as it made “prophetic” claims on developments in Syria.

Toronto Event: Photo Auction: Once I Was Here: Benefit for Syrian Refugees (31 January 2013)

January 2013 Culture
Jadaliyya’s culture bouquet featuring paintings as well as poems and texts translated from Arabic.

Buzz Bomb
Jeffrew Lewis’ provocative but necessary piece mocking the state department cable alleging that Syria had used chemical weapons on its citizens.

Aleppo, Syria: The Battle for Survival
Lucas Pernin’s photo gallery documenting the lives of people in Aleppo

Policy and Reports

Syria's Kurds: A Struggle Within a Struggle
International Crisis Group’s recommendations to the various actors influencing the Kurdish affairs in northern Syria.

The Financial and Relief Report of 2012
A report written by the Local Coordinating Committees in Syria.

Humanitarian Law, Ethics and Journalism in Syria
Dan Saxon says some journalists interviewed prisoners of war under coercive circumstances and “have ignored the protections that are due to prisoners under international humanitarian law”

All Parties to the Conflict Must Respect Medical Facilities
says Doctors Without Borders

The Charter of the Syrian Islamic Front
Abu Jamajem translates the disturbing charter of the Syrian Islamic Front, a coalition of Islamist brigades who sees the toppling of the regime as a means rather than an end.

Syria’s Humanitarian Crisis: a Moral and Strategic Issue
David Pollock and Andrew J. Tabler suggest ways in which the US can “undermine the Assad regime's exploitation of humanitarian assistance.”


ما لا يستطيعون قوله في سورية

Abdel Bari Atwan writes about the battle between the opposition and the regime, which has resulted in the “destruction of Syria by its own people.”

سوريا أمام صعوبات الأزمة

Fayez Sarrah argues that Syria will face a challenge during 2013, which, according to him, will be the hardest year that the country will face in years.

لمنع فوضى السلاح: إدعموا المجالس العسكرية قبل فوات الأوان

Razzan Zaitouna condones and calls for an international material and symbolic support for the military councils “before it’s too late to stop the chaos of armaments” in Syria.

من الحسكة إلى دمشق: عن معجزة قلما تحدث

Damascus Bureau presents an account of the situation on the road from Hasakah to Damascus.

حوار في صير بني ياس!

Michel Kilo writes about his dialogue with two ex-diplomats, one American woman, and one Russia man, without revealing their identities.

في الحاجة إلى الرأسماليات وصراعها

Ward Kasouha provides a political-economic explanation for the international involvement in the struggle in Syria.

في أحوال المعارضة السورية اليوم

Mohammad Dibo writes about the situation of the Syrian opposition today.

المواطن يجوع أيضاً!

Razan Zeitouna writes about the need for more generous humanitarian aid now in Syria.

70 مليار دولار خسائر سوريا الاقتصادية منذ صيف 2011

Kamal Dib on the devastating economic performance of Syria in the past two year, which, according to him, were caused by “the armed gangs and whoever is behind them.”

قنبلة الخطيب تفجر المشهد السوري

Abdel Bari Atwan writes about the recent news about the leader of the National Coalition, Muaz Al-Khatib’s willingness to negotiate with representatives of the Assad regime.

يداوي الناس وهو عليل!

Sobhi Hadid responds to Kanan Makiya’s call for American intervention in Syria.

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