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Questioning Social Inequality and Difference in the Arab Region
Selected Presentations from ACSS Conference
Sandy Tolan on Music under Occupation
Interviewed by Malihe Razazan


Exploring an Agenda for Active Citizenship: Selected Conference Presentations from STATUS/الوضع

In addition to a collection of rich individual interviews and regular programs, Status/الوضع also publishes panels, lectures, and selected presentations from conferences with every issue of the audio journal. For Issue 2.2, we highlight a conference which seeks to interrogate normative understandings of civil society in the Arab region, moving beyond tired tropes and methodological approaches that have largely emanated from mainstream knowledge production.   On 20-22 February 2015, the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at the American University of Beirut and the Arab Studies Institute co-sponsored the first annual ...

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Israel: Where do the Mizrahim Fit In? (Part 2)

Ayman 'Odeh and Aryeh Der'i in the Knesset 2015

See part one of this piece here. In the first part of the article, I discussed the consolidation of a new Israel-based Mizrahi identity by the 1970s and the rise of radical protest associated above all with Black Panthers movement. Much of dissatisfaction with state policy and social marginalization, however, was channeled into support for the resurgent Right wing Likud, which won elections under Menahem Begin’s leadership in 1977 and 1981. The main reason for the shift to the Right was the rejection of the Labor Party, which was translated into hostility towards policies and discourses associated with the liberal Ashkenazi elites that retained condescending ...

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في العودة إلى تاريخ مؤسسات الدولة اللبنانية خلال السنوات الأولى بعد الانتداب: حوار مع زياد أبو الريش

[ محرر جدلية زياد أبو الريش ]

[في المقابلة التالية مع المركز اللبناني للدراسات السياسية، يناقش محرر جدلية زياد أبو الريش تاريخ مؤسسات الدولة في بدايات الاستقلال في  لبنان وبعض الموروثات التي خلفتها. وقد أجرت المقابلة عبر البريد الإلكتروني ونشرت على موقع  المركز اللبناني للدراسات السياسية]                   ناقش المركز اللبناني للدراسات مع الدكتور زياد أبو الريش تاريخ مؤسسات الدولة في بدايات الاستقلال في لبنان وبعض الموروثات التي خلّفتها. الدكتور أبو الريش هو محاضر في مادة تاريخ الشرق الأوسط في جامعة أوهايو ويعمل حالياً على مشروع كتاب بعنوان "صنع الاقتصاد وإنتاج الدولة: الصراع الاجتماعي وبناء المؤسسات في لبنان، 1946-1955". نال ...

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Soykirimla yargilanmayi arzuluyorum...


Soykırımla yargılanmayı arzuluyorum… Bedi Tan, Diyarbakır Cezaevi’nde son nefesini vermeden önce koğuştakilere “unutmayın” demiş, “hiçbir şeyi unutmayın ve her şeyi anlatın.” Yahudi soykırımı ardından hayatta kalanların yazılarında da aynı vurgu vardır. Hepsi ölenler tarafından anlatma yüküyle donatılmıştır. Anılarında isimsiz, kimliksiz, tüm Yahudi halkının adı olarak anlatırlar. Hiçbir anlatma halinin yaşananın bütününü ifade edemeyeceğini bile bile, kendilerine anlatma mirasını bırakanların anısının yükünün altında ilikleri acıya acıya anlatırlar. Her anlatmaları yas, her anlatmaları hâlâ yaşıyor olmanın vicdan azabıdır. Hayatta kalmış olmaları, ...

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Britain's "Interest" in Bahrain: Legal Fictions and the Logic of Empire


In 1783, the Al Khalifa family—originally from the Najd region of what is now Saudi Arabia—captured the islands of Bahrain from Shaykh Nasr Al Madhkur, who had ruled them on behalf of the Qajar dynasty of Persia. In 1926, over one hundred and fifty years later, the status of Bahrain’s sovereignty remained a contentious issue. In December of that year, G. R. Warner, a British diplomat in London, wrote to a colleague in India stating that “on political grounds it is of great importance to avoid any action which would result in the re-awakening of the controversy as to the sovereignty of Bahrein.” Although Bahrain was nominally independent at this time, it was a ...

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من ذكرياتي عن العام 1948

[أحد مخيمات الاجئين الفلسطينيين في سورية]

في مثل هذه الأيام تعود بالإنسان الذاكرة إلى أيام من عام 1948، عام النكبة، عام التشريد والضياع. وتعود صور الأحداث وذكراها تشغل الذاكرة وتغص حزنا وألماً، فقد مضت أربعة وستون عاماً، إلاّ إنّ الأمل لا يزال يداعب النفس بأن الغد سيكون أفضل.  ولما كنت قد عاصرت تلك المرحلة، وعايشتها، فقد رأيت أن أدوِّنها لأنقل صورة تلك الأحداث إلى القارئ، الذي لم يشهدها. ولدتُ في أواخر 1937 في البيت الذي بناهُ جدّي سعيد أحمد الحسيني، وكان مكوناً من طابقين أحدهما لسكنه وولده إبراهيم، والدي؛ والآخر لسكن ولده الثاني رجائي، عمّي.  وفي الوقت الذي انتقل فيه العم رجائي إلى العمل في المكتب العربي بلندن، أحد فروع المكاتب العربية التي أنشأها موسى العلمي، أُنشئت جماعة "الإخوان ...

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Call for Proposals: ‘The State and the Study of Africa’ (ASA Annual Meeting, November 2015)

CALL FOR PROPOSALS 58th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association THE STATE AND THE STUDY OF AFRICA 19-22 November 2015 Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina San Diego, CA DEADLINE FOR PROPOSAL SUBMISSION:  15 March 2015 PROGRAM CHAIRS Dismas A. Masolo, University of Louisville Derek R. Peterson, University of Michigan ABOUT THE MEETING We are soliciting proposals for papers, panels, and roundtables. Presentations may focus on the theme of “The State and Study of Africa” or on broader social science, humanities, and applied themes relating to Africa. We strongly encourage the submission of formed panels. You can find more ...

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New Texts Out Now: Mayanthi L. Fernando, The Republic Unsettled: Muslim French and the Contradictions of Secularism

[Cover of Mayanthi L. Fernando,

Mayanthi L. Fernando, The Republic Unsettled: Muslim French and the Contradictions of Secularism. Durham: Duke University Press, 2014. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Mayanthi Fernando (MF): When I first went to the field, I imagined a more conventional ethnography of the Islamic revival in France. I was interested in how a French (and more broadly European) context, in which Muslims are a minority, transforms the ritual and hermeneutical practices of the Islamic tradition. I was asking, essentially, what effect does the fact that Muslims born and raised in France are, quite literally, schooled in French republican epistemologies and values have on their ...

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Charlie Hebdo ve Cumhuriyetin Sinirlari

[Image of a demonstration following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office. Image by canal6hn/Flickr.]

Charlie Hebdo and the Borders of the Republic Charlie Hebdo's office immediately after the attack on the reviewers " West and democracy "," the core values ​​of the French Republic "against a huge thrill to have doors undertaken against these attacks. This "republican" values ​​in an unquestionably, that came up as a completely pure emanating from the origin. Moreover, Muslims demand forces to show that they share the sacred values ​​of secularism and freedom of expression are also increasingly proliferated. With devastating irony, forced the Muslims, historically made ​​to keep them out, their commitment to these values ​​formed prove is ...

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Charlie Hebdo and the Limits of the Republic

[Image of a demonstration following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office. Image by canal6hn/Flickr.]

Immediately following the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, commentators denounced an attack on "Democracy and the West," an attack on "the fundamental values of the French Republic." Everywhere in France, people are rallying around these apparently pure, unproblematic “Republican values.” There have been many requests for Muslims to demonstrate that they share in the Republic’s cherished values of secularism and freedom of speech. It is bitterly ironic that Muslims are being asked to prove that they believe in the same values from which they were historically excluded. The Republic has always had a darker side, ...

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Fifty Alumni of Israel Arts and Science Academy in Jerusalem Call on Israeli Youth to Avoid the Draft Despite the Legal Risk

[Exterior of Israel Arts and Science Academy in Jerusalem. Image by Neta via Wikipedia]

On 28 December 2014, over fifty Israeli and Palestinian alumni or teachers of the Israel Arts and Science Academy in Jerusalem, issued a letter calling high school students in Israel to refuse serving in the Israeli army and enabling its occupation of Palestine. The students, teachers and alumni who signed the letter called for an actual refusal and did not choose the safe route by engaging in a mere condemnation of Israeli policies, therefore placing themselves at risk of prosecution by Israeli courts for breaking the law. For example, in April 2009, the Israeli police arrested seven people who were running the anti-draft websites of New Profile and Target 21, and were ...

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Memorandum on Equal Citizenship Rights for Libyan Women in the Constitution

[The following is an English translation of a memorandum that was issued by a group of concerned Libyan citizens to the Constitutional Drafting Assembly on 20 August 2014 with respect to the right of Libyan women to pass on citizenship to their children. The introduction that precedes the memorandum was written by Hanan Ghosheh, one of the people involved in the drafting of the memorandum. The original Arabic memorandum is reproduced at the end.] In the three years following the February 17 Revolution of Libya, the status of women’s rights has endured severe setbacks including unprecedented violence and crimes against the female population. The fact that seventeen ...

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قمامة لبنان من الفساد إلى صفر- نفايات: مقابلة للوضع بين زياد أبي شاكر ورانية المصري

في الحوار التالي يناقش المهندس والمنظّم زياد أبي شاكرسياسات الإدارة الفاسدة والفاشلة لنفايات لبنان الصلبة المسببة للتلوث، بالإضافة إلى الخيارات العقلانية لصفر نفايات.تتضمن المقابلة التالية أربعة أجزاء، بحيث يمكنكم أن تنقروا.عليهما بشكل منفصل. بوسعكم أن تقرأوا أيضاً النص العربي المدوّن المرافق. زياد أبي شاكر مهندس متعدد الاختصاصات متخصص في بناء مصانع لتدوير النفايات البلدية على المناطق المختلفة ويعمل ضد اتجاه  مصنع إعادة تدوير مركزي ضخم. وحين كان يقوم بالأبحاث في جامعة روتجرز في نيو جيرسي، في ...

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Israel: Where do the Mizrahim fit in? (Part 1)

Many people are unaware that the majority of the Israeli population belongs to one of the two groups that cut across the conventional divide between settlers and natives. These are Palestinian citizens, comprising twenty percent of the population, and Mizrahim, Jews whose origins go back a generation or two to the Middle East and North Africa, and who comprise approximately forty to forty-five percent of the population. Jointly they outnumber Ashkenazim, Jews with origins in Eastern and Central Europe, ...

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Breaking House Rules: Hoodies, Hijabs, and Belonging in the Netherlands

The Incident With panoramic views of both the city and its harbor, the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA), proved to be an ideal place for me to take a break from working at either my home or office at Leiden University. I visited the OBA regularly since moving to the Netherlands in 2011, when I accepted a position as an assistant professor of Modern Middle East History. Its gigantic floor to ceiling windows drowned you in the sunshine, and led you to feel as if you were amongst the clouds when it was ...

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Okmeydani: A Targeted Territory

The death on 11 March 2014, in the Okmeydanı hospital, of the young Berkin Elvan (fifteen years old) after months in a coma—he had been a victim of police violence on 16 June 2013 during the protests in support of Gezi—followed by his funeral and the murder of young Burak Can Karamanoğlu (twenty-two years old) on the night of 12 March, as well as the counter-demonstrations on 13 March, once again placed the territory of Okmeydanı under the spotlight of the media and politicians. Often referred to as a ...

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كتاب "فلاحو سورية": مدخل أساسيّ لفهم نظام الأسد

صدر عن المركز العربي للأبحاث ودراسة السياسات كتاب "فلاحو سورية:أبناءُ وجهائهم الريفيين الأقل شأنًا وسياساتهم" (704 صفحة من القطع الكبير)، للمؤرخ والباحث الراحل حنا بطاطو (1926-2000)، ويعدّ الكتاب مساهمة تحليلية مركزية لطبيعة السلطة السياسية القائمة في سورية، بالعودة إلى الجذور التاريخية والاجتماعية والاقتصادية والسياسية للفئات المشكّلة لها، ويشمل ذلك تسليط الضوء على الجوانب العقائدية والمذهبية لتلك الفئات. في هذا الكتاب، نجح حنا بطاطو في رسم لوحة شاملة لطبيعة النظام ...

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Implications of Qatarization: Qualitative Assessment and Possible Policy Responses

[The following report presents the status of localization efforts in Qatar's labor force and proposes recommendations to achieve better results based on an ongoing Qatarization study supported by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). The study, which is carried out by FIKRA Research and Policy, aims to understand the experience of young Qataris as they transition from education to employment, and how youth choices contribute to the labor market in Qatar. While the report has not been published ...

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Becoming a 'Media Intellectual': The Platitudes and Partisanships of Etyen Mahçupyan

As politics in contemporary Turkey is gradually steered towards a de facto Imperial Presidency shrouded in regurgitated myths of Ottoman revivalism and defended against ostentatious conspiracies, it is easy to be sucked into the extreme polarization between the pro- and anti-government positions. It is also easy to take for granted the operation of a complex world of opinion production behind all the fuss. Those of us following political news in Turkey are always exposed to written, spoken, or gestured ...

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‘A Distinctly French Universalism’: Translating Laïcité after Charlie

Mayanthi L. Fernando, The Republic Unsettled: Muslim French and the Contradictions of Secularism. Durham: Duke University Press, 2014. Naomi Davidson. Only Muslim: Embodying Islam in Twentieth-Century France. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2012. Joan Wallach Scott. The Politics of the Veil. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007. It was impossible to avoid the discussion, despite my repeated protests. In Lyon, as in the rest of France, there was nothing else to talk about—especially when I ...

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إشكالية الفرد في المغرب

نسعى في هذا المقال أن نثير إشكالاً يكتسي قلقاً مفاهيمياً ومعرفياً،  من خلال  البعد القيمي الذي ساد مؤخراً عن طبيعة الفرد المغربي وكيفية فهمه لطبيعة وجوده والآفاق التي ينسجها ارتباطاً بهذا المعطى. ليس يسوغ أن نتحدث عن الفرد  بمعزل عن مضمونه التاريخي والفلسفي والحقوقي الذي رسخته التجربة التاريخية للإنسانية برمتها مع استحضار التفاوت الحضاري بين الأمم في هذا المجال، إذ هو في المحصلة النهائية منتوج أسهم فيه النسق الحضاري الخاص وتأثر بسياقات عامة ألزمته بسمات صاغت جانبا من أنماط تفكيره ووجهت ...

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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (December 30)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.] Regional and International Relations Saudi and UAE oil ministers defend Opec response to falling prices The Saudi and Emirati ministers of oil assert that their ...

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رسالة تضامن من فلسطين إلى الأميركيين من أصل أفريقي في الولايات المتحدة

9.12.2014 أخواتي وإخوتي، من داخل جدران السجن الإسرائيلي، وبصفتي من أسرى الحرية السياسيين الفلسطينيين، أعبّر عن تعاطفي  معكم وتضامني الكامل. كما أعبّر عن شديد إعجابي واحترامي وتقديري لصوتكم وللطريقة التي ترفعوه بها في تظاهرات غضبكم الإنساني واحتجاجكم ونضالكم لحماية حياتكم وكرامتكم الإنسانية واقتلاع العنصرية. سلامي وتحياتي لكل مساندي نضالكم سواء الأميركيين أم من كافة أنحاء العالم. إن قضيتكم تلامس قلوب جميع الناس في كل مكان. كما وأن احتجاجكم هو نيابة عن الإنسانية جمعاء.. إن صوتكم هو صوتنا.. إنه ...

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Open Letter to the Organizing Committee of the World Forum for Human Rights in Morocco

[The following is an open letter that the Rabat branch of the 20 February Movement has written to the international committee organizing the World Forum for Human Rights in Morocco. Below are also the French and Arabic versions of the letter.] 20 February Movement, Rabat branch 20 November, 2014 Subject: For the reasons below, the 20 February Movement objects to the hosting of the World Forum for Human Rights in Morocco. With your committee's support, Morocco will be hosting the second annual World ...

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